"Mom caught the old woman absolutely want to put her skin cramps down bone dust or hard to drain my heart hate! "A sullen god king eyes staring at the front not far away quickly escape up.and bad to ruthlessly say.

"Well, you must not spare him lightly!" Smell speech another person is also look move insidious smile nodded his head. "In that case, we can’t let her go. Come on, we must catch her. Look at her immortal strength. It should be a vein of frost temple. The status in the temple is not low. If we let the temple people know that our brothers are going to hurt them, then the thunder will break out and we will definitely have no good results. We must kill Bata today."
"Well," as soon as the tone fell, two people suddenly burst into brilliant red light, and the momentum of the mountain suddenly doubled, and the catching-up speed also doubled!
Ziyan, who was struggling ahead, felt it and got closer and closer. The strong wind clenched the silver teeth and desperately urged the immortal strength. However, this pair of seriously injured bodies could not withstand her such a heavy load. After a while, the body finally couldn’t hold on to the immortal strength, and the light became dim. After a while, Ziyan felt that the whole body was suddenly flaccid and sweaty and gasped. "Hey, why didn’t you stop running?" Just for a moment, two red lights flashed from the rear of Ziyan, and the whole retreat was blocked to prevent her from having a chance to escape.
"Ahem ….." After a violent cough and gargle, Ziyan poof spit out one mouthful blood, but after spitting out blood, Ziyan’s look is already good, and many immortal forces will flow more roundly.
"Eldest brother, I keep an eye on her posterior. You put her out. Let’s take revenge on our third brother." One of the gods said with a smile. Chapter four hundred and fortieth Against the strong god king (a.
Another God, Wang Jiangzhe’s companion nodded with a smile, and then the man’s handprint started, and the red light was quickly accumulated. The immortal power changed directly with the man’s handprint running, and the goshawk hovered in the middle of the middle. After a while, the goshawk suddenly turned to the sky and sang its wings, and it was directly shot at Ziyan.
The strength carried by the goshawk is extremely sharp, and even there are two deep gullies on the ground. Looking at the sharp prey, it is also a bit sharper than the eagle’s purple teeth. The fairy force is madly mobilized, and then a wave of his hand will take out a white thing from his arms and throw it out just to meet the red goshawk!
A violent explosion sounded when the two were in contact, and immediately the white thing was thrown out by Ziyan and dissipated by the naked eye, while the red goshawk only dimmed in color and circled for a few times, and then it was mixed with a sharp storm again after a week.
The last immortal strength of the body has been exhausted, and all the treasures have been exhausted by myself. Plus, the god beast is seriously injured, and her eyes are slowly turning gray. Now she has no resistance and can be disposed of by two people!
Seeing that ZiYan has jumped to the ground and the red goshawk is rushing to Du Yun at this time, I still want to get some news from ZiYan. Of course, I can’t let her die at this time!
Looking at the red goshawk, I quickly magnified it in my eyes. "I think Ziyan boasts amazing talent, and my eyes are higher than the top roots. If I don’t look at ordinary people, I can’t believe that I will die here like those ordinary people."
And just as Ziyan slowly closed her eyes and prepared to die, a subtle break suddenly sounded, and soon a black shadow appeared in front of Ziyan like a ghostly figure, and when the two contained a sharp strong breeze and a red goshawk body half a foot away as soon as possible, the black shadow suddenly pulled out a dark magic weapon behind her and cut it back without looking at it! Then I heard the sound of poof, and the red goshawk was chopped directly. After struggling for a while, it was sodium nitrate!
"I didn’t expect the severe pain to come as scheduled, but when Ziyan was a little confused, a cold voice slowly sounded in my ear." Ziyan, you are all right! "
Hearing this familiar sound, Ziyan’s heart was suddenly startled. Immediately, a young face with a smile appeared in the line of sight. "Du Yun, how did he come here?" Du Yun was surprised to see Ziyan’s face. He just knew that her heart was confused and said with a smile.
"I got the news that Gran City was attacked three days ago in the Elf Forest, and then I came here and met you here."
"Three days ago?" Ziyan asked doubtfully, it is difficult to get here from the elf forest in three days. Are you really flying Warcraft and have a pair of wings?
Du Yun is too lazy to explain to Ziyan at this time. He urgently needs to know the form of Grand City now, so that he can make the best choice according to the corresponding situation! Therefore, he hurriedly asked, "What happened to Gran City now? Has it fallen?"
"No, Gran City was still under our control when I came from the city." Ziyan was embarrassed to say that she was called by others and lied.
"Oh hear grand city also three families under control! Du Yun has been so nervous that he can finally relax a little. Du Yungang wanted to ask some news about Grand City, but he heard an unfriendly voice coming from the side. "Are you two Rory talking so much?"
After hearing the sound, Du Yun immediately turned his head to look at the source of the sound. It was the two who had been tracking the king of Ziyan God.
"Be careful, these two men are the two elders of Duanmu family, and their strength is the rank of God. Don’t be your opponent. I’ll try to stop them later, and you’ll try to escape by yourself." After a period of recovery, Ziyan has recovered a little strength and struggled to get up with a cold face. She looked at the two people opposite and said, "Is the God King strong?" Eyebrows slightly pick Du Yun silently nodded! Now he has just been promoted to the King of God, and his attack power has not been almost demonstrated. However, when he was just an immortal strong man, he could walk with dozens of moves unbeaten. Now he has reached the level of the King of God, even if he met the intermediate strong man of the King of God, he is not afraid of anything worse. What he is encountering now is only an initial King of God!
When one of the two gods saw that the young man didn’t have a trace of fear after hearing the threat from his eldest brother, he realized that this year’s predecessors might be very difficult. The sun stared at Du Yun and slowly said, "This friend has gone their separate ways. We Duanmu family elders advise you not to mind your own business, or sometimes you will even get rid of your own life."
Although Du Yun has advanced to the king of gods, Du Yun often hides his breath. Neither of the two old people found Du Yun’s true repair. However, for the two, Du Yun did not dare to relax at all. Both of them were veteran and strong, and they joined hands with Du Yun for many years, and they did not dare to be careless.
After hearing the man’s words, Du Yun smiled and slowly stepped forward to Ziyan’s side and said with a smile, "You have been injured, so just go to Ziyan and leave it to me!"
"Hey hey smelly little self if you dare to mind their own business, then don’t blame my heart is very hot" eyes gradually spread out the new color. The man who just spoke smiled and shook his head and immediately sank to the side of his companion. "The two of us will kill together! Then deal with that chick behind you! "
Side by side with him, another god, Wang Jiangzhe, insidious smile nodded his head. The strength of both of them, even the whole country of casarte, is very famous. Except for those old deathlessly, they never deliberately made them afraid of people.
This time, in the siege of Grand City, the five families all went to Duanmu, and the householder invited them to come over. All three of them were preparing to do their best in this war, but they didn’t expect to meet Ziyan’s carelessness for the first time. Their three brothers were seriously injured by Ziyan’s secret skill.
Now, in their hearts, they hate this Ziyan to the extreme. If they all want to kill her and avenge their brothers, Du Yun will ruin their good deeds when they are about to succeed.
This makes them feel very unhappy! Two people voice just fell bright red fairy force is from their body suddenly and violently out of the body after a week of random rotation is around the two people slowly rotating place constantly swishing wind to accompany can be sharp strength rotation.
Behind Du Yun, Ziyan’s face changed slightly when she saw the two men’s actions. She was very clear about Du Yun’s strength. When she joined the alliance meeting, she was only in the third-order peak state. Later, after being injured, she was promoted to the fourth-order strong man. This young generation already belongs to an extremely talented person, and Ziyan also knows that Du Yun has some cards hidden in his hand. However, if you deal with a king of gods and add his cards, you may still have some chances. But if you deal with two kings of gods, it is far from enough to think about it. After a while, Ziyan goes again. Step by step, come to Du Yun and say softly, "I’ll stop one person later. You try to beat the other person first and then come back. We’ll work together to deal with the other person."
Smell speech Du Yun zheng, but according to Du Yuncong’s intelligence, it was a waste of time. Ziyan was worried that he was not two opponents of the God King. He said, "This Ziyan is quite unruly at ordinary times, but his heart is still very good." Du Yun’s heart andao.
Now that I understand her intention, Du Yun smiled and shook his head. "You are not seriously injured now. If you continue to fight, it may have a bad influence on your later practice, so you’d better rest and leave them to me."
See Du Yunzhen want one enemy two purple yan is also some leng ran slant head deeply glanced at his face look solemnly Du Yun said in a low voice, "you fix me very well to deal with a maybe if two people join hands, you absolutely have no chance of winning, so I advise you not to try to be brave."
"Whether you try to be brave or not, neither of you can run away today!" The King of God sneered at the palm of his hand, looked back and found a blood-red sword, and then he appeared in his palm. After he took out this weapon, his brothers around him also pulled out their own pike!
"Be careful, these two men are both taking the light spirit road. One of them is very vicious, and the other is fast if the meteor, and the two men have a combination of lighter power." Look, both of them are drawn weapons. Ziyan’s face changed slightly and he quickly woke up.
"Rang didn’t expect you to know a lot about our brothers? But even if you know these, you can’t save your lives. "The eldest of the three brothers smiled somberly and winked at the next brother. Soon, almost at the same time, two people slammed their feet on the ground, two people suddenly dispersed and swept away, and one person stormed to Du Yun, but the other was attacked by Du Yun.
If Du Yun had to deal with two God-king level masters, it was necessary to summon Liu Lao for help, but now after that strange ten-year penance, Du Yun is already a God-king level master, so now he is dealing with two God-kings. He didn’t summon Liu Lao to fight against the God-king strong (2)
Eyes Gujingbo looked at the flash, and Du Yun, the two men, clutched their fists tightly and never met each other after their promotion. Now it’s just the right time for the two gods to experiment and repair themselves to what level. At this time, Du Yun’s heart was very calm without a trace of worry, as if he had already known the results.
ZiYan looked at that from Du Yun side around the god Wang Jiangzhe eyes suddenly a cold palm a grip only frost fairy force has diffuse out at the same time a sharp weapon is also appeared in the palm and ready to leave when Du Yun is grabbed her weapon …
When the weapon was held, Zi Yan was suddenly surprised, but before he came to express his doubts, he heard a firm voice, "I told you that I am enough to deal with these two people alone, so you should go back and rest first."
Looking at Du Yun’s resolute look, Yan Yan nai falls back, but he doesn’t dare to fall back and prepare for Du Yun’s rescue when he is in danger
The two God kings of Duanmu family heard Du Yun’s words, and they also gave a cold sneer. Soon, the speed of the two people suddenly increased sharply, and the red fairy force in their hands was rendered and scattered.
"Flame whip!"
Just when two figures are about to jump into the range of five meters around Du Yun, Du Yun’s lips move and a few cold words spit from his mouth.