Nangong Che naturally knew this. It should be said that he had been psychologically prepared long before he came. After listening to Jun Moying’s words, he did not see any displeasure but was sincerely grateful.

"Thank you for your kindness and kindness."
After thinking about it, he slightly reminded his lips and smiled with a hint of joke. "Before my father came out of the palace, he also asked me to bring him a toffee from Donglan. What do you mean?"
This is a pro-rhythm!
Feng lifted her head in her busy schedule and glanced at them, then continued to struggle with her garlic sea cucumber.
"Today, you are in a hurry, and the ladies in Aiqing House have never attended. If you don’t leave it for tomorrow, let them have a talent show and see which daughter can have the blessing to become a South Vietnamese toffee." Jun Moying laughed.
The nangongshan pointedly picked his eyebrows before saying, "So it’s rewarding."
At the end of the banquet, Jun Moying strode up the stage and received the courtesy of the Nangong Church. His face was a little cold.
When he stopped in front of Feng Shao, not the concubines in the harem, but even the queen’s face changed.
So concerned!
Feng Shao got her hands dirty when she was eating just now. When she saw him coming and grinned at him, she wiped her hands to her skirt and trotted over with her eyebrows curved.
The cool color in your ink shadow eyes faded somewhat, but it was still frowning.
Eye wind swept the seat next to her, and graceful voice said a word, "Since Wandi likes being a vegetarian for a month so much, don’t eat animal products again. Just think of it as Donglan fasting and praying. Chapter 9 makes no secret of her love."
His voice is not loud, but because of his natural aura, he attracts everyone’s attention.
Wandi’s face was immediately white and half ringing before she squeezed out a sentence, "I am a male and female servant."
Almost everyone is in a state of inaction-the banquet emperor and the graceful banquet are so far apart that they have done nothing. How can they somehow provoke the emperor and be punished for fasting for a month?
I’m afraid there are some reasons why I’m sorry for myself.
But she still feels unwilling or wronged!
She just wants to borrow that dish of garlic sea cucumber to get closer to Feng Shao, so that it can be closer to the emperor. Even if she has ulterior motives, even if she is benefiting Feng Shao, is it necessary for the emperor to embarrass himself in front of Chao Wenwu and harem concubines for such a small matter?
What’s more, this matter has not lost anything to Feng Shaogen, and he has helped Feng Shaogen!
Isn’t she fond of eating chicken shallow? Isn’t it just that she doesn’t want to eat so vegetarian when she looks at the food with her "sad" eyes? Isn’t it just that she is jealous of those abalone wings at other people’s tables?
Ann? !
Ann, but Li Gonggong’s apprentice is at least the second-in-command of Longyin Palace. How did you become a vegetable worker today?
Wandi’s eyes trembled and finally seemed to think of something. She looked at the emperor in disbelief and forgot the identity of the other party for a while.
Your ink shadow’s eyes are cold, and I have never seen graceful and graceful except for the most fleeting glance.
In a blink of an eye, he has walked out with Phoenix’s shallow waist, neither blaming her for being unruly nor disliking her dirty.
The public is so unabashedly fond of her.
Everyone’s face has changed, and the harem women are red-eyed and jealous.
If what the sunrise princess just said is just a lip service, it may not necessarily be embellished. At this moment, the emperor’s love for Phoenix is beyond doubt!
Wandi also wants to understand that those dishes in front of Feng Shao are not so matched because of her low status, but what the emperor specially ordered-perhaps because she can’t eat some dishes, perhaps because the emperor wants her to eat lightly, but it can’t be because of her low status …
It seems that I have just touched the emperor’s lamella.
Fasting for a month … just punish yourself for being too reckless and blame yourself for not recognizing the position in the heart of Emperor Feng.
As soon as I was out of sight, I immediately pulled Jun Mo’s shadow hand to anger and said, "Feed yourself and don’t let me eat. Now people are kind enough to exchange food with me. Why are you doing this to others?"
There were too many people just now, and she didn’t publicly refute the man’s punishment for Wan Wan, but that doesn’t mean she agreed!
Jun Moying snorted, "It’s already light that I dare to disobey my orders for a month under my eyelids when I won’t let you eat her."
"Good for you!" Feng shallow suddenly raised his voice and his eyes were as big as two bells.
She just casually said that she didn’t really think that the "vegetarian feast" was ordered by this man. After all, everyone is good at wine and food, and she is the only one who eats so pitifully. How much do you hate her and target her if this man really means it?
But I didn’t expect that he really did it on purpose. Chapter 91 What did I do to you?
"You tell me what I’m sorry you want to exploit my banquet food? !” Chicken shallow frantically stamped their feet.
Banquet food?
Jun Moying smoked two corners of his mouth. If it weren’t for the inappropriate time, he really wanted to give this little thing the title of "vocabulary creator"
"Isn’t it all because you are too lazy?" He said seriously with a straight face, "It’s just after getting up so late for breakfast. If you give it to you according to other people’s dishes, you’ll definitely have to eat and drink, and it’s not your own fault that you finally get upset."
Feng Shao choked and choked for a moment.
It took me half a ring before I hardened my mouth and said, "Then you can’t be a vegetarian for me. You treat me like a rabbit!" "
"It’s always right to eat lightly, and worse, isn’t there an egg? Where is vegetarian? "