Ye Han answered Lengling’s question truthfully. Just as Lengling wanted to continue asking questions, he saw Ye Han’s eyes slightly closed as if he were reviewing something.

Seeing that Lengling didn’t ask questions immediately, he saw that Ye Han opened his eyes again at the right time and then asked, "Is there anything strange about him besides that?"
Ye Hanwen suddenly froze and pondered for a while before he smiled and laughed. "If you want to say something strange, I think it is the strong cold hidden in jade besides the light!"
I heard Ye Hanyan Lengling suddenly lost in thought for a long time before I smiled. "It turns out that Brother Han really met the jade with cold spirit. It seems that you have a good chance. Congratulations!"
"Cold jade?" When I heard Lengling suddenly say a strange name, Ye Han suddenly looked puzzled and asked, "What is cold jade?"
"Cold jade jade is somewhat similar to our Chang Yu Fu and Yu Pei!" See Ye Han so LengLing is a charming smile immediately explained.
After listening to Lengling’s explanation, Ye Han was even more puzzled, but after listening to Lengling’s timely smile, "Simply put, this cold jade is a combination of Yu Pei jade symbols!"
"Yu Pei jade operator combination? Sister Ling, I am really getting more and more confused when I listen to you like this! " Listen to LengLing again explain Ye Han is puzzled jade is a face of bitterness and said
See Ye Han so cold ling suddenly also don’t know what to say, soon lost in thought, ready to find a better understanding to explain Ye Han one by one ~
[137] [Hidden Secret]
"Ha ha ling elder sister if it’s hard to say that you don’t need to be so obvious. Are you going to tell me what secrets are contained in this jade?" See LengLing so difficult to choose Ye Han immediately embarrassed smile and then sit by LengLing shoulder this just smiled to say with smile.
After hearing what Ye Han said, Lengling’s face suddenly rose to an awkward color, but it didn’t last long and it was already covered up by her smile.
See LengLing suddenly laughed out at this time Ye Han heart suddenly one leng one face looked at LengLing for a long time without words.
See Ye Han so gawk at their cold ling can perceive a sense of shyness is coming towards his face timely also appeared a flush.
"Cold brother, just look at others and tell you things like this!" After a while, I saw that Ye Han’s eyes were still so cold, and I was even more shy, so I rushed him and said,
Seeing Lengling so cold, Ye Han suddenly felt a strange feeling, which was so similar to the feeling that Lengling was soaked to the skin at first sight in the former glacier.
"Ahem" gently coughed Ye Han hurriedly calmed down and waved away all that strange feeling before he smiled awkwardly. "No, really not!"
Hear Ye Han so cold ling eyes can’t help but fall to Ye Han face see a face of embarrassment immediately charming smile.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han’s mind was shaken again, and then he calmed down again. "Now that you have thought of the explanation, please tell me quickly!"
"yeah!" Recognize Ye Han, this is Gu Zuo, and he didn’t have any angry thoughts in Lengling, so he nodded his head and answered.
You should lag behind Lengling but have no words, but look up at the sky quietly, and your lips are crawling slightly, which is like mumbling something.
When I saw this, Ye Han had no scruples, so he drilled his head into the front ear of Lengling and prepared to eavesdrop on what Lengling said at the moment.
He has many years of experience to see that when a person mumbles, what he often says is the most sincere. He knows that if he is clear about Lengling’s words, he can know what he wants to know.
However, just as Ye Han’s ear passed, he heard Lengling’s words at the right time, which made him feel helpless. What did Lengling actually say? I can’t see a star now.
"Ling elder sister what are you talking about? It’s white now and it’s not dark yet. How can you see the stars? " Hear LengLing muttered Ye Han is a face of wry smile soon without LengLing thoughtfully what he stretched out his hand and tried to wake up.
However, Ye Han’s hands stretched out and Lengling suddenly stood up from the ice stone, so Ye Han’s hands originally wanted to cover Lengling’s shoulders, but it inadvertently fell on her chest.
"melody nowadays!" Seems to be felt when Ye Han hands touch the chest to limp and numb feeling cold ling suddenly couldn’t help moaning a.
After hearing this, Lengling suddenly realized that her hands were soft, so she realized that Lengling would moan at this point.
Ye Han nature is hurriedly withdraw his hands and eyes, but also timely caught a glimpse of LengLing that eyes full of resentment.
"Sorry, Sister Ling, I didn’t mean to!" Seeing this situation, Ye Han knew that he was a little abrupt, so he was embarrassed to explain
Who knows Ye Han doesn’t explain it, but it’s a good thing to get LengLing a look of resentment. This sudden explanation is greeted with a light hum.
However, after a light hum, Lengling suddenly burst into a charming smile and immediately listened to her smile. "Cold brother, you and I have already had a husband and wife. Do you really care about this?"
He gave Ye Han a white look and then continued, "Brother Han is not allowed to bully others like this in public!"
Lengling, it’s very obvious that Ye Han won’t do frivolous things to her in public, so it can be done at other times, and that must be another matter.