Feathermoon’s beautiful appearance and fresh temperament are rhythmically flapped by his wings behind his white attire, which makes many men in this team pay attention.

"Demon clan feathermoon was ordered by the heads of the clan to support the Terran army." Feather moon fell to the front of Lin Yu and said positively towards Lin Yu.
If the inflammation is attached to the purple rhyme ear, hey, hey, bad smile. "Little bitch, someone has come to rob you of a man. You are jealous!"
Purple rhyme hem said "little bitch is your name? Besides, don’t, I don’t know what you did with the roof of Lin Yu that night? "
That night, Lin Yu hugged the inflammation if it was coagulated, which was all known by Zi Qingyun. If it was coagulated, he couldn’t help humming two words, "Okay, I also admit that I know what the three of you are doing. I don’t think I can hear it."
Purple rhyme immediately flushed to ruthlessly stare at inflammation if coagulation is speechless for ages.
Inflammation if coagulation she chuckled "ok don’t tease you to play and see how Lin Yu deal with feathermoon".
At the same time, they looked at Lin Yu and feathermoon, and Lin Yu and feathermoon looked directly at each other for a few seconds before Lin Yu said, "Welcome to feathermoon."
Feathermoon nodded "well" and she brought the team to the students of Cangyu College.
Feathermoon brings few people, but like Cang Yu College students, they are all elites in the team of Yuan Lingjing strength people.
Lin Yu saw it and estimated that no team would come again, so he drank a "Let’s go!"
The nearest city to Yunduan is Luojia City, and the 300,000 yuan division of Luotong City was either killed or demonized by inferno.
I heard that Lin Yu’s army is going to counterattack Luotong City, and this guarding city has been replaced by a demon with the skill of Shiyuan Soul.
The ten demons defeated by Magic Seven Little and Lin Yu repeatedly decided to let Magic Three Little calm down to deal with Lin Yu.
The top ten demons seem to be calm and calm, while the Terran seems to be a cold-blooded murderer.
Two-thirds of the 100,000 yuan divisions killed in Luotong City are dead!
See Lin Yu’s six hundred thousand troops crush Luotong City’s magic three walls and look at the dense crowd coldly.
"gunner ready" magic three little expressionless gave the order.
Hundreds of spar guns were aimed at the Lin Yu army outside the city, waiting for the Lin Yu army to enter their spar gun range.
Of course, if Lin Yu doesn’t move forward, it’s also called magic three little.
Anyway, siege is Lin Yu, not yourself.
Magic three little won’t be as anxious as magic seven little and Lin Yuyi is higher.
See Luotong city spar gun aimed at his army Lin Yu face a strange smile "I wonder if Luotong city spar gun power will be stronger than other cities spar gun power?"
"attack the troops!" Lin Yu, with a wave of his hand, pushed a 100,000-strong army composed of brothers from all major families towards Los Angeles.
Magic three little still look at this one hundred thousand troops into their range.
"Gun" saw that this team entered the range of its own artillery, and Magic Three Little slowly spit out two words.
"Boom …"
Hundreds of spar cannons were fired at the same time towards the 100,000-person vanguard troops in Lin Yu.
As soon as the hundred thousand people saw the cannon coming at them, they immediately dispersed, and thousands more people held shields and arranged in a large array of shields, waiting for the spar shells to fall
Buzz …
SPAR shells fell on these shields and turned purple light ripples to spread.
These hundreds of shells didn’t kill a soldier in Lin Yu!
"Yuan Mu Dun!" Magic three little slightly moving face expression finally had a little change.
These yuan wooden shields are impressively Lin Yu’s first defeat of Magic Little’s team Wu Zhanli!
This time, the six families were sent out, and their limited hands were weapons and equipment.
In order to besiege Lin Yu, he equipped the elite brother of Cangyu College with Yuan Mudun and let them mix in the siege team of 100,000 people to protect his soldiers.
Lin Yu ordered the 100,000 soldiers to be given the remote audio equipment. As soon as they received the order, they took out red marbles the size of eggs and threw them at the wall of Luotong City.
Because the inferno depends on all the mixed cities, the inferno spies break the city from the outside, and the walls of all the cities are well intact.
Lin Yu let the 100,000-person vanguard troops block the first wave of spar shells, which naturally destroyed the walls.