I have been with Frost Feather since I was young, and I have watched Frost Feather grow step by step. Now it is a very happy thing to see him step into the peak.

Yang Yulin owl took the initiative to walk into the room with Frost Feather’s hand. Since she broke through Purple Dan, there seems to be a slight change. It is no longer that kind of absolute purity. It seems that memory has made her more attractive.
Frost feather is like a marionette at this time. Yang Yulin owl took his hand. Zhang Tao couldn’t help smiling when he saw it. This silly little guy is so dull.
After the door was closed, there was a severe chill in it. Obviously, two people have been communicating slowly, and the chill has also merged and collided with each other. Is this the so-called wing to wing Qi Fei? It is really enviable [
Zhang Tao’s face turned a little more serious after he turned around. Some "JIU ge Fu people met them with their seats." Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, all Tianwei were excited and shouted that they were murderous and imposing, just like a rush to kill the army to be reckoned with.
Zhang Tao’s spirit can also clearly feel the strange power that Yang Yu’s Lin Xiao and frost feather bloom when they are combined. This power should be to attract the beast tide figurines.
Now Zhang Tao has the same sense of danger as animals, and the sense of danger has far surpassed that of ordinary human beings. Now Zhang Tao can feel natural disasters as animals, and Zhang Tao has now recovered its strength.
"They’re coming so fast." Zhang Tao clearly felt the changes in the tide of animals and animals. I didn’t expect Frost Feather and Yang Yulin owl to go in and soon they rioted and quickly joined forces to rush to Tianyuecheng.
"Not the kui is a purple Dan I can feel a fatal attraction" mixed licked his lips.
"This is also the reason why I don’t leave you in the JIU ge Fu." Zhang Tao said at a glance.
It is only natural that he is not so violent in front of Zhang Tao now. "But the most important reason is that you have strong control over animals," Zhang Tao said.
"Ha ha, don’t you dare to be presumptuous in front of the big ye?" Anyway, it’s also a humanoid animal with royal blood
This kind of coercion is hard for foreign animals to resist. This fight against the tide of animals is the main exhibition of mixing. "All Tianwei guards Tianyue City Mo Ying and takes on a new look. All of you come with me," Zhang Tao said.
"Yes!" Jiu Wen Fu left Wushan old man Dong Dao Qin Zhen and other backbones to guard, while Wang He and Poison Cloud crossed their legs in front of the frost feather door and stayed in Jiutian Temple, which was also solemn and did not dare to be distracted.
The extinct building does not ask the house. This is a dark card in Zhang Tao’s hand that will not move easily and the killer is not suitable for protection. "Let’s go and let me see how strong the beast tide is." There have been a few animal tides in history, but it has caused great harm to mankind at that time. Zhang Tao now naturally wants to see it.
Zhang Taofei’s front and back mixed people, such as bring up the rear, formed a faint wall in the extraordinary atmosphere, and the spectators in the distance were all scared. Is this equal momentum? However, they are not afraid because they believe in JIU ge fu and Zhang Tao.
There has been a black line in the distance, and it is very dark. Zhang Tao can clearly feel the madness and greed contained in it, and the fighting spirit of going forward like a moth is diffused.
"Let me show it. The height of animals is very obvious." Mixed grinned. Although there are many powerful animals in it, on the whole, they are just so mixed. You are just a Ukrainian union, which makes Zhang Tao laugh.
"If you can do it, then I’ll make a great contribution," Zhang Tao said with a smile.
"Look at me" has been finished. It’s the fighting power of JIU ge Fu. He is naturally excited to hear Zhang Tao’s words.
Fly to the beast tide suddenly roar loud, a powerful breath diffuses out, and the breath of taxiing animals is really extraordinary, like a huge shady oppression, but in an instant, the original quickly approaches the beast tide, visible to the naked eye, and stays in place because of the sudden breath, which makes these beast tides frightened, and suddenly they are in a panic.
"oh? Does it look effective? " Zhang Tao slightly surprised.
When he was triumphant, he wanted to take credit, only to find that the face was shocked and the animals roared at the same time, which is the birth of the beast tide!
Hearing this deafening roar, Zhang Tao’s eyes were slightly narrowed and his face changed. He didn’t expect these animals to suddenly unite to resist.
"Mixed attack, it seems that your credit is doomed to be gone." Zhang Tao’s words made the mixed face sink, followed by a strong murder. His body bloomed. "You guys who are not long-sighted dare to see Grandpa Grandpa will beat you up."
Zhang Tao saw mixed so angry and smiled. He immediately finished playing "Let’s do it". The number of animals is really scary, as if the animals in the whole Dongyue mainland were coming over at this moment [
No wonder you don’t care about the momentum. This is the so-called strength with strength! Zhang Tao instantly came to a huge animal and directly punched it in the face. Its head was so powerful that its four thick legs were instantly broken and its huge body fell heavily to the ground.
Animals around are also besieged. Zhang Tao’s eyes move, and the animals around him scream and fly out. "Since you don’t retreat, you will die here."
Chapter 867 Crisis energy bomb
It seems that Zhang Tao’s domineering and murder infected the people around him, and everyone’s morale also rose to the top for the first time [K
All kinds of animals are dazzling, and there are huge animals that cover the sky and are about the same size as people. Animals are flexible but murderous.
"Huh?" Although the number of animal tides is huge, but the strength of Zhang Tao and others is too strong, especially the peak master like Zhang Tao is absolutely a million, and after all, it is a humanoid animal body with light coercion. Although the law affects the whole animal tide, it can make the animals near him get the boat.
But at this time, a silver-white light beam in Tian Yue City rose like snow and frost on purpose, and the animals felt that this force suddenly became more crazy.
"It seems that they are going well." Zhang Tao can also feel the strength in this force. No wonder these animals are crazy. The strength inside is really amazing [
This force was originally suppressed by Zhang Tao and others. Animals seem to be as crazy as eating aphrodisiacs. It’s okay for the original fear of mixing or fearing Zhang Tao
"Three swords into one!" In the distance, after Qin Huanran killed an animal again, he said, "If the government goes so far, we must have damage." These animals are oppressed crazily, and even if Zhang Tao had to retreat continuously, "ranged attack" Zhang Tao decided, but at this moment, these animals ranged attack first.
The combination of animals has an amazing energy, and the diameter directly exceeds 50 meters. The powerful forces gather together to shake out a hole in the ground. The wind around it is full of sand and dust, which makes people blind.
The strength of gathering together makes Qin Huanran and others feel a little desperate. If this energy hits Tianyuecheng, I’m afraid the whole Tianyuecheng will disappear in just a moment.
Not only that, I’m afraid there will be waves of different degrees in the tens of kilometers of Fiona Fang. "This is very tricky. These low-level animals are crazy." I can feel that these animals are crazy and determined in their hearts. This feeling can make them forget everything. He doesn’t care if they can rush into Tianyuecheng.