The waves didn’t get up and sit in a steel pipe chair. They slowly turned around and stared at their comfortable boyfriend with sharp eyes and coolness.

Shu Chang’s boyfriend saw that the face of the waves suddenly became very ugly, as if he had been punched head-on, and then quickly changed his expression of resentment, panic, humiliation and embarrassment … Finally, he piled up a smile and humbly lowered his waist and smiled, "Hai Ge!"
The waves said faintly, "Well! It’s a small town. I’m chatting with my friends now. If there’s nothing, you go first. "
Comfortable boyfriend-small town face is like being punched by the waves, and all kinds of expressions are quickly transformed and distorted several times. I want to fight against the waves and finally bow my head and quit the ballroom without looking at Comfortable.
The waves smile coldly-hard fists are the last word!
The waves turned their heads and looked at Shu Shuang defiantly. "You don’t have a boyfriend now!" "
Shu Chang looks at the waves and his eyes are very strange now. He doesn’t seem to understand why this evil man can scare away the champion town.
-Evil men can arouse women’s curiosity and powerful men can capture women!
"The so-called boyfriend can be found again if he doesn’t have it." Shu Chang said lightly, and her eyes were charming and confused, glancing at the waves
Of course the waves are white. What do you mean? Evil smiled …
"Don’t pull you guys up-run!"
The waves stretched and the two stunned men showed a way.
Two men are as obedient as fools to help the man angrily away.
The din in the ballroom resumed.
The waves walked over and sat opposite the girl in white and waved the waiter to pour two glasses of beer and smiled at the girl in white and said, "Do you still know me?"
The girl in white still looked at the ballroom door without looking at the waves and said "know" lightly.
The waves took the beer from the waiter and handed it to the girl in white and said, "What’s your name?"
He asked the girl in white before, and the answer was "Miss me? You have no chance! "
Now he asks the same question again, and when he sees the girl in white or the cold expression, he cheerfully waits for the same answer, and even thinks of asking her name one step at a time.
"My name is Shu Shu Shu Chang!" I didn’t expect the girl in white to say her name even though she was still cold, and added a note that made men spray nosebleeds more than her name!
Hearing this "sexy" comment, the waves and horses reacted and felt that there was a play!
He leaned a little closer to Comfortable and smiled. He was just about to speak when he saw that Comfortable’s face changed-the original cold face suddenly became bright like an frozen lake suddenly blown by the spring breeze!
The waves are white. She waits for the man to come!
The waves were so heavy that I didn’t look back and still drank beer.
A man who achieve great things will be different when he gestures! If someone calls you from behind, you will look straight back and say that you are ambitious and shrewd. If you slowly twist your neck and eyes, you will be calm and look at them, and people will say that you are a shrewd person with great ingenuity and personality!
The waves heard a man walking behind them with steady steps.
Shu Chang didn’t speak, but looked at the man with smiling eyes. Now I find that when this cold beauty laughs, her eyes are bent and her eyes are shining, which makes a man feel tempted.
"I’m sorry I’m a little late," the man said as he came over and hugged Shu Chang.
The waves suddenly felt that the sound was a little familiar!
He quickly searched in his mind.
Shu Chang said to the waves, "My boyfriend is here. Let me introduce you."
The waves didn’t get up and sit in a steel pipe chair. They slowly turned around and stared at their comfortable boyfriend with sharp eyes and coolness.