Xiao Yun slowly closed the door with a smirk on his mouth.

Playing hard to get Miss Xiao knew it a long time ago. When she saw Xiao’s perseverance, she knew Xiao was going to have a good fight.
For her, who wins or loses, all she has to do is stir the water as muddy as possible and then expose the little truth.
When Xiao returned to the office, everything was calm. As always, the manager’s office door was closed. xiao qing returned to his seat softly and was about to sit when he heard the manager’s office door "bang" and a pool of small bamboo called "Little Come in"
Little ass didn’t sit embarrassed and went into the door immediately explained, "Xiaozhu, I am going out …"
"Well, I know that Director Xiao told you to go out to talk about work." Xiaozhu seems to have something on his mind and didn’t pay attention to the little expression. "The ego wants to tell you something tonight …"
"Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you at home at ten o’clock this evening. We agreed to spend our birthday together."
"No," Xiao Zhu gritted his teeth. "I’m sorry I may not be able to get out tonight."
The little expression immediately faded away. "What?"
"Because … because …" Xiaozhu frowned and thought for a long time before saying, "It’s meaningless for me to tell you that you won’t wait for me."
"All right, then." Xiao got up and went out.
Behind the "small" small bamboo called a.
"You don’t say I’m white." I waved my hand. "Actually, I should have known that a toad is not worthy of a white swan."
Chapter 19 Monthly engagement ()
Chapter 19 Monthly engagement ()
Small bamboo tears are coming. Looking at the door, "Bang", a pretty face flushed bright red, and her white teeth clenched her lips. After a long time, she suddenly smiled and shook her head and sat down with a sigh.
I can’t tell you how I passed the time. I was sad, angry and regretful. I whispered to him, "Brother, you may have misunderstood Sister Xiaozhu."
"Impossible" small bite a tooth way "I am a nobody"
"Then you …" Little tried. "Why don’t you go and apologize to her?"
"Don’t go" put his forehead on the table and grind his teeth. "Resolutely don’t go"
The young man is very gentle and principled most of the time, but once he encounters such feelings, he is stubborn as hell. This kind of personality is often the most difficult to fathom. Look at him and don’t bother to pay attention to him because he doesn’t know what to do.
Very easy to wait until the bell rang small for the first time, so I rushed out. Just as I rushed to the door, I felt a tight behind me and someone grabbed his clothes and said, "Wait for me."
Looking back in astonishment, I stopped him. It was none other than someone who had always been true to him. I always looked up and never looked at a flower of his famous company.
"What do you want from me?" Small and big doubts
"Nothing can’t find you?" Qin Zhen smiled and smiled, but his frosty face was watery and gentle at the moment. The hand holding the underpants also grabbed the little arm. "Our home is not far away. Let’s take the bus together."
A little thought made her understand.
Former Qin Zhen has always been attached to Jia Zheng, but now the situation is obvious. Jia Zheng has fallen. If she wants to continue to call the shots in the unit, she must find a backer again. Now the two people in the company are just him and the girl with a small bamboo pool are naturally not seduced by her, so she naturally aims at the small one.
She wants to be such a brat, and it’s easy for her to hook her fingers and throw peach blossoms.
A small white heart suddenly felt a surge of anger and threw her arm "no"
"Oh, you’re still embarrassed." Qin Zhen was a little stunned and rushed out with an eyebrow eye smile. "Don’t be like this. If you are sorry before your sister, will you apologize now?"
"No need" shook his head. "It’s really unnecessary. I don’t hate you. You do your work and I do mine. We have nothing to do."
"Words don’t say that." Qin Zhen glanced at me with bitterness. "Now you are a strict assistant, you should take care of my little girl a lot."
It took me a while to remember that I am now an assistant manager, and the former assistant manager is the flower next to me.
Qin Zhen was careful not to talk, so he deliberately put out his bright red tongue and lips and licked them a few times, which was even more gentle. "Assistant Yan, let’s have dinner together later."
I feel a little cold. Think about it. She used to be trying to be nice with many men. She felt dirty and stepped out, saying, "No, I have something to do later."
It’s not that I haven’t thought about Qin Zhen, but in recent days, I have met several beautiful women in a row, and my eyes have risen unconsciously, and I have suffered the ultimate temptation of Xiao Yun. At this moment, I feel nothing in the face of Qin Zhen’s pediatrics.
Qin Zhen in situ face rain or shine for a long time before he snorted heavily. "I really don’t believe that I have been in love for more than ten years and I can’t even handle you, a little boy."
I still feel depressed until I get home and lie in bed. I’m too lazy to eat dinner until I’m late. I just sit up and pat my arms and say, "Come out and talk."
Small but always optimistic "whoosh" jumped out and danced for some physical activity before saying, "Cut the crap and let’s discuss what we would rather do in a day."
"I think so, too." It’s a little so-called smile. "Is it necessary to discuss it? He is no matter how powerful he is, he is just one person. It is really easy for me to find three things that are better than him. "
"That’s not certain. I just calculated his situation." Novel "He’s really not as strong as usual."
"Hehe, let’s compete with table tennis." The novel "I have loved playing table tennis since primary school, and I also participated in the school team and won the third place in the city. Should this level be higher than him?"
"No" Xiao immediately shook his head. "I would rather be a national professional B-level player. He is definitely better than you."
"Well, I’ll change it." I’m not afraid. "I don’t compare my ability with him. I compare my body with him. My eye vision is 1.3, which should be beyond the reach of most people my age."
"Hey, hey, no" Xiao continued to shake his head. "I’d rather have my eyesight maintained at about 1.4 since I had laser correction surgery five years ago. He has never dropped. He is very concerned about maintaining himself."
"K, let’s come back" Trail "When I lived in the countryside for a while as a child, I knew almost all the wild vegetables, and we’ll see who knows more"
"No brother" sighed. "I’d rather have a rich knowledge of botany and he participated in the summer camp of potherb cooking when he was twelve years old. He knows twice as few species as you."
A little stupid "how can he do anything? You are not kidding me, are you? "
"I’m not kidding." Check it out. I’d rather be recognized as a child prodigy since I was a child. The media once boasted that he was a genius after 500 years. He was healthy and flawless, and he was able to achieve high attainments in sports. He was rich in knowledge and full of curiosity. He almost never missed his knowledge during the whole reading period and participated in almost all the grand prix and international-scale visits. At the same time, he also had a very deep social life ability. He took over the family business immediately after graduating from college and handled everything in good order for half a year. Thoroughly won the respect of all competitors, and this person has a delicate mind and a decisive personality. In less than three months, he was inextricably linked with the entire underworld in S city, and even the axe gang leader, the largest gang in S city, was very intimate with him. "