"= = Then what do you want us to do?" I’ve already asked grandpa. Why are you looking for them?

"I want you to follow me back. Grandpa seems to have not seen you for a long time, hasn’t he?" She wants grandpa to think, too.
"Yes, then we will follow you back. When?" It seems that I haven’t been with grandpa for a long time on the math day.
"School closes early …………………………"
Notice of leave [must see]
Dear friends, it’s natural to learn this time and go different. After studying, you can also go online. This time, you can’t know that you are a junior high school student. That is to say, it’s not good to know your grades in the middle school entrance examination. Keep trying to review what you have before the middle school entrance examination.
As a result, I can’t surf the internet, at least for four months before the middle school entrance examination.
So I’m going to take a leave and let’s meet again in four months. I’ll meet again after the senior high school entrance examination, okay?
I will definitely come back and I will not break my word and give you a satisfactory ending.
I hope you don’t get angry and always support it.
————————— Purple is happy.
Is there anyone else going?
Chapter 1 should be 13. Wrong number. Sorry.
It’s also late. Even Yi Xin and other girls are very excited. When they get home, they can’t wait to go to their respective fathers and tell them that they can stay at Earl Orson’s castle for two days. Of course, if they don’t go to Earl Orson’s castle, they can be with the people they like. Of course, they hope it’s Iruxue. Are those girls not?
The next day, even the girls from Yixin came to the starting place early to wait for the arrival of their sweetheart, and behind them were suitcases full of clothes. They were determined to take this opportunity to show their most beautiful side to the boys. Maybe they would give up the girls and join them when they saw their beautiful side.
I also fantasize that three boys have arrived. They don’t have much luggage and have a few clothes to change into laundry. It’s not like there is no store in Britain that needs anything to buy. Isn’t it troublesome to take so many things?
After a while, two planes arrived at St. Eli’s airport, and a man came from each plane.
Lian Yixin and other three girls proudly looked up and went to a person and asked, "One plane is enough for six of us. Why do we need two planes?"
The man looked at the front and said, "This is our master’s order. The master asked us to have two planes." He didn’t even look at them.
"What, it’s just money? What are the two planes? It’s just a few of us sitting." Yang Yunyue disdained to say.
"…" The man didn’t speak or go to see someone.
Several girls snorted and left the man asking for a plane at a glance, but he didn’t expect to be stopped.
"What are you doing? Why not let us fly? Don’t let’s go to Orson Castle? " Mi Xin Rui Yang Yunyue raised the sound and said
"Sorry, this is what our young master said. They haven’t arrived yet. We can’t let people fly." The man said this like a robot.
"Find out, ok? Let’s go to Orson Castle. It’s Earl Orson, not your young master! " M heart core also angrily said
"It’s our young master who told us to do this. There’s no way." This is the young master’s order that no one can disobey.
"Hum!" Because of Ouyang night, they can’t do anything here, otherwise their image will be gone.
Ouyang night they also want to know what, but this time they are invited to go and can’t say anything. They can wait here and wait for the man to say that the young master has arrived.
After a while, I finally saw someone coming here, and when that person came over, I found out that this person was their teacher.
"Teacher, why are you here?" It’s not that she hates this teacher, but she certainly doesn’t have any identity. Otherwise, how could it be her turn to be a teacher? Although it’s’ Saint-Ile’ teaching, she can’t get in without this good looks.
"I just found out that I can also go to Orson Castle this time, and I’m here." To be honest, he really doesn’t like these three girls, and he always feels that they are very calculating.
"Oh, are there any other students going to St. Yilai?" Even if there is, there is nothing. If it weren’t for Ruxue, the three of them would have done it. The three girls thought silently.
"No," Han shook his head. "It is true that there are no students from St. Yilai."
"Oh" they can be at ease.
"Then who are those people?" At this time, Mi Xinrui noticed someone coming in the distance, but he didn’t see who it was, while Ouyang Night’s three boys showed a happy expression.
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15 slap in the face
"Then who are those people?" At this time, Mi Xinrui noticed someone coming in the distance, but he didn’t see who it was, while Ouyang Night’s three boys showed a happy expression.
Wait until the distance that a few people came over and found that those people are Iruxue Yang Kefei Mi Xinrui and two boys.
Even Yi Xin was a little angry and said, "Didn’t you say that no students from St. Yilai came? What about them? And yesterday, the principal said that there were six of us going. How can so many people come out today? "
"I can tell you the reason." Snow came out and looked at Lian Yixin coldly and said, "Because it was my arrangement."
"What? ! No way. The headmaster said it was arranged by Earl Orson. "Even Yi Xin took a step back. I can’t believe that Xue has such a great ability. She is just a hoodoo who was driven out of the house. Why can she have such a great ability? ! She doesn’t believe it!