Chutianji waved and said, "I just came to see my friends, but it’s time to catch the security of Gaotang Town, director of the money. People in the garage are so rampant that it’s no wonder that the economy of Gaotang Town can’t develop."

Qian Sanjiang, what else can I say? Naturally, I reviewed myself. After Liu Dabao got the news, my heart was also full of waves. This Wang Haidong proved to be a background person, and he almost cheated me.
Can an ordinary worker be promoted to the level of minor course after he has just become a public servant? Of course, this is impossible, but it would be much easier if there was a political and legal Committee as a backer
So Liu Dabao immediately gave instructions to arrest the other two of the Lins’ brothers.
All the accounts of the garage were immediately sealed for investigation. This time, Lin Dahu did not resist. When he saw the city criminal police people coming here, he knew that his garage was finished. This is a tightrope walk. If someone pays attention to himself, the garage will definitely fall down.
Therefore, at this time, Lin Dahu accepted this realistic path very calmly. When he wanted to handcuff him, he also said, "Brother, wait for me to have a smoke first."
After lighting a cigarette, I smoked a mouthful of Lin Dahu’s hand and was handcuffed.
At this time, he glanced at Wang Haidong and said, "Mayor Wang, how about I’m Linda? I’ve passed the fourth or fifth mayor, but you’re the only one I can’t see through. His mayor was either wooed by me or left in despair. I didn’t expect that the first one after you came was to take my knife. Gaotang Town is poor. I don’t do this. What do you say I do? If Gaotang Town is rich, every family has a car. Do you say that my garage will go to the national highway to do business? I hope Mayor Wang can develop our Gaotang town economy. "
Lin Dahu said something that was out of proportion to his status. At this time, he was very lonely and was taken away by the path. Gaotang Town enjoyed a prestigious automobile maintenance factory, so it closed down peacefully, just like the automobile maintenance factory had never started again.
Clap your hands and applaud when the town people know that ChuTianJi will take people away. Liu Dabao will not let the Lins go anyway. There is nothing to ask ChuTianJi to have lunch at the police station first.
At this time, after Wang Haidong’s backer appeared, Liu Dabao naturally wanted to have a good reception. On weekdays, there was no leadership in this Gaotang town, that is, when helping the poor, he would think that the leaders of Gaotang town had arrived at Dafa Hotel after knowing the situation.
But at this time, they each have their own thoughts. Fu Kangsheng, this guy is nothing. He has no hope of getting promoted again, so he looks down on Wang Haidong’s back. It would be best if he could arrange himself to go to the city.
And Li Jie is honest at this time. He is also very familiar with what it means to remember the politics and law Committee. Look at the mayor Wang and Chutianji. That is very iron. Therefore, Li Jie has also converged his proud character at this time.
Yu Dayong and Qian Sanjiang at this time, of course, the two of them are more aware that housewarming is offensive.
At this time, the two of them didn’t have a chance to propose a toast to ChuTianJi because Liu Dabao frequently toasted at this time. Of course, most of this wine is to propose a toast to politics and law committee.
Therefore, Da-yong wu and Qian Sanjiang know the circuitous strategy very well. At this time, the two of them have found Wang Haidong patting their chests and said that they will follow Liu Ji and Wang Zhenchang closely to get Gaotang Town.
At this time, Dafa Hotel is also very happy that the town government is paying IOUs, but it is finally part of the settlement every year.
However, if people from the garage come to dinner ten times, there are always two or three times when they don’t give money, and the people from the garage don’t even give me a white note, so it’s good that they don’t make trouble.
Chapter 56 Songrenqing
Chutianji this guy also greatly appreciates this kind of wine after drinking the bamboo leaf green in Dafa Hotel. Finally, the tall and stiff bamboo leaf green is sent out. The five-Jin altar is filled with Liu Ji, the mayor of the king, and Chutianji, one altar.
Chutianji held up the Lins’ three brothers after lunch, and a bunch of people went back. At this time, the leaders of the municipal police department had already got the news.
Lin Dahu was arrested, but Wang Haidong didn’t think that he had led a police leader.
Xu-dong Lin, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, is the uncle of the Lins’ three brothers. His father died early, so he was very angry to hear that his nephew had been arrested.
But Lin Xuri found out that his nephew provoked ChuTianJi, so he waited for ChuTianJi to leave before coming in person. This time, Lin Xuri didn’t wear a police car, but came by himself in a tattered jeep.
Qian Sanjiang, but dare not neglect, immediately called and told the mayor Wang, director of Shilin, to see Wang Haidong and to avoid Chutianji. Wang Haidong heard that it was Xu-dong Lin who came to ask Liu Dabao about Xu-dong Lin.
Liu Dabao pondered and said, "Director Lin is not that unreasonable person. He is an old party member who pays great attention to his image. You can see from what happened to the Lins’ three brothers that his uncle is the deputy director of the police station. It is a bit difficult to get his nephew to the police station to be a policeman, but it is easier if he is a police assistant."
The name of the police officer is quite amazing. The police officer is a basket. Anyone can install the police officer. It is not in the establishment, but it is hard to say anything about welfare with the salary of the police station.
Hard ground can be hard, but it’s easier for Lin Xuri to get his three nephews in as police officers.
Got this answer Wang Haidong just rushed to the police station to see Xu-dong Lin. At this time, Xu-dong Lin was waiting for a man of medium height in Qian Sanjiang’s office, and he looked a little fat and relaxed, looking like a businessman.
Qian Sanjiang introduced Lin Xuri to light a cigarette on both sides and said, "It is also the responsibility of Wang Zhenchang to have my three nephews today."
My eldest brother died early, and I took care of the three brothers. Later, when I went to the army, I didn’t care about them. My mother brought them up.
Later, I went to the local public security bureau professionally.
I was going to arrange for the boss and the second to go to the police station, but the two of them didn’t go. The boss said that the younger brother didn’t go. If the two brothers went to see the third, this guy would be ruined. Therefore, they didn’t go to the police station. Later, they set up an garage, which was a living.
But in Gaotang town, you also know how many cars there can be here. Even if you count them with one hand, even if they are close to the national highway, you can’t make much money. The three brothers came up with the idea of spreading triangular nails on this highway. It’s a bit excessive. My uncle didn’t discipline them well
I’m here today. Please ask Mayor Wang to give Captain Chu a message. I hope Captain Chu won’t follow up on this case. It’s a matter for the court to decide what the three brothers will do. "
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "It’s not that I don’t give Director Lin a face, but this thing. You said that if we don’t care if you look for someone then, the result will be that I don’t want to see that the three brothers will be released after fifteen days’ detention. This is not what I want to see. Besides, it’s always right that they went to Switzerland illegally."
This matter is the first case in Gaotang Town, Wang Haidong. He came to bully, but he didn’t want to close the case just because Chairman Yang was in a fog.
Xu-dong Lin shook his head and said, "I still have a principle on this point. I won’t say hello to this case, but I also hope that Captain Chu will not come forward to the court and judge this point as he should. I can guarantee it with my party spirit."
Lin Xuri is also very confident that if ChuTianJi doesn’t follow up this case, his three nephews will be sentenced to two or three years, and if the judge is a little looser, there is great hope for a suspended sentence.
After all, they didn’t rob the road and extort money when repairing the car. This is also the case, and at this time, they also extorted money from Chutian, which is more troublesome than really knocking on others.
So Lin Xuri had to come to Wang Haidong.
On reflection, Wang Haidong said, "It is certain that the three brothers broke the law when they were taken away yesterday, but someone set off firecrackers in Gaotang Town. It can be seen how unpopular the three brothers are. So I can ask Chutianji not to follow up at the court, but if they are sentenced to probation, you must ensure that the three brothers can’t appear in Gaotang Town for three years, and even the river city can’t appear.