They had a hard time hanging up again.

"Empress empress, don’t sleep …"
"Empress to faint! Quick pinch people … "
Jun Moying looked at those bold and steady women with black faces, not only pinched her, but also dared to twist her arm. The sight was so sharp that she almost shot them to death.
But actually, the steady woman’s hands are shaking!
But this Lord really can’t sleep. If he sleeps now, just tell them that maybe one corpse will kill two people!
Very not easy to pull the phoenix shallow back from the edge of half awake and quickly added, "Empress, come on …"
Phoenix shallow sleep white light flashing in the brain for a second before it was completely dark.
"Empress is bleeding … a lot of blood …" A servant girl shouted.
"Call what!" After watching the so-called "a lot of blood" with a shaking hand, the steady woman hated the iron and pointed it at the girl’s forehead, which was a slap in the face. "It’s not normal to shed some blood?"
It’s a postpartum hemorrhage that killed her. That’s really fatal!
Your ink shadow was also scared by this girl’s words, but at this moment, he can’t afford to spare time to blame someone who is obsessed with a phoenix.
"Huang Huang Huang is an emperor this time! The emperor is the emperor … it’s a little emperor! "
Holding the second child, the steady woman was so excited that she couldn’t even say clearly. I don’t know whether she was glad that her life was saved or the twins were excited.
This master is so lucky that he can give birth to two children safely even though he was born prematurely!
Not only that, these two children are still twins of a man and a woman!
I don’t know what I’ve accumulated, but I’m looking forward to a generation of blessings in other people’s homes, so I can easily fall into this kingpin’s imperial pet, imperial concubine and twins.
"Shallow imperial concubine fainted?" Jun Mo Ying grabbed Feng’s shallow hands and frowned and asked.
"Empress Huang may be too tired. It’s normal to sleep for a while just after giving birth to two children." Steady woman comforted.
As she said these words, her eyes suddenly caught the emperor’s hand.
Leng a breath in a gasp.
Hey, this hand …
At first, the shallow imperial concubine refused to bite the emperor’s hand, but later, when the child was in extreme pain, she still couldn’t resist biting her lip again. Where did the emperor have the heart to break the shallow imperial concubine’s mouth and pass her hand quickly?
That bite even hurt her as a bystander. It really hurts!
Can the emperor leng didn’t say a word in a row without frowning at the bed guy is full of pity. 653. 653 By your mother.
"Emperor, do you want to bandage this hand?"
"It doesn’t matter. I’ll accompany you out here first."
Get out first?
For a moment, the steady women around me also misheard themselves. After they looked up and looked at each other, the sight fell again. The emperor kept a tight face and watched the bedside scene. Finally, it was confirmed that there was something wrong with his ears.
But where is this?
The emperors, princesses, fathers and emperors didn’t even look at them. There was a man in their eyes from beginning to end.
"Emperor, you …" Take a few steps in front of the little emperor’s steady woman. "Do you want to see the little emperor?"
Jun Moying’s attention at this moment is over, and then she "grace" by frowning at the smell speech of Zhongfeng Shallow Body.
However, when the steady woman smiled and handed the child over, he slightly tilted his head and glanced at his brow here. However, he soon turned back and ordered, "Take the child out, let Dongyang and Li Detong take care of others, tell them that they are safe and let them all go home."
Steady woman stayed here for a long time. At least this is also a big emperor’s hug! The emperor just ignored it?
Is it really your own …
Sighed and glanced at the two inseparable for half an hour, especially when the emperor was only gentle and steady to the shallow imperial concubine. It seems that some people have come here for nothing. It’s all because of your mother. Now it seems that it’s expensive to come out with your mother.
She waved her hand to let the left servant girl do a simple cleaning for Feng Shao here, and then let everyone quit.
When the door opened, the people waiting outside got up from their chairs one by one.
The queen is very nervous, Li Fei and Li Fei are very nervous, and Liu Yi and the queen mother …
Everyone looks unexpectedly consistent, perhaps the only exception is graceful, indeed with concern.
Li Fei and others knew that dystocia was over when they heard the baby crying loudly, but they were angry, anxious and puzzled, but they didn’t dare to show it too clearly at the moment.
Holding the child out first is a stable woman’s hand just holding the girl queen hurriedly to meet "how? How’s the baby? Can adults be well? "