Chicken shallow move paused suddenly pursed mouth force rubbed two "you still continue to wonder what she told me! Jun Moying, I am telling you seriously that I am going to complain! "

Men can’t help laughing. "Come on."
This little thing was just contemptuous, but now it’s time to tell him, isn’t it?
However, the thought that she did this because she didn’t play tricks on him and conspired, and there was a smile flowing faintly in the dark pupil.
He likes her cleverness and her openness.
Phoenix shallow suddenly turned around and almost didn’t hit the man’s forehead. Fortunately, Jun Moying’s reaction quickly retreated a little, otherwise this little thing would cry out for pain again later!
"I’m telling you!" She grabbed his arm with a look of indignation and indignation. "She dares to say that she is your bosom friend. appreciate each other also says that she can’t help herself with you!"
Such an ambiguous word
I’m afraid other women will feel uncomfortable after listening to it. Where can they tell men so heartlessly?
Your ink shadow hook lip look only lasted for a moment, and was immediately taken by the phoenix shallow with a tiger face and a face of discontentedly staring at him. "Do you still dare to laugh? Are you very upset to hear her say that? "
Laugh like a flower!
The man pinched his lips and pointed his long fingers at her nose and gave her a spoiled look. "Would you like to laugh at you?"
"What’s so funny about me!" Phoenix shallow don’t face suddenly seems to think of something like biting his lip and hating. "That woman is really hateful. It’s probably not enough to stimulate me. How dare you say that she won’t rob you with me?" Damn it, who is she to rob me? Aunt has nothing to do but listen to her for a few words. She really thinks of herself as an onion! "
Jun Mo Ying’s face turned black, and he didn’t listen to her swearing for so long that he was "reunited after a long separation" again.
It seems that although the little thing said it was not angry, the woman’s words at that time really succeeded in getting her angry.
"If you look angry, don’t look at it, okay?" He gently coaxed her into his arms.
Eye, a slight overflow, a few unseen feelings of distress and pity, gently like soothing "I’ll … I won’t send her back to Xiqueen today?"
Phoenix shallow a listen to immediately "ah" a surprised to see chapter 1347 1347 don’t want to let you suffer a little injustice.
Phoenix shallow a listen to immediately "ah" a surprised to see him.
"Don’t ….." She blinked some koo to see the beam clear eyes wandering with a touch. "Are you kidding me? Am I the kind of person who does things by halves? Since she was let into the palace in the first place, I don’t know how she can let her go back so simply? "
How can she make up her mind to be him if she hasn’t finished it?
Although she is not competent enough, she still has to do her best to clear all the obstacles around her so that she can safely …
"But …" I don’t want you to be wronged at all.
When I had to say something in the future, I was pressed against my lips by Feng’s shallow hand. She withdrew from his arms with a little coolness, and her white fingers stuck to his meager lips.
She smiled. "I know what you want to say, but I don’t feel wronged. Anyway, I have nothing to do in the palace every day, so I might as well have some fun with you. You don’t like her, and I know you don’t like her …"
No matter how simple and special that woman’s face is in his heart, it can’t change the fact that it’s not his mother’s person after all, and he won’t like that woman just because it looks like a face.
Think about the Oedipus complex. It shouldn’t happen to this man, should it?
Chicken shallow corners of the mouth twitched a.
"But you are angry with her." The man suddenly interrupted her thoughts with heavy breathing.
He stared at her eyes deeply and sketched her cheeks gently. Suddenly, she approached her, and her warm breath followed closely. "It will happen more than once if she wants to return to the palace."
Of course not once.
When listening to that woman just now, Feng Shao admitted that she was really angry.
She knows very well that everything is a play between her and Jun Moying, but when listening to that woman say that in such a natural tone, even if her heart is 100% new, she can’t help but burst into anger.
That slap is a deliberate lesson, a deliberate temptation and a legal control.
Law control just doesn’t need to be controlled. Her hands are heavy, and the beater’s heart is burning and painful. You can imagine how painful it is to slap the woman’s face, but she wants to say that she deserves it!
Phoenix shallow eyebrows slightly gathered the folding of the folding of the eyes, lips rolled up with a gentle smile. Compared with her coquetry appearance, she was like a different person.
She moved the tip of her nose slightly, almost sticking to the man’s nose. "I won’t lie to you, but I’m really angry, but there are some things that must be clarified in an instant. Don’t you want to know what the purpose is for her to come to Donglan?" Why does she have a face like that? It’s definitely not a coincidence that you have the same face, and you know it very well, don’t you? "
Your ink shadow Cu frowned low call "shallow …"
"Well, if I had known, I wouldn’t have told you these things! Look at what you are nervous about. "She teased with a smile.
"Don’t worry, I am so powerful, can’t I take care of myself?"
The man’s meager lips took a slight sip and sneered at her with disgust. "If I could take care of myself, I wouldn’t get sick often."