Zhang Hua left the Drunken Smoke Pavilion alone at night, but this time, except Yang Wanting, Shuai Ge knew that his roommate was mysterious and powerful, and he was a descendant of Zhang Tao’s adult. Although Sun didn’t know where he went every night, they knew that Zhang Hua would get stronger every time he came back.

Zhang Hua, on the edge of the gate of Haoran University, waited for a touch of beautiful image in the dark, and soon a familiar beautiful image appeared in front of him. "Brother Zhang Hua" is Zhang Hua’s heart.
"Hanxiang walks away, Zhang Huage takes you to meet someone." Seeing Zhang Hua’s mysterious Hanxiang can’t help but feel curious.
Two people holding hands with Han Xiang’s soft jade are like the moon and the stars in the night, which seem indispensable to each other, otherwise it will not be possible to perfect the universe. Zhang Tao is naturally the old place waiting for his disciples to see Han Xiang coming, and Zhang Tao’s face appeared a smile.
It seems that Zhang Hua is determined. "Who is he?" Although Zhang Hua is not afraid of Han Xiang, her eyes are full of curiosity. "He is my teacher and your teacher." Zhang Hua smiled.
Although the two guesses have not yet determined anything, Zhang Hua’s heart and Han Xiang have long been indistinguishable from each other. Only when Zhang Hua explained Han Xiang did she know that Zhang Hua was reborn as the teacher in front of her, and she naturally respectfully called one.
Zhang Tao took out a gift with a big smile. This was a good thing in the temple of the universe in those days. It was a woman’s armor and incense. Even if she met a saint, she could save her life.
See Han Xiang crossed and wore armor. Zhang Tao was satisfied with the original mood when Kung Fu saw Wang Duyun and them? After the transformation, Zhang Tao’s mood rose again. "Teacher Hua is going to tell her."
Han Xiang heard Zhang Tao’s words and put her eyes on Zhang Huashen. Zhang Hua spoke Zhang Tao’s idea. Han Xiang listened to it without any resentment, but she was eager. "Really? Han Xiang has long wanted to try it. "Zhang Hua is a little surprised. It seems that he still doesn’t understand this childhood sweetheart in many places.
"Don’t worry, the teacher will help her." Zhang Tao said with a smile.
What can Zhang Hua say when he hears Zhang Tao dialect? He nodded heavily and then said, "Hanxiang, I have to tell you a secret. After hearing this secret, you must make sure that you will swallow everything you hear and see and not tell."
Seeing Zhang Hua’s serious expression, Han Xiang nodded his head. "My master’s name is Zhang Tao."
The meaning of these two words will soon be explained slowly in the surprise of Han Xiang, and then Zhang Hua will enter the Mixuta to practice and absorb the cold of heaven and earth, and then set out to find another cold of heaven and earth.
Knowing Zhang Tao’s identity when entering Misuta makes Hanxiang a little floating tonight. It seems that her fate and cognition have been changed instantly, but Zhang Hua has one tonight.
The cold snow sword is still frosty and foggy. Zhang Tao gently brushed the blade. "The sword is a good sword, but it is not suitable for you. You need to build a weapon that belongs to you." Say that finish, see Zhang Taoshuang pointing to a little cold snow sword and break it! Even with the protection of the cold of heaven and earth, it is hard to resist Zhang Tao’s finger force to "give me out". Zhang Tao’s eyes coagulated and suddenly a small silver-white ball with wings flew out. Not only that, it actually wanted to escape.
Zhang Tao cold drink a "want to go?" See the right index finger a recruit immediately this ball.
Chapter 94 Ice wing cross
In fact, this kind of silver ball with little wings is a kind of ice wing that Zhang Tao doesn’t have. It is a kind of special world cold that can make an ordinary person have the ability to fly, and the flying speed of people with this kind of world cold is very fast
Even if Zhang Huafa flies for a long time now, this kind of cold weather is enough to make Zhang Hua’s combat capability more diverse, and it will also make it much more convenient for him to find another kind of cold weather in the future.
Zhang Tao’s induction to this kind of cold heaven and earth is definitely stronger than anyone else, because Zhang Tao prepared the cold heaven and earth for Zhang Hua, and Zhang Tao created the sunflower water crystal himself!
With Zhang Tao’s help, Zhang Hua’s process of absorbing the cold of heaven and earth is very smooth, but the ice wing seems to have a certain spiritual wisdom and great strength.
Maybe his strength progress will far exceed his imagination. Maybe it took a total of seven days. Zhang Hua’s body is full of silver brilliance. Yu Hanxiang woke up several times in the middle. Zhang Tao taught her that it is not so easy to build a huge force. Of course, it is not so easy to make a place for herself now [
Zhang Tao can’t do nothing, or plan to let the Nine Heaven Temple and the extinct building secretly help, and let Han Xiang build confidence and gain a foothold in the dark.
"The fluctuation is getting bigger and bigger. It seems that he is going to succeed." Zhang Tao looked at Zhang Hua’s silver body and said.
This kind of brilliance suddenly increases like a mimosa in nature, but instantly shrinks, as if a silver light egg is expanding and contracting.
Suddenly, a pair of wings flashing with silver light rushed out of Zhang Hua’s face along Zhang Hua’s back, and it seemed a little painful. It seemed that he was reborn from the fire and was experiencing the pain of washing marrow and cutting bone.
Silver wings are not like animals, but feathers are like ice crystals with metallic luster. Scales Zhang Hua has not opened his eyes yet, but his body is getting higher and higher with the wings, and his body is bending as if he wanted to stretch his wings completely.
"ah!" Zhang Hua suddenly let out a cry like pain, like liberation. The face was full of worries, but Zhang Tao said cheerfully, "It seems to be a success." When the second kind of cold is absorbed, the change will have a leap feeling.
In those days, I absorbed the extremely ice-free spring, and my strength rose by more than a week. I don’t know how much his strength will rise after Zhang Hua absorbs the sunflower water crystal, and I don’t know how he will set off a storm when he returns to Haoran University.
However, Zhang Tao knew that maybe his future as a disciple was not his own to be bound, because his fate and future were not yet certain. Zhang Tao thought of his future and the eyes of men in black became a little deep, and the effect of self-cultivation for many years was magical. Maybe it was time for him to go back.
Zhang Hua, whose feet fall to the ground, hasn’t increased her eyes and looked at the floating clouds on the ground of Mixuta Tower. Zhang Huacai slowly raised his head and was the first to rush to Zhang Hua’s arms. She just heard Zhang Hua calling out that she was worried.
"It’s okay," Zhang Hua’s eyes flashed a light and gently patted Han Xiang’s back. He looked at Zhang Tao with gratitude. Zhang Tao smiled. "This kind of cold ice wing in heaven and earth makes you have the ability to fly, but you have to go to the Holy One to have the ability."
It is a very short time for a celestial being to fly, and only when he enters the ranks of saints can he fly for a long time. However, Zhang Hua, who has such a cold world, has broken this routine, and he can fly directly in the sky without pressure.
"Thank you, Master." Zhang Hua was very happy that although he was in a chaotic state when he absorbed it, he could still clearly feel the changes in his body. "Don’t be too busy thanking you. Try to see the changes brought by the cold of heaven and earth and stabilize your present state. I believe you have found it, too?" Zhang Tao said.
Zhang Hua nodded heavily, and now he has two bodies and three flowers. He needs to add a fire, and he can step into the last head. The three flowers gather at the top of the strong, and the world is cold, so that he can rise two levels. Not only that, but also the distance from the innate peak is quite close.
"Zhang Huage can take you soaring after smelling incense," Zhang Huage said lightly.
Hanxiang didn’t say anything. She didn’t care what Zhang Huake gave her to make Zhang Hua stronger. She felt more caring and happy. It seemed that everything was born of Zhang Hua.
Misu Tower is definitely a perfect training ground. Although it absorbs the cold of heaven and earth, it still needs more practice if you want to master the flight trajectory and have flexibility. Although the control is very convenient, Zhang Hua is very uncomfortable and almost hit the ground several times, but it also surprises Zhang Hua because the flight speed is so fast.
Misuta jet lag has given Zhang Hua enough time to practice, but Zhang Hua has changed a lot in just one night. If others know about this change, they will surely turn red-eyed immediately. Zhang Tao did not have such treatment in those days.
Now both Zhang Hua and Han Xiang have found new goals, and there is an envy in their eyes.
Yang Wanting looked at Zhang Hua and Han Xiang through the drunken pavilion with a faint bitterness in her beautiful eyes, but was soon suppressed by her, and there was a radian in her beautiful mouth, and I didn’t know what she was laughing at [
"If not, it’s really shocking that this little girl goes out every night and the strength of Zhang Tao’s special training is improved." Yu Songtian and three elders also observed Zhang Hua at Haoran University.
"It’s incredible that it’s just ten days from the birth of a master to the present three flowers gathering at the top," said an elder in amazement.
"However, the elder Zhang Tao is a strange founder, and his apprentice will naturally not be inferior." Although Zhang Tao is detached, he is still a noble scholar, which is also the design result of Dong Dao.
The news of the victory or defeat of Breaking Bad and Zhang Hua has spread like wildfire. Soon, what kind of person Zhang Hua is has also been investigated clearly. At the beginning, like Breaking Bad, he put his foot in the congenital environment, and Yan Tian defeated the potential and never again broke bad. The tiger sent people to move naturally.
"Brown bone, please ask Zhang Tao to come over. As a genius, your status is enough. Don’t be taken away by the Dragon School," Zhou Long said.