Su Ling still held the man’s wrist and raised his eyebrows, watching him move his lips and hook up a little smile. He turned around and cleverly escaped his offensive.

In the sandwiched crowd, Su Ling’s mutual restraint and competition with the other party succeeded in causing the people around her to avoid and note and hide from the male offensive moment. When Su Ling was about to backhand, she suddenly found that there was a flash of cunning in the eyes of the opposite male.
Su Ling had a bad heart and was about to let go and stay away from it, but it was too late.
The male corner saw that the palace princess’s chariot was close at hand. In that moment, the male flying hand threw out two silver needles. When Su Ling turned to avoid it, her heart breathed. I didn’t know where to stretch out one hand and pushed Su Ling out of the crowd. In an instant, the street was cleared, and a woman in a plain long dress suddenly jumped out of the crowd and just hit the side of the chariot.
"What person? Protect the princess! "
Guards and officers and men were instantly on alert because of Su Ling’s sudden appearance. More than a dozen halberds were quietly aimed at her small body, and every face seemed to hate it.
"Bold fanatics dare to collide with the princess? !”
This carriage Su Ling was surrounded by guards, and Bi Rao just ran out of the crowd at this time, with her face still in shock and panic. When she saw Su Ling being confronted by the guard Ji, she suddenly shouted, "How dare you? This is Princess Dust!"
Do you still want to talk? Su Ling looks askance at the blue eyes and clouds are gathering!
"Bi Rao goes back to the house!"
Su Ling has never spoken to Bi Rao in such a cold tone. Because Bi Rao was held hostage before, she was preoccupied with her own young lady, only to see that she couldn’t help but feel wronged and froze in place.
"Wait!" Suddenly, the person in the chariot slowly put on the veil-Zhang Ersan burned the smoke!
All of a sudden, the person in the chariot called for a crisp mouth, and then the white jade finger slowly embroidered the gauze curtain, a stone red embroidered chiba Haitang Palace, and a flowing cloud bun on the forehead, with two gold steps, and a red pendant swinging from the top of the head to make picturesque eyes. It was indeed a beautiful day. Every move of a female in the palace was just right and pleasant.
Burn smoke son strolled out of the chariot, and the streets of the large capital were full of kneeling spectators. Burn smoke son glanced at the street with disdain and then stepped on the back of the eunuch who drove the car.
"You said she was Princess Dust?"
Burn smoke son before Bi Rao posture revealed bossing along Bi Rao eyes like staring at Su Ling with suspicion.
Su Ling’s dress at this time is simpler than that of burning smoke. More smoke, sand, white flowers and skirts make public. Bai Xi’s face powder is not as beautiful as natural carving and water-blowing hibiscus. Even at this time, she is hanging down, but she is not humble. Her temperament is comfortable and cold. She doesn’t seem to see the smoke.
Bi Rao looked at Su Ling for a moment and suddenly heard the question of Huang Yaner before suddenly groveling and saying, "Reporting back to Princess Princess is Princess Dust!"
Su Ling’s brow wrinkled her eyes lightly, and her face became even colder when she knelt down to Bi Rao. She slowly lifted her eyelids and looked at the burning cigarette son, supercilious and supercilious, looking straight without a compromise.
Huang Yaner despised her eyes and stared at her from Bi Rao’s side. She found that Su Ling’s eyes were straightforward, unlike others who met themselves. Huang Yaner’s eyes were dark. "It turned out that Huang Sao went out of the palace before the palace, but I heard that my brother married a princess, but I didn’t expect this scene to meet today. It really opened the eyes of the palace!"
Burning smoke son’s words made people look at the drama from the side and cast their eyes on Su Ling. It turned out that she turned out to be Princess Dust. Isn’t that Su Xiang’s favorite baby daughter? !
When Su Ling Yu Guang found out that the men who confronted her before disappeared from the street, she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows and hooking Gherardini waves. "The princess didn’t expect the princess to be so loved by the people. Not only did the guards clear the road, but even the whole street people bowed down to you. What a big princess rack!"
If she doesn’t recognize the irony in the tone of Huang Yaner, she thinks it’s the first time to meet her, but she sneers at herself in public if Su Ling doesn’t return it, that’s too inappropriate!
Burn smoke son’s face suddenly changed slightly picky and squint at the bottom of the dark mountain with sharp and disdain covering his lip angle and smiled lightly. He immediately turned around and walked to the chariot, but his words were not as friendly as that. "Huang Sao should know the truth of ranking! Since it was just that Huang Sao accidentally collided with the palace, that’s all. Another day, the palace will definitely visit Wangfu! Huang Sao, let’s talk about it another day! "
Su Ling stepped on the back of the little eunuch again with a burning cigarette. In her beautiful eyes, she disdained pie pie and noticed that the hidden danger around her had disappeared. Su Ling immediately seized Bi Rao’s collar and said, "There are too many monsters in the street. Go home quickly!" Chapter 24 Do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder? !
Ten rows of gold-plated ingot vermilion gates are arranged in an orderly manner, and the heads of gold shops are also shining with harsh light in the afternoon sun.
When Su Ling and Bi Rao went all the way back to Wangfu, they saw the housekeeper of Wangfu looking outside with anxiety. When they saw Su Lingfu running the steps instantly, "Princess Wang, please welcome!"
Smell speech Su Ling eyes color sank slightly thought of burn assumed the dust even before she came back pale smile look the same "lead the way! Bi Rao, go back to your room first! "
"Princess, please come here!"
Uncle Bao’s attitude towards Su Ling is not very respectful, but he is less polite than others in Wangfu. He is in his fifties and still looks very strong.
Soon uncle Bao took Su Ling to the Wangfu main hall and said, "The princess report has been waiting for a long time! Go in quickly! "
Su Ling’s cheek smiled indifferently at Uncle Bao, then pushed the door and pushed it in without thinking.
"Where have you been?"
Su Ling’s palm closed slowly as the sun poured down, and Su Ling saw the main theme of the main hall for the first time. The gloomy eyes were not blinking at his own words, but they were also chilling.