"You, who are you?" She has been completely panicked, and the situation is too sudden. She has carefully kept the secret for many years, and now one insider after another appears, and she is frightened.

"She’s my mom, little mom," Yang said with a smile.
"I heard" Bai Jingjing nodded at Yang Ye and turned to "Your name is?"
Long stare big eyes and nodded blankly in horror.
"I have also studied witchcraft." Bai Jingjing smiled softly. "We are colleagues."
"You, you …" She was at a loss. She didn’t know what day it was today, but these two people in front of her made her feel like she was here.
"How can you learn witchcraft?" Bai Jingjing asked.
In front of her, this kind woman seemed to be magical and made her feel a little quieter and less flustered, so she said hesitantly, "I … my father is an airline … I can often fly everywhere … and then I accidentally got a … I am curious … I …"
"It’s dangerous to learn witchcraft, do you know?" Bai Jingjing’s expression is serious. "It will hurt you."
"I, I’m not afraid! Because I want revenge, I must take revenge! " Say the eyes suddenly fierce.
"Revenge? Who takes revenge? Who are you looking for revenge? " Bai Jingjing left no room for questioning.
I looked at Yang Ye Bai Jingjing Ma Bai’s eyes and motioned Yang Ye Li Yang Ye Nai shook his head and muttered, "I want to help her, too." He turned and left the room.
Yang night his room waited for more than half an hour, and Bai Jingjing came in with her eyes red after she had just cried.
After two people sit down, Bai Jingjing asks if she has seen anything, so Bai Jingjing tells Yang Night about what she heard from Gao Zhanren and her mother about learning witchcraft.
"This heartless thing!" Yang night after listening to gas vigorously took a front to tea table didn’t pay attention to control the strength of the pure wooden tea table was suddenly taken apart.
She was stunned on the spot. Bai Jingjing had seen Yang Ye’s fierce look. "Do you want to scare people to death?"
"I’m sorry I’m so angry!" Yang night talking and gnashing her teeth "how can the world have such a father? How can there be such a person! "
I heard that Yang Ye said this, and she shed tears. These tears are sad, but more excited and grateful. She felt that Yang Ye spoke her mind at this moment, and this Bai Jingjing was her bosom friend.
"Don’t cry," said Yang Ye, trying to persuade her face but still expressing angrily.
"You don’t have to learn witchcraft to get back at your father. I’ll help you! I want this old beast to taste exactly the same! No! Let him pay ten times! "
He excitedly called a "young gentleman …"
"Don’t you call me Yang Ye. Oh, no, you call me Big Brother." Yang Ye took a long breath and smiled slightly. "My brother likes you very much. When he returns to normal, you should contact him more. It’s simple, but he is really nice. You should call me Big Brother just like Yang Xu when you get married."
I was stunned by Yang Ye for a long time, and I turned my head to one side. "You still have the conditions to help me, right?"
"No, no! Freedom of love! " Yang night hurriedly motioning with his hand, "I said let you contact yourself, and then you made my brother so crazy. Of course, you have to be responsible for taking care of him before he recovers." Yang night talked with a smile in his heart and robbed him in troubled waters.
I didn’t speak. I was silent for a while. I thought Yang Ye said it made sense and nodded my head.
Bai Jingjing mercilessly stared at Yang night.
Yang night smiled and turned to "I’m going to do that for your father …"
After growing up, Yang night sighed and looked at Bai Jingjing and kept shaking his head. "Mom, you are really amazing. You can let this growing up finish your letter in such a short time."
Bai Jingjing smiled. "Yang Ye, you should know that everyone needs a trusted friend. Everyone has to talk and vent, and if you master this person’s psychology and know what she is crying and laughing, it will be easy to communicate and become friends."
Yang night shook his head, "I can’t, mom. Now I know what my father likes about you. You are a talented woman! I can’t offend you after knowing witchcraft and psychology! "
"Ha ha Yang Ye, you call me little mom. I really feel very comfortable in my heart. I really hope that our relationship will always be so good. I hope that you can take me as your trust." Bai Jingjing suddenly sighed with emotion.
"Why are you here?" Yang Ye stared with exaggeration. "Don’t worry, my little mother is a little mother, but I’m the only one you are, right?"
Bai Jingjing smiled and bowed his head, his eyes were unclear, and his expression suddenly lost.
Over there, I went back to the banquet hall and sat down beside Gao Zhanren without saying a word.
Gao Zhanren saw her daughter’s eyes red, apparently crying. Her daughter was bullied by Mr. Yang. She was so happy that she quickly took the hand and asked, "What happened? You and young gentleman "
I didn’t speak and nodded, and my eyes were wet again.
When Gao Zhanren saw his daughter like this, he guessed that she must have been raped! I was so upset that I hurried to give a comforting word to the food. "Nothing, nothing, normal, very good, very good, very good, hahahaha."