Of course, Huang Yin-li’s abnormal attitude will not only make people suspect that he has fallen in love with the sunrise!

She is the innate superiority of Princess Qingda, which makes her feel that there are some ways to bear Huang Yin-li and put too much attention on other women!
At this moment, I have already had a bad feeling for my grandson! But good upbringing makes her not easy to show it!
Su Ling’s attitude and behavior towards Huang Yin-li also had a faint ripple in her heart, saying that she didn’t feel anything. She suddenly had a strange impulse as if to tear up Huang Yin-li’s disguise!
She thinks she is accurate in judging people, and her understanding is limited. She knows that Bai Huang Yin Li is unlikely to like her grandson, but it happened that he is acting like this now!
"She is miss Xiaohong, Shangjia 2 grandchild! But I forgot to introduce you. This is the princess of Qingguo. You should have seen her! " Burn assumed the glass says, eyes full of soft light looking at grandchildren.
Even the appellation is quite direct doubt! In the end, what medicine is sold in the gourd? Anyway, Su Ling can’t figure it out!
I can’t help but turn my attention to my side to burn my old body, only to see that he is also a light frowning knife-shaped eyebrows, and I don’t know what to think.
It seems that Huang Yin-li did a lot of amazing things tonight, otherwise Huang Lao’s silence and composure wouldn’t be so obvious!
"It turned out that it was Miss Shangjiaer from the Ministry of Industry … it shouldn’t be out!" Thanks to the sunrise, the attitude is a little sharp and stinging. Don’t look at each other, it will really make people feel quite beautiful!
Just as the grandson’s pale face and constant blinking at the moment show her embarrassment and embarrassment!
On the sunrise with a smile on her cheeks, there is a hidden cold light staring at her grandson. If her words are for Su Ling at this time, it will surely cause a storm again.
But if it were a grandchild’s words, everyone’s expression would be indifferent. Even Su Yu and Su Ao sitting opposite each other clinked glasses and drank!
"oh! There is no difference in giving birth to an illegitimate daughter! The child is very simple. Don’t be surprised by the princess! " Burn three-dimensional glass cavity immediately let the situation in the scene once again reversed!
Grandson feels pale at this time, but because of the burning of the glass mouth, she has added a blush to her pale face, and Woo Sunrise has changed her look!
This inexplicable dinner table can almost be called the most noble place in the state of Qi and Chu, but Su Ling has some regrets now that so many things have happened just now, and she should not be involved in it!
If you don’t say thank you for the sunrise, you still have a high education. Even if you burn the glass, her self-esteem has been strongly impacted, but in the face of so many sights, she will eventually crush her heart.
There are some things that don’t need to be searched in front of people. She knows the identity of Huang Yin-li, but since she can condescend to come and kiss her, just sit firmly on the throne of Toffee.
She is bound to get this!
"Oh what you say! So many delicious dishes, let’s eat them quickly. It won’t be good if it gets cold for a while! Jinse, try this! " Finally, the stagnant atmosphere in Huang Yinji’s heartless teasing was cracked for a moment!
And he also smiled at Hector even Jinse!
However, careful observation in his seemingly ill smile may reveal a touch of injury in the depths of his eyes! Because the meaning expressed by Jinse just now is very obvious!
It’s true that she likes third brother!
"Have some of this!" When Su Ling was still immersed in some inexplicable emotions, she whispered a very gentle line around her ear.
Then I saw some fragrant dishes in her bowl!
Is it too late to be nice now? !
Su Lingfeng looked at the dishes in the bowl with her eyes flowing finely. She froze for a moment, but her lips were slightly torn, but she didn’t say anything. She just tasted them with chopsticks, but it was clear to the eye that she was eating delicious food at will, but she didn’t move the dishes given to her by the burning dust!
At half pay, many people obscure their sight. Su Ling feels that this meal is unpalatable. Simply put chopsticks on it, wipe the corners of her mouth gracefully, and taste it with a glass!
It’s great to get fucking drunk!
"Drink less!" Abruptly, when Su Ling sat beside her for the fifth cup of wine, the old man was finally not calm!
I couldn’t help saying something, and at the same time, I directly took the glass in her hand and changed hands, and handed her a cup of green tea. Everything was as smooth as flowing water!
Seeing that her only wine glass was taken away, Su Ling’s little eyebrows were almost frowning. She couldn’t help but stare at the round phoenix eyes and said, "Give it to me!"
"Stop that now! Have some tea! " It is self-evident that Huang Yin’s dust is strong and overbearing to Su Ling, but at the moment Su Ling’s face shows resistance but I don’t know how much it makes someone hate!
What she disdains is that many women dream of it!
But this is the gap!
WenSu Ling half reimbursement until she and burn three-dimensional dust line of sight intersection and generate sparks when her temper was suddenly a quarter of an hour on the bowl chopsticks tinkling sound Su Ling mercilessly took a console table strength Dalian her palm is instantaneous scarlet!
"I don’t care if I burn the third child!"
Su Ling has a hot temper, but most people really don’t know that because of her habit of hiding her true temperament, she never lets others see her mood clearly.
But tonight is an exception!
And it is precisely because of tonight that she will understand that her friendship with Lao Huang is probably more than she imagined! Not good!
On the one hand, she lost her temper because she didn’t want to let each other get caught up in it again. Since Hector even Jinse is so important to burn old three, is it necessary to pester her?
Huang Yaner said that she might not be the only woman in Huang Lao’s life, so could she not turn away when she was in deep trouble?
"The king is in charge!"