However, after Kunpeng’s messenger finished that sentence, he disdained pie pie and then stood still without saying a word. Obviously, Kunpeng’s messenger didn’t pay attention to this promise just now.

When Kunpeng’s messenger saw Xiao, he was so anxious that he once again said, "Please let me know what Master Yan wants!"
At this time, the mysterious turtle in the demon master’s hand obviously recovered from the shock of a hole in the underworld, and hurriedly said, "What Master Yan wants, we can also promise to invite the master to go to the demon master’s mansion!"
Kun Peng glared at the man with great anger and said, "What do you mean!"
Xuangui didn’t hear him raise his head proudly and say, "What can I mean? Do you think that the theory of magic respecting adults is a generous condition that our Lord can’t take out?"
Kun Peng is even more angry. "You are provocative!"
"I …" Xuan Gui wanted to continue talking, but when he saw Xiao Guang waving his hand, he quickly turned the tables and respectfully asked Xiao, "Master Yan has the conditions but says it’s ok!"
Small shook his head and said, "I don’t agree to your conditions."
Xuan Gui and Kun Peng were suddenly startled. "What?"
Master Yan shook his two fingers slightly and said leisurely, "You can’t give me what I want. I don’t want you to say what I’m going to do?"
"Do you want something?" Kun Peng wondered, "What people in the underworld want is not power potential and wealth. Is it true that what the master wants is a refining device?"
Small slightly shook his head, "jade pot ready to go"
"Master, don’t do this." Xuan Gui was about to cry. "Tell me what you want. How will we know if you don’t tell me?"
Without saying a word, the little man lifts his leg and walks out the door.
Behind him, Lao Chi stared at the black man without blinking. He was seeing the black man slowly get up, raised his hands and grabbed the top of the black robe as if he wanted to lift the robe.
The hand is crystal clear as jade, slender and slender, and the shape is perfect. Even the simple action of raising her hand exudes an unparalleled rhythmic beauty. This black robe must be an unimaginable super beauty!
Now this beautiful woman has got up, and her lips are open and her teeth are white, and her voice is as clear as a silver bell. "Master Yan, please stay."
This sound is so beautiful that it is as small as eating seventeen ginseng fruits, and a tingle quickly turns around and looks forward.
The jade hand gently pulled the black robe off the whole hall, which seemed to give birth to light. A pretty girl who was hard to describe and draw was standing there. She looked like she was only ten years old, but Joan’s nose and mouth were full of charm.
Small took a deep breath and couldn’t help quietly comparing a number of beautiful women I have seen. There was a day when Xiao Su Aidi, a demon, was slightly better than this woman.
He secretly rummaged through it and suddenly he was overjoyed. "It’s really hard work that pays off!"
Xuangui and Kunpeng are knowledgeable people. When they saw this woman’s neat body shaking and glancing at each other, they once again had a tacit understanding and bowed down and said, "Meet Miss Yu Ge!"
Miss Yu Ge?
The inferno head question mark is a bigger than a!
Old red gasped, and a name flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help but exclaim, "Miss Yuge Berg turned out to be Miss Yuge Berg, the fourth lady of the Berg family!"
Jade pot and shadow glances couldn’t help laughing at the same time.
The little performance was quite in place. His ugly face covered with scars immediately crowded together, revealing a smile that was even uglier than crying. "It turned out that it was a great honor for Miss Yu Ge to come to me. It was a great honor!"
Some demons have been keenly aware that the genius alchemist who has always called himself "man", "old" and "master" now calls himself "me"
What’s more, the magic teacher’s eyes are bare, but they are not murderous, but greedy, just like the eagle stream flirting with the jade fox three days ago. Master Yan’s eyes are purely a hungry wolf, as if trying to swallow the beautiful woman in front of him.
Kunpeng and Xuangui are both feeling a thump in their hearts at the same time. I can’t help but look at you. I look at you and quietly sigh and say that you want us to give it to you. Don’t be so distracted for a long time. It’s just a philanderer.
But two people look at Miss Rain Song to deter the inferno jade, but Qi Qi sighed and thought that it is also true that Miss Rain Song looks like an inferno woman, not to mention that we can’t find it, so it is difficult for my master to find one.
At this thought, they are too lazy to say a word, and they are waiting for the theatre quietly.
Miss Yu Ge, far away from Xiaofu, gently lifted her lips and said, "It’s a great sight to see Master Yan just now. My daughter is really admirable!"
"Where where!" Small red face waving, although his mouth is very light, but others can see that his compliment to Miss Yu Ge is extremely popular.
Miss Rain Song smiled again, but she said directly, "My father is in urgent need of the help of Master Yan and other means. I wonder if the master can meet my father with my daughter now."
"Yes," Xiao nodded quickly. "I’m very idle."
Miss Yu Ge is probably a little startled. It’s too easy to agree. She thought about it and added, "Master means … start now?"
"Let’s go then." The master was resolute. "Miss Yu Ge, how about I invite you to sit with me and go back with me?"