And because many sects were born, various Daimon Masaru sects quickly formed several major forces with the embodiment of their strength. Among them, there were ten sects in the original right path, and the original evil spirits also formed many power alliances when they stayed.

However, it was the three alliances that attracted Tianchen’s attention, namely Longmen, Tianmen and Magic Gate.
Longmen is a joint organization, which is led by the state to form a sect alliance. No matter whether it is the original right way or the magic way, it is only necessary for the state to handle affairs. However, due to historical reasons, it is still the right way. This alliance also bears the responsibility of strangling some practitioners who are good or bad by practicing, which is equivalent to forming a dragon group in the government of the practice community and becoming the police department of the practice community.
Tianmen is also a joint organization, but a trading market is jointly conducted by all sects, and Tianmen market has been set up in major cities. At the same time, it also meets the needs of many people with more money and no place to put rich people. Those pills, magic weapons and materials can be bought and sold in Tianmen market.
The magic gate is an organization composed of magic and evil spirits invited by the government, but it is mainly to restrain modern magic and evil spirits to prevent disturbing people and some bad criminal incidents, but the binding force is the weakest among the three.
"You don’t look at so many fast one thousand people here. The real master will not exceed fifty people. He has either just reached the human level or bought a magic weapon for mortals! You know now, because of the advanced technology, even a novice practitioner can make the magic weapon "Fat Li" point out the moisture of all people, and at the same time, it is intended to comfort Tianchen’s jealous heart a little. Many of the original hundred swords are just beginners!
"Now the classification can be different from that of ten years ago. The former Dan master can be called the level of heaven. Now which Dan guy dares to call the level of heaven is definitely trying to die. Now the classification is Xuan Huang, heaven and earth, and everyone is the day after tomorrow. The level of heaven and earth is the first level of heaven and earth. The yellow level of then Avenue is the super master of Yuanshen Avenue. It seems that there are several sects who say that there are more than 300 masters of then Avenue in China as far as I know! It’s all a mobile explosive magazine! " Said the fat Li intentionally swept the eyes in the morning.
And the morning has already fallen to the ground, and my heart keeps shouting, "Is this world still alive?" If the elixir exceeds 300, won’t it be 10 thousand like me? " When I think about Dan now, I feel that I have lived to be a dog all these years.
"What do you think of that girl?" Fat Li Song shrugged his shoulders all morning, and his eyes signaled the younger sister who had eavesdropped on the conversation between the two brothers and sisters the previous morning.
I don’t know what fat Li means in the morning, and my brain quickly turned around and said, "Nice face and lively look at that figure and that skin … I just feel a little proud …"
"Hey hey don’t see the elder brothers are kindred spirits? That chick is more than proud? I am so proud. Do you know her identity? "
"What identity?" I want to know the identity of that beautiful pool every morning. Ma asked with a puzzled expression and an open mind.
"Tell you, don’t scare her. Shui Linglong is a famous business family in China, and people are the younger brothers of the Snow Mountain School. Do you know? That’s the first Sect born and the clan is a beauty! " Fat Li said that at the end of the morning, it seemed that there were traces of water on the corners of his mouth.
But instead, I felt strange in the morning and pointed to the brother who was flattering the exquisite water. "Then why did she have a brother who promised the man?"
Fat Li looked at the elder brother beside the exquisite eye. "What’s his brother’s nickname Simon Qingfeng? It’s a Simon family. The second ancestor worships the Tianshan Sect. Most of the girls are Tianshan Sect, but unlike the Xueshan Sect, they have also recruited a lot of boys. The Xueshan Sect and Tianshan Sect have always been friends, and they are often called brothers and younger brothers. But I don’t like this guy the most. The Tianshan Sect has learned a little fur and made trouble everywhere. I don’t know how many girls have been ruined in recent years. I dare not do it in his own Sect. I think he should get rid of the wind word and call him Ximen Qing directly … "
I was a little stunned in the morning. Although Fat Li let Morning know that he is a guy who likes to join in the fun and gossip, how can it feel like there is a great hatred when talking about Simon Qingfeng now?
See fat Li "hey hey" in the morning with a smile "Ha ha when the elder brothers you laughed, but then again, this water is exquisite and it would be even better if you put away that pride. Hey hey …"
In the morning, I looked down on Fat Li, a wolf, and changed other people’s names to Ximen Qing. But in the morning, it seems that this ya should also be changed to a colored pig!
After a situation, I asked cautiously in the morning, "What do you think they are all doing here? I’m just here and I’m not sure about the situation. Brother Li, please tell me! "
"It’s nothing. There was a mysterious divine light near Shennongjia more than a month ago, and then it was said that there were fairy wares unearthed. As you know, although most of our countries are martial arts practitioners, there are also many monks who don’t repair * *, and in ancient times, some monks appeared to prevent the lack of * * cultivation. In terms of some fairy wares, Artifact that can be really has the ability to destroy the sky. If we people in the science of uniting the world get this thing, we don’t say whether we can practice it into a fairy in the middle of the story, but this power is considerable. Unfortunately, there are too few monks in the refining device and there is no such material to refine it. Even a martial artist like us has to spend a lot of money to buy some elixirs to build a foundation in Tianmen market to cultivate high-light achievements. * The state’s methods of nourishing the qi are just sent to those ordinary people who are not sensible. "
"oh? Fairy? Don’t light * a who also don’t know what is divine light can be sure what is fairy? And what was the market that day? "
Chapter 46 Master on the ground
Chapter 46 Master on the ground
Fat Li was surprised to see the morning. "It’s a good thing you said you just climbed the mountain before, otherwise others would have to treat you like an idiot and didn’t even know about Tianmen market?" Well, I don’t know if the fairy is not fairy. Anyway, we don’t care about everything. Naturally, there are others to worry about. I also want to gather together for a lively talk. The Tianmen market is good. Since the birth of various sects in Guwu Daxing more than ten years ago, the practice world has gradually flourished, and many places have formed a relatively large trading market to exchange some, such as finding elixirs and practicing martial arts. What are the magic weapons? These trading markets are collectively referred to as Tianmen Market, and the sub-market and the outfield are divided into people who have built a foundation like us to reach the level of cultivation, but even ordinary people can go to the outfield, where everything is true and false. If you want good goods, you have to go to the field. At that time, when you first appeared, there were a lot of apprentices kneeling there every day! "
I nodded my head in the morning and finally learned some common sense. It seems that the outdated information more than ten years ago is really going to be eliminated in this era.
Just when I was chatting with Fat Li in the morning, thousands of people had gathered here. Suddenly there was a commotion in Little Square, and there were all kinds of noises.
It wasn’t until fat Li simply said that the day after tomorrow morning that I realized that it was a few sect leaders from the science of uniting the world.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Wan Qijun, the patriarch of Qingcheng Mountain Sword Sect." An old man wearing a Chinese tunic suit and full of silver hair introduced himself, and then introduced two people beside him, namely "Shaolin Buddhist Zen Master" and "Wudang Sect Head Yu Jishan"
I learned from Pang Li that the three sects are now the top ten sects in the field of cultivation, and the strength of these three elders has reached the level of breaking through the then avenue and achieving the Yuan Shen Avenue, but the strength of the land immortal stream is strong.
Seeing that everyone was slowly quiet, Wan Qijun nodded his head with satisfaction. "This time, I heard that there was a fairy unearthed in Shennongjia. Most of you must have come for this smell. I am in the same mood as you, but although the Chinese ancient martial arts Daxing cultivation community is booming, it is also a nuisance to gather in a big way like you. Why don’t you wait for the three of us to find my meager sensibilities for seven days and then disperse separately?"
After hearing this, the crowd became noisy again and said that everything was available, but looking at the three awesome old faces, it finally formed a meaning that they agreed to Wan Qijun’s words and looked for seven days, and then they left each other separately. According to Wan Qijun’s secret meaning, the state estimated that they had already greeted each other, and if they didn’t give face to face, they would have to come forward, but they were all brainy people. If you can’t see the meaning?
"Ah ~ ~ countries to the elder brothers after what are you going to do? If I am not mistaken, my buddy is also a master at the local level. If he is a master, I think he should find a small place to stay. Now there are thousands of sects in the country. It is really not easy to find a place with many people and no sects! "
Tianchen smiled and thanked her feelings. This fat man regarded Tianchen as a newly born sect. If it is so, it is also troublesome to listen to Pang Li’s meaning. Now this sect has occupied the Chinese market. It is really difficult to find a place, but if it is not, it will not be so annoying.
"Brother Li, rest assured that our people who pay attention to avoiding the world have always been thin and won’t accept me like those who are good or bad. This mountain is also an experience. I’m going to visit Tianmen Market mentioned by Brother Li."
"oh? That’s a lot easier. There are good and bad Tianmen markets. I think if you don’t have a long way to go, you should go to Tianmen markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, where there are many things and few fakes … Well, don’t regret it! "
After that, Fat Li threw a small volume to Tianchen to give Tianchen a fist salute. Then Tianchen was stunned and took out a kitchen knife. Then he put the kitchen knife into the sky. The fat figure had jumped into the kitchen knife and then flew directly out of the sky.
It’s arrogant to leave a sentence, "People floating in rivers and lakes don’t get stabbed! No matter how high your martial arts are, you are afraid of kitchen knives! Ha ha … "
The crowd is another small commotion.
"Ah, that’s not a kitchen knife guest fat lee? Is he here, too? " Passerby a breathes out wildly.
"Who is he? Is it too corny to take a kitchen knife as a flying sword? " Passerby B disdains to say that his broken sword in his hand is very similar.
"You just learned that you don’t even know about the kitchen knife and the fat plum. Anyone who wants to inquire about anything in China has to find him. He is well informed!" Passerby A despised and said
"Cut … it’s just a walk-on vest, so what’s so arrogant about asking for information?" Passerby B once again disdained to argue, "I think you have mixed up in the practice world for nothing since you were a child. Who doesn’t know that a kitchen knife customer is not only better informed than a kitchen knife, but also difficult to cut all over the world. Even if then Avenue touches him, he will have to stay away!" Passerby A said it was as if he were a kitchen knife and a fat plum.
Then there are all kinds of arguments about fat Li, which are mixed, but after listening to the analysis in the morning, I came to a conclusion that fat Li is not only a person who can beat the golden elixir Avenue at the prefecture level, but also a person who is engaged in buying and selling news.
Sighing, you can meet a master when you sit casually. Although some chat and conversation make Tianchen feel fat, Li seems to be a guy who likes hexagrams, but he doesn’t look like a master. But Tianchen soon puts this matter behind him and gets familiar with this changed society as soon as possible. It’s not the most important thing for him to be in a hurry.
The kitchen knife guest Pang Li threw a thick booklet to Tianchen, but it was a "Jianghu Record No.5", which was revised once a year. A similar magazine had few words, but it also included most sects and main figures in Jianghu. Some young brothers gave a brief introduction, but this booklet was exactly what Tianchen needed now.
People didn’t realize that the invisible magic boundary had been removed long ago. Anyway, now everything can be bought with money, and people are not afraid that someone will come after him.