"I can wake him up," said Poison Cloud.

"good!" Zhang Tao nodded at once. Now the most important thing is to find out that Qingyang will be so seriously injured, and to find out that the imperial city is now like this? Qingyang encountered such a situation and had to worry Zhang Tao.
"What are you doing?" Zhang Tao saw poison cloud take off gloves and immediately became one leng. Do you want to know that the reason why poison cloud wears gloves is because she is full of poison to save Qingyang?
Poison cloud naturally said, "If I poison him, then he can wake up."
"Poison stimulation? Then what will happen to Qingyang’s predecessors? " Zhang Tao asked.
Poison cloud left the pie mouth. "He is a top Tianshi with high strength. If he was not seriously injured, he would never be found by Mo Ying. Seeing that he even finished hiding his breath, his life must be hanging by a thread. I poisoned him to say what you want to know after waking up, and he would probably die."
""Zhang Tao
Later, Mo Ying and Zhang Tao helped Qingyang to wake up gradually. Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao were not innate masters. The meager qi method played a poisonous cloud, but it was poisonous. That was not to save lives but to harm people.
"Qingyang elder, are you awake?" See Qingyang pupil gradually restore Zhang Tao to ask MoYing qi is still a steady stream.
When delivering the true qi to Qingyang, both Zhang Tao and Mo Ying found that Qingyang was seriously injured, and it was simply a foot stepping into the ghost gate. If Qingyang’s body was not strong and powerful, even if the heart pulse was broken and Qingyang broke the orifices, he didn’t know everything and didn’t die. If the heart pulse was broken, the baby would surely die.
"I don’t need to say that your imperial city is very dangerous now. This old man is the pinnacle of Tianshi. You two little dolls are also moths to the fire. It’s better to listen to me and withdraw from your talent and potential for revenge after 30 years." Ring Zhongnan Guangyin Zhang Tao’s mind rang.
"Thirty years? You’d better watch. "What’s the point of coming to the imperial city to help Hwa-Sung Do after thirty years of jokes?
"I don’t listen to the old man’s words and suffer. If you go to muddy water, you will die. This Qingyang is injured by others at the same level. You must know that the peak Tianshi is not comparable to the second-class Tianshi. Have you forgotten the involvement of overseas mainlanders?" Nan Guang won’t give up trying to persuade him. It’s hard to wait until Zhang Tao, so that the resurrected people can appear. If Zhang Tao dies, won’t he continue to wait?
"Life is what I want and what I want, and I can’t have both!" Zhang Tao said firmly
There is no doubt that Gu Weiran is his brother. Can he ignore him when he is facing a crisis? It’s just death
Zhang Tao’s words made Nanguang silent. "The imperial city of Zhang Tao was shocked and Kuching was in danger." Qingyang said reluctantly after taking two breaths.
Zhang Tao was surprised that Kuching had ascended the throne? "Are you injured by the Stone Family, Senior Qingyang?" It’s hard to imagine who else in Honghaoguo can push Qingyang to the wall except foreign land forces.
"Yes, the elder of the Stone Family and I are equal in strength. Not only that, but there are also two first-class Tianshi three people who will strike me off the cliff together. If it weren’t for my risks falling into the cliff, I would have fallen for a long time." Qingyang coughed two times and reluctantly said that although there was Moying’s true qi input, it was still teetering.
"Three heavenly deities?" Zhang Tao eyebrows a wrinkly this is beyond their control.
Dong Dao also helped himself a lot when he was looking for people in Taixiang Village. At this time, he really couldn’t go to Dong Dao to drag the noble institution of learning, and Qin Huanran obviously couldn’t ask his father Qin Zhen.
In this way, only Zhang Tao has a low chance of winning by himself. "I’m a disciple, and I’m a disciple. I hope you can save him!" Qingyang shortness of breath suddenly got up.
"Not good!" Zhang Tao face a slight change soon Qingyang fainted again MoYing nodded a sign for Qingyang not life-threatening Zhang Taocai breath a sigh of relief "good! Let’s find Kai Zhong before they plan. "
On the way to the imperial city, Zhang Tao has already received the news. The location of Kai Zhong and others can be easily found with the secret code along the way.
Zhang Tao and his party in a hillside decadence were in a coma with serious injuries. Qingyang found Meng Hua and others. Is it necessary to strike back?
(I was dragged to drink again tonight. Sad Yuehua)
Chapter 7 Action
Chapter 7 Action
Day by day, there are ten hidden mountain villages around each important hidden point. Ten of them are good at converging attack assassinations. Each of them has a certain connection. If one person is assassinated, the other nine people will know at the same time.
Moreover, the hiding places of the ten of them are very particular, even if the Tianshi stepped into the peak, they would be found. Their vigilance is the best choice. If something is wrong, they should inform them immediately, so there must be enough time for everyone to escape.
"Zhang Tao is finally waiting for you." Meng Hua looked excited.
Especially the interpretation of listening to the cold eyes is full of joy. During this period, she was worried that Gu Weiran had reduced a lot and looked very haggard. The temperament of the imperial concubine also dissipated a lot.
"Listen to the cold Meng Hua you wait first" Zhang Tao said they didn’t see Qingyang lying aside.
"This is not?" Meng Hua’s pupil dilated. He knew the news of Qingyang’s disappearance, but he didn’t expect that the first master in the vast country would actually make this mess.
"Although I haven’t entered the imperial city yet, I also know that the imperial city is now under martial law. If I rush in, I will be ambushed. Qingyang’s predecessors’ skill, Tong Xuan, has fallen into such a field, and I will die even worse." Zhang Tao said.
"We should be like? Is Kuching happy? Watching Gu Wei suffer? " Meng Hua is also very anxious. Now Yunyan Chamber of Commerce is helping, because Yunyan Chamber of Commerce also has problems and hurts people after the loss of the two imperial treasury departments. It is not so good.
Zhang Tao thoughtfully for a moment and said, "We will wait until Qingyang’s predecessors wake up." Although Zhang Tao also wants to rush in and bring Gu Wei out and kill Kuching with a big smile, it’s a pity that the strength is insufficient.
"There is such a thing." Meng Hua knew that Zhang Tao couldn’t even talk to them more.