The line of sight passed by them, and these five people were all masters, and she was surprised to see her suddenly appear.

The two sides met unexpectedly. I wonder if this is doomed love
Weiyuan Yueshan came step by step, and the other five people also changed their pace and direction, and the boring forest was on the verge.
Sweep Weiyuan’s sight from every face one by one and fall on their clothes.
Looking at him one by one, he suddenly said lightly, "It’s from Xiaoli."
Raise your eyebrows, cool your hands, and make a fist. The knuckles make a sound. "The way to go is narrow."
However, the opposite person listened to another meaning and set his sights on Yan Liangshen, who drew his sword slowly.
Yan Liang snorted. These guys are really stupid. Maybe they have never seen Weiyuan, but they didn’t even see who he was. They targeted her.
The left hand raised a big tree on the left, wrapped around a thin vine, and Yan Liang’s fingers became claws in his direction. When he grabbed the big tree, a thin vine flew towards her.
Grabbing and tearing the vine became a weapon, and she jumped out in an instant.
Fine rattan roared and there was milky white sticky juice flying out. The five people jumped three times to deal with Yan Liang, and the other two jumped out and went straight to Weiyuanyue 96 and threesome.
Fine vines flying with broken sounds and sudden sharp arrows, just this sound makes people can’t help but dodge and dare not face-on.
Moreover, milky viscous juice keeps flowing out from the fracture of the rattan, including reptiles flying around in the forest, but whenever this juice falls, they all run away as fast as possible.
The three men in black who besieged Yan Liang also knew that the milky juice was fierce and dodged and jumped near Yan Liang.
From this, Yan Liang plays a bigger role, and the fine vines are more like eyes, and the places are full of them.
More than ten meters away, Weiyuan Yueshan also met the other two men in black, one on one, but Yueshan always worried about Weiyuan’s distracted shoulders and got a palm.
Even if it’s not a war circle, the situation there is also very cool in the eyes and the fine rattan in the hand is like a spiral, and a black man is bound in the spiral by swimming and blinking.
Yan Liang at the same time, the capacity will throw out the other end of the rattan in his hand, and the rapidly-changing person who wants to dodge is entangled in an arm.
To break free from Yan Liang here, he has jumped up, tearing fine rattan with one hand and tying up the two men, and playing with another black dress person with the other hand.
The arm flips very fast, and the afterimage is seen.
When she successfully tied up the two men in black, the people she met suddenly retreated more than ten meters away. Weiyuan and Yueshan met only one man in black, and at the same time they were extremely fast.
Blink of an eye, everything is calm, except for two men in black bound by Yan Liang’s rattan, and one of them has been solved by Weiyuan.
Looking at the two men who just wanted to analyze, the three of them also heard unusual sounds, and then looked at the direction when the five men in black came, and someone chased them.
The root didn’t come to do more thinking, and the three of them also fled for a while. There was only one dead person left in this place, and the other two were entangled in fine vines but had been poisoned by men in black.
No wonder those two men in black suddenly hid behind the original pursuer.
Obviously, this pursuer is more terrible than the three of them, otherwise it wouldn’t be in such a hurry.
Because there is another guard waiting in different places at the beginning of Wo, Yueshan has just won another palm, and now he can choose to hide, otherwise it will drag his feet.
While Yan Liang Weiyuan’s movements are magnified and scattered, and the attention of the pursuers is hidden behind Yueshan, which is not heavy.
The oxygen in the forest is so thin that it is not enough at such a rapid pace.
It took them a lot of effort to climb the mountain just like a sword. Who knew that they would have to run after climbing the mountain? If they had known that they would not come?
"It’s almost time to stop." The dense forest has been retreating and has rushed out far away, attracting the attention of pursuers. Yueshan and others have achieved the goal of setting up an area. If you run like this again, you will have to run into the silver delivery team.
"Left" as Yan Liangyi made her turn in the direction and passed directly in front of Weiyuan. If Weiyuan was faster, the two of them would bump into each other.
In the case of rapid transportation capacity, two people may smash their bones when they collide.
Weiyuan also turned around, and two people disappeared. One person was in the tall Artemisia grass, but for a moment, a line of men in black arrived at the place where they disappeared.
They are dressed in black, but their boots are unusual. The edge of the sole is silvery, and even if there is no sun in the forest, the silvery light is still dazzling.
Stop, because they lost the galloping just before, they looked around and their eyes were as bright as eagles.
A moment later, I still didn’t perceive the movement. A line of men in black left the place very quickly, like a gust of wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Wormwood still stands upright in the dense wormwood grass on the left as if nothing had passed by them.
However, there are people in the depths of Artemisia grass and Artemisia grass continues a slope. Two people are talking to each other.
Yan Liang sat on the floor and looked at the opposite person. She spoke extremely.
The two men came in in tandem, before her and after him.
Then she stopped, and he ran into it, but she didn’t take all her strength back. After he ran into it, she threw herself straight forward.
Actually, it’s nothing. She has to get up before she hits the ground.
However, the loser behind him also fell down and grabbed her with one hand and held the ground with the other.
Then his wrist was bruised.