Shinohara snow leisurely exhales like orchid and Wang Yubi has already been scared silly!

Even the forehead kept rushing, and the blood was red in her sight, and she had forgotten to react!
How can this woman be too female? !
How is that possible!
"There must be some misunderstanding in the temple! If children don’t understand statecraft, if they collide with the temple, please … "
"Wang Ping a collision with the temple just want to cover everything? When do you need to teach the temple to do things? "
Shinohara Snow’s attitude towards Wang Ping is very cold and hard. Don’t give her a chance to defend Wang Yubi!
"Forgive me, I dare not!"
Wang Ping steep and a face of regret!
Suddenly, she was unprepared for what happened, which led to such a situation. She was simply at a loss for words!
"Temple very not easy out of the palace once heard a lot of fun!
Is it true that Wang Ping’s Wang Daren is a red man around the mother emperor?
So Wang Daren should not be the capital Weifu?
Oh, yes, and this miss Wang just kept calling the temple’ practice people’. I wonder if she is contemptuous of the emperor or insulting the dynasty? "
Smell Wang Ping suddenly gasped at the air conditioning, and then she grabbed Wang Yubi’s shoulder and severely slapped her, cursing "Wang Yubi, how did I teach you! How dare you insult the temple? Do you know it is wrong? "
Wang Yubi silly wait for a while was slapped by Wang Ping corners of the mouth and soon left blood!
That arrogant cheek is as pale as a layer of ashes at this time!
Her dull nod eyes filled with peristalsis than the corners of her mouth. "I know I’m wrong!" I know a lot of adults in the temple! "
"Make mistakes? Although knowing your mistakes can improve a lot, your daughter, Lord Wang, abused the temple in the street and even talked about the king’s law with the temple. It seems that Lord Wang’s teaching is really ingenious! "
At this time, Shinohara’s snow face is beaming with a smile!
And almost every word she said made Wang Ping more afraid and tremble!
The crime of insulting Tainv alone is enough to make them copy everything!
This …
"Temple … temple! My daughter really knows that if the temple wants to punish me, I am willing to suffer for my son!
But my daughter is sexually contemptuous. Please be kind! "
Wang Ping bite a tooth and kneel to keep kowtowing to Shinohara snow!
It can also be seen that Wang Ping still attaches great importance to Wang Yubi!
Wen Xiaoxue suddenly smiled like a silver bell, but it happened that Wang Ping felt bad because of the irony and coldness!
If you don’t pick up Shinohara Snow, the previous step is above Wang Ping’s knees. "Then you can do whatever you want in Beijing according to Wang Daren’s meaning?
Don’t Wang Daren know the rules of Fengqilou? Didn’t anyone tell you that this Fengqilou belongs to the royal family? "
Does Fengqilou belong to the royal family? !
This ….. Really no one said!
Shinohara snow see Wang Ping stare eyes can’t help but smile more thick "QingLuan to bring the phoenix building shopkeeper to the temple!
With such a big event in Fengqi Building, the shopkeeper avoided seeing this position, and it can also be replaced! "
Blink of an eye, Wang Ping almost collapsed as if he had been drained of all his strength!
Fengqilou is royal, which means that if her sister is removed from the position of shopkeeper, all the inputs of the Wangs will be directly lost!
No one in the background of this Fengqilou has ever known that there will be a fixed person to collect accounts every month!
It is precisely because of this that Wang Ping’s sister Wang Fu can easily do something from it!
This compartment Wang Ping a white and bloodless complexion paralysis and Wang Yubi a full face of blood dull!
Don’t wait for Qingluan to walk up the second flight of stairs, and soon there will be a woman with enchanting figure but really attractive appearance!
But seeing that her outline is too rigid and her jaw is angular, I’m afraid it’s hard to imagine her as a woman unless she’s wearing a women’s dress!
But it happened that she was Wang Ping’s sister Wang Fu, the shopkeeper of Fengqilou!
"Hey, what’s going on? Who is it? I yell bloody murder at Fengqi Building? Why are you kneeling all over the floor? Unless the queen is on patrol?
Hehehe, I think that my Fengqi Building was not as big as it is now when the Queen patronized it!
Who bullies the weak in Fengqilou site? "