However, this fist was really swung in the past, just like throwing a fist at a gas, it didn’t touch the entity at all!

A little stupidly, the black beast’s claws have been chopped high.
Monsieur beaucaire’s horse raised his arm to stop it, but it turned out to be solidified by the gas, and the claws firmly beat the forearm, which immediately made Monsieur beaucaire’s shoulders soft and his forearm numb.
This trick is really amazing! Strength and gas condense into beasts, and my physical attack effect is effective, but it can actually hit me!
Monsieur beaucaire Ling was surprised that her limp and numb arms had turned into dull pain, but the black beast didn’t neglect it. Once again, she went straight for it with her maw open. It was Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s head!
Monsieur beaucaire Ling was surprised and quickly dodged to one side, but I didn’t expect that the body had just moved and had reached over and hit the soft spot of Monsieur beaucaire Ling with a heavy punch!
This punch is full of strength. It is a long-awaited opportunity to strike such a precise strength. This time, the hair is going to be pointed out and the body is flying sideways. When the buoyancy of the sea water is still rising, the black gas solidified beast holds its huge claws high and slaps it toward the Emirates!
Monsieur beaucaire ling was almost unconscious by such a heavy blow, and one mouthful blood gushed out from her mouth, and her eyes became more and more blurred, and her dark ears buzzed as if everything was getting farther and farther away from her, and her body collapsed and fell straight.
There is no doubt that it is Wang Yunshi who sneaked into the soft underbelly of Guiling with one punch!
Controlling the beastmaster’s roar, when the beast attacked Guiling, he also set off to find the right opportunity, and his fist was full of animal teeth.
It’s hit the Emirates!
Looking at Monsieur beaucaire’s life and death, I don’t know if he fell to the depths of the sea. Wang Yunshi puffed up and laughed. He naturally knew that his fist and the power of being attacked by the beastmaster’s roar and black beast force, even if this bird family, Monsieur beaucaire, did not die, it must be impossible to live!
"See? Did you get a look at him? Guiling! This is the gap between birds and beasts! Ha ha ha ha ha ….. "Wang Yunshi roared and looked up and laughed and looked down at the dark sea. The Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s body had fallen and disappeared.
Wang Yunshi lowered his eyes and said, "It’s a pity that you can’t see it!"
Talking, he accepted his ability, and the huge black gas condensed beast disappeared in an instant. Everything behind him recovered and became silent. Wang Yunshi turned around and proudly went to the big domain master to get the credit.
More think more proud more think more heart Wang Yunshi couldn’t help but look up again and shouted "ha ha ha! The birds will never defeat the orcs! I am the orc king! !”
"Not necessarily!"
A sound suddenly came from the waters above the head.
Wang Yunshi shivered all over, and the sound was cold and familiar, which scared him to look up at it.
"Are you easy for me?" Guiling slowly swam down to Wang Yunshi. "We birds and orcs hate you. Don’t you want to make a good calculation today?"
Everything seems to go back in time, and it’s exactly the same as what happened to Guiling just after he dodged the south glory illusion!
Wang Yunshi’s eyes widened, and his heart panicked more. Finally, he swam near the underwater miracle. Yang Ye felt anxious and trance in his heart. Statues with no faces and no facial features were erected next to the wall. Yang Ye was so familiar in his memory. Looking at the left or right side of the statue’s face engraved with various patterns that were puzzling, twisted and intertwined, Yang Ye found that his heart was more and more reflecting a little strange.
Swim over the city wall and dive into the middle of the city at night, swimming along the streets in the city, just like the past impression. Although the external waters are connected and the current is unobstructed, there is no underwater creature swimming in this water city, which is clean, terrible and quiet.
The whole city is flooded, but you can’t see the underwater plants in the corners of the city buildings at night, and there is not a lot of sediment in the city streets, as if someone cleans them every day. There are a few corners with a thin layer of spun yarn, which seems to seep down from a gap in the city.
No plants, no traces, no mess, no traces of destruction
Everything belongs to that underwater city exactly the same, as if it were built after him, and as if it were a phantom of that underwater ghost town.
Soon, according to the impression that he belongs to the same city, Yang night came to the center of the city. He knew that there was also a tallest building standing in the square, like a tower, more like a tombstone. There was a circle of huge stone carvings around the whole building, but all of them looked like sculptures of human limbs, arms, gestures, legs and feet, and twisted torso. At first glance, it was a bit creepy.
Yang Ye climbed the steps by buoyancy and swam quickly. Although he was uneasy, he didn’t know what to face, but he woke up to the situation outside his city and had to find the emblem of the miracle as soon as possible. No matter what would happen, he wanted to get out as soon as possible. He didn’t want an accident to a friend outside.
Suddenly, Yang night came to the front door of the tall building, and the two doors were tight, so Yang night gently reached out and pushed the stone door. A dull stone door was pushed, and there was no doubt that it was true that there was no water in the door. A strong airflow sucked him into the door, and then the two stone doors moved together to block the sea.
There is water in it, and it is still dark.
Red is printed with the reaction, and the center of the chest is also a little hot
It seems that the emblem of God is here. Yang Ye feels as if he is being pulled by a force, and an emotion of Mo keeps emerging. It is a kind of excitement or a kind of sadness, which makes Yang Ye suddenly feel more like crying than depression.
Calm down! Calm down!
Yang night warned himself that his eyes looked around carefully and finally found the entrance to the building in his mind.
Running on Yang Night, I suddenly noticed that the feet and the ground were lined up neatly with square bricks and covered the whole hall. Every square brick showed a face, but this is no longer the same as Yang Night’s memory.