"Ok, ok, it’s good to see that you’re all right. Let’s go home happily." Nan Rong Phantom also touched her head with an excited smile.

Even xin nan rong magic arms clasped along while twist a head to see the baby long is smiling at her, which makes even xin one leng hesitated a don’t understand looking at south rong magic asked "elder brother, she is …"
"I’m your sister-in-law." Baby Long is a bit rude and smiling. He said to Uniform Xin with a very natural and cordial expression.
"ah? Hey? " Even Xin froze and quickly looked up at Nan Rong Magic "Elder brother, this is …"
"I’ll explain it to you sometimes." Nan Rong Huan also smiled and waved her hand. "Her name is Baobao Long. She is really your sister-in-law."
Even Xin froze and nodded slowly and glanced at the baby for a long time. She couldn’t name "sister-in-law" and said "hello" gently.
Yang night aside depressed light muttering "how never thought about this before? Baby is a uniform fragrance to sister-in-law, and even fragrance is my woman. Isn’t that baby a long sister-in-law? I’m the one who beheaded the blue demon … then the baby will become our sister-in-law? "
The scorching sun suddenly laughed when he heard it, and quickly walked over to the baby and started to shout, "Hey, baby, I’ll make you whatever you want to eat!" Do you think I am a dry brother … "
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Grandfather Alexander has ordered people to carry a huge bronze mirror on one side of the bedroom according to Yang Ye’s instructions. Then Yang Ye called Grandfather Alexander to the bedroom door and told him that if these people in the bedroom, including Princess Huaiyang and Yang Ye, disappeared, the emperor said that when he saw the halo, he suspected that he could fly the subway cake. Remember it and then give him a letter to Li Ze.
Father Shan doesn’t know anything, but he doesn’t dare to ask questions and turn away.
Go back to the bedroom and look around for a week. You can go home when you are here.
So Yang Ye, together with Lan Yaojian, Nan Ronghuan and the scorching sun, sent a signal to the Lord of the Red Domain and Xiupo to cross the door.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the big bronze mirror on one side of the bedroom to be faintly turbulent, and it was like a water wave overflowing.
Yang night walked over and smiled and frowned at Uniform Xin. "Uniform Xin wronged you, and some things are not convenient for you to see and know."
Even though Xin was intensely curious, the experience of the Tang Dynasty had made her understand what see no evil meant by indecent assault, so she nodded and smiled with understanding.
Yang night stretched out his hand and gently squeezed a fragrant neck, then Yang night picked up a fragrant horse and fainted in his arms. Then Yang night thought about it and gave it to the baby. He took a few steps and looked at the turbulent mirror and sighed, "I am a little reluctant to go back. Hehe, what I want most is to meet Li Bai and Du Fu again."
"Li Bai and Du Fu?" Nan Rong was surprised. "Have you seen them?"
"Stop this poem fairy and poem saint, but now I’m sworn brothers." Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "Forget it. I wish I could know each other. Didn’t Li Bai and Du Fu meet once? I was there."
"Let’s go," urged the scorching sun. "I’m very interested in what you and the night raid on your local home are like!"
Nan Rong came over a few steps and whispered with a smile in front of the bronze mirror, "Hey, hey, I don’t envy you to look at Yang Ye" and secretly pointed at the baby, "I found my lost lover!"
Yang night one leng suddenly mysterious laugh close to south glory magic novel way "you don’t envy me? Tell you I’ve had a * * with Yang Guifei. That’s a famous four beauties. How many people can cuckold the emperor? "
Voice hasn’t fallen south glory illusion has stare big eyes cried in surprise "what? You killed Yang Guifei? True or false? "
At that time, Yang Ye’s scalp was numb, and he turned to look at the blue demon behind him. He saw that the blue demon’s eyes were changing from surprise to resentment little by little, so he hurriedly turned around with a smirk and gnashed his teeth and said, "I hate your generation!" With that, no one jumped into the turbulent bronze mirror before jumping.
More than a few people looked at each other south glory magic stretched out his hand and pulled the baby long single-handedly hugged even xin also jumped in.
The scorching sun smiled at Lan Yao. "Don’t be angry. I think it’s definitely a work need."
"Work needs?" Lan Yao screamed angrily and became cold. "Would you like it if it were you?"
"Of course I don’t want to! ….. Is willing to also didn’t have this opportunity. "The hot sun said with a smirk on his face, but suddenly he took a smile and turned his head to stare at the blue demon and cried," Ah, I said the blue demon is beheaded! I don’t know what you mean. Do I look like a person with no self-esteem? You obviously hurt me by asking me that! " With that, the fat body rolled into the mirror and shook the bronze mirror for three times.
The blue demon cut the cold face and approached the mirror body and entered the mirror body. At the same time, he thought hard about the damn Yang night! Damn it, stallion The dead!
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Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was depressed and worried that if something happened to Princess Huaiyang, it would affect the imperial concubine more or less. If Princess Huaiyang died or was injured, it would hurt Yang Guifei’s heart, but a serious illness was very likely.
Therefore, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was very depressed at the moment. He was so considerate in his sleep that he could play and sing. If something happened to the imperial concubine, it would really hurt Emperor Xuanzong’s heart.
It can be seen that Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty is not worried about Princess Huaiyang, that is, Uniform Xin, but about Yang Guifei’s safety.
It is recorded in history that Yang Yuhuan, the imperial concubine, is not only a bed in the bedroom, but also considerate outside the bedroom, which can please Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. It is a rare thing for Emperor Xuanzong’s harem.
For example, when Tang Xuanzong’s minister chess was about to lose, Yang Guifei stole the minister’s chessboard car and gun to make Tang Xuanzong win easily;
For example, when Tang Xuanzong and his ministers lost faster than Cuju Tang Xuanzong, Yang Guifei secretly broke the shoes of the other ministers and let Tang Xuanzong win easily;
For example, when Tang Xuanzong and his ministers lost faster than swimming, Yang Guifei secretly undressed by the pool to distract the ministers and let Tang Xuanzong win.
For example, Tang Xuanzong and his ministers were afraid that Tang Xuanzong would lose. Yang Guifei would go to the minister the night before and try her best to toss for a night. The next day, the minister was exhausted and his limbs were weak, so that Tang Xuanzong won a big victory.
Since the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, he has competed with the ministers of the DPRK for wrist strength and won 1579 times.
Thank you, Yang Guifei …
Because Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty didn’t know anything about this and Yang Guifei, he made too many sacrifices. Tang Xuanzong cherished this imperial concubine very much and didn’t want her to be hurt a little-
As the saying goes, since ancient times, I have hated my lover for being heartbroken. Occasionally, couples are in pairs, and they are also old guns against Sao Niang.
It is precisely because of this that Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was so worried and depressed when he learned that Yunxin, that is, Princess Huaiyang, was likely to die because of the sun’s anger. It was because he was afraid that Princess Huaiyuan’s death would cause Yang Guifei to feel sad, which would probably lead to his loss of an understanding and loving princess.