"Before? Was I in poor health before? Elder sister, I have asked you several times, why don’t you tell me how you got the scar on your face? "Qiang has always been very concerned about this question.

If my sister doesn’t have this scar on her face, she is definitely a very beautiful girl. It is no problem to find a well-off family to marry with such a face.
At that time, he can also follow his sister to enjoy food and drink spicy food. No, it’s hard here every day.
Ye Linlin frowned and said, "It’s not because I saved you when you were a child that you fell like this. Don’t ask. Anyway, you have to come and cure me."
"I’ll cure you? I’m not a doctor. What can I do? Although he doesn’t remember the past, he is not a fool to know that his sister lied to him.
"Don’t ask questions, will you concentrate on your work?" Ye Linlin said grumpily.
The work in the steamed bread shop is not only tiring but also trivial. After the steamed bread is sold on the same day, you should add the flour you want the next day to yeast and soak the big powder to make up, so as not to delay the next morning.
Because of the low temperature in Northeast China and winter, two coal stoves must be put in the house to maintain a relatively high temperature before flour can ferment normally.
At the same time, attention should be paid to gas poisoning caused by room air circulation.
Besides, there is a lot of work to do, such as cleaning the house and cleaning up the residual dough in the steamed bread machine.
In addition, the steamed bread skins stuck in the steamer should be scraped one by one and then brushed with a layer of anti-sticking cooking oil.
It will be dark when forty or fifty drawers are dry.
"Your home stay honestly and don’t run around. I’ll go out." Ye Linlin confessed and went out.
38 siblings
38 brothers and sisters to 39 stripped naked for treatment.
39 strip naked for treatment
"Take off your face quickly and take it off." Ye Linlin had a slender needle knife in her hand, but she bought it from a small clinic after wearing it out.
Strong and pitiful, holding his own pants and begging with a bitter face, "Don’t take off your face."
"You have to take it off from the most surface of the spine and stick it all the way to the top of your head." Ye Linlin undoubtedly ordered.
"Ah" strong eyes looked at the long thin needle in horror. I don’t know what it’s like if it sticks into my head.
He doubted whether his sister was treating himself or trying to kill him.
"You will cure you? When will you acupuncture me? Why don’t you know? You don’t think I’m dragging you down and you want to murder your own brother. "Strong asked carefully.
Ye Linlin "before" a smile "I murdered you? If I want to murder you, I will carry you hundreds of miles and risk stealing someone’s boat to send you here? "
Strong also silly to laugh "you run hundreds of miles behind my back? Who are you kidding? Why don’t you show me ten miles behind my back? Don’t be dead tired, you are strange. "
"Believe it or not, I will ask you whether to take it off or not. If you don’t want to take it off, I can help you take it off. Hey, hey, what do you look like?" Ye Linlin smiled strangely.
"You won’t peek at my bath? Little word you are really abnormal "strong not blush with shame.
Ye Linlin doesn’t argue with him about this insidious smile, so he will start to rip off strong pants.
"You are so strange, then I’ll take it off myself." Qiang knows that his sister is very strong. If she is forced to take off her pants, she might as well take it off herself.
See strong honestly climbed up the hard plank bed naked Ye Linlin lightly sighed a thin hand slightly flash slender needle knife has been plunged into the strong tail ridge.
"You are quick to prick, I am already very tired and have to get up early to work." Qiang is a little impatient.