Including the nine demon kings of Yueyao gathered in the pink halo next to the Red Dragon Ball. Everyone’s face reflected their greed. Even if Yueyao was not very interested in power, his body could be attracted by the Red Dragon Ball. Get as close as possible.

"The Red Dragon Ball is our monster beast treasure. Anyone who can get the power in the Red Dragon Ball will be a natural enemy." Snake Jiu Youkou said, "But everyone naturally knows that if you want to get the middle power, you must subdue the Red Dragon Ball by demon power. Do you have the confidence to subdue the Red Dragon Ball?"
Although there are many arrogant people among the Sirs, they are not arrogant enough to challenge the Red Dragon Ball alone.
See they don’t do snake nine deep and remote just continued, "it is naturally impossible to subdue the Red Dragon Ball on our own, but if we join hands, we will be able to take it to the next level once we succeed."
"Laojiu, let’s do it." The rhinoceros king roared most recklessly.
Snake nine deep and remote, however, turned around and said, "But it would be dangerous for anyone who wants to take the Red Dragon Ball for himself."
Xiao Bai growled, "If I know which bag has selfishness, I will be the first to kill him."
Snake nine deep and remote also sneered, "Me too. If I find out this line, I will never let it go."
All the lich kings hurriedly expressed their opinions, saying that this is selfish and the devil takes the hindmost, and that they must try their best.
Ink forest side secretly observe only to find that the lich king eyes flashing obviously have their own ideas.
"Sure enough, there are eternal interests but no eternal friends." Molin knows that the temptation of the Red Dragon Ball to the Lich Kings is a huge temptation, and it is hard to resist if he is afraid of it.
Snake Jiuyou waved his hand to make everyone quiet. Only then did he say, "Once I can subdue the Red Dragon Ball, I will divide the Chinese strength into nine points on average."
"Let’s do it." He said.
He, the lich king, also agreed that the plan to divide the spoils was so tentative.
"In that case, from now on, everyone should not leave the demon temple. Midnight is the heaviest time of Yin Qi, and then we will surrender the Red Dragon Ball." When the snake nine is confirmed, the demon kings dare not neglect each other and find a place to quietly restore the demon power.
Xiao Bai and Yue Yao came to Mo Lin and Zhu Pingman and said to Mo Lin, "These guys are not good men and women. I have to save my strength and absorb more."
Ink Lin estimated with a wry smile that his lich king was also in the same state of mind.
In a blink of an eye, at midnight the next day, the demon kings’ demon power has been restored. They gathered around the Red Dragon Ball and waited for the heaviest moment of Yin Qi to come.
There is a hole in the dome of the demon temple. When midnight comes, the moon will just appear in the hole. When the moonlight shines into the temple from the hole, it is the heaviest time of the everglades.
Yue Yao’s demon power is too weak to see a demon king with Mo Lin. She can’t help but grab Mo Lin’s hand and watch nervously.
"coming!" Yue Yao has been waiting for the moonlight with her head up, and she sees a silver moonlight quietly flowing into the hall.
“!” The snake nine deep and remote drank a low drink and surrounded the Red Dragon Ball. The big demon king was immediately covered with black need.
It can be seen from the dense degree of black gas that the strength of the demon king, the snake nine deep and remote, and the concentration of small white need the highest. The whole figure is covered with black need, and a hazy shadow can be seen.
His six lich kings are slightly inferior and have high scores, but they all obviously tried their best to collect the Red Dragon Ball at one stroke.
"Boom!" Snake nine deep and remote lead the first to turn it into a black tentacle and catch it at the Red Dragon Ball.
Xiaobai and his six Lich Kings also made moves together, saying that the black need tentacles closely linked the Red Dragon Ball with a Lich King. From a distance, Molin looked like an octopus monster with tentacles.
Chapter 141 Run away from home clown
Chapter 141 Run away from home clown
The red dragon ball seems to feel dangerous when it vibrates in the strong demon temple. The sharp-eyed eye of Guanghua Dasheng Molin, a pale red pearl body, saw a reddish dragon pattern emerge from the pearl body.
"Be careful" Zhu commented that "the Red Dragon Ball may bite itself at any time"
Mo Lin is busy giving Yue Yao protection. After that, the psionic power rises to form a protective cover in front of him.
The Red Dragon Ball really fought back as Zhu Pingman said, and the red dragon was as different as alive. As it raised its hand and threw itself into the Red Dragon Ball, a strong shock wave broke out.
The demon power is weaker, and the demon king needs to be scattered like a snake. Nine secluded places and a small white are also a little overwhelmed. Even the strong demon temple is rickety, and it seems that this powerful itself will collapse.
"Things are not good ….." Mo Lin secretly lost. He didn’t expect the Red Dragon Ball to be so strong.
Zhu Pingman frowned. His attention was not red dragon ball but puzzled. He looked at his feet and suddenly shouted, "No!"
As soon as his voice fell to the ground, he shook the whole demon temple violently, and Mo Lin was almost unstable. He was busy adjusting his center of gravity to support Yue Yao, who almost fell, but felt that the ground roots kept shaking and the whole demon temple was actually sinking into the ground.
Molin looked up and was surprised to find that the moonlight at the dome hole had disappeared and was replaced by deep darkness.
The Red Dragon Ball suddenly burst into violent light, shaking the Lich King to the bead and beating uneasily, as if trying to escape.
He and the golden-winged Dapeng bird immediately sent out two evil spirits to entangle the red dragon ball and not let it slip away.
The demon temple has been trapped and I don’t know how long it took to sink into the ground before finally slowing down and gradually stopping.
"What’s going on!" Xiaobai nu way
"I don’t know." Snake nine you got up from the ground and wondered about it.