It’s really shocking that more than 200 Taoists drank Lang in chorus. At Huang Lingzi, Bai Meng looked embarrassed and both of them responded with a cool smile.

Bai Meng really didn’t think that all the people who came here this time were old monks who hadn’t come out for many years. Compared with the first Seven Evil Men War, almost all families sent their own top experts.
Different from the past, this time, it’s not a world of mortals, but a merit with the underworld. Naturally, everyone will have no worries and leave their disciples at home and come by themselves.
Feel free to use spiritual knowledge to sweep away more than 30 people in Mahayana period, including Bai Meng himself and Huang Lingzi. The rest are all cultivated by Du Jie in the middle and late period, which shows that this has all the strength of Taoism.
Bai Meng specially looked at the amethyst bottle in the quiet master’s hand, and thought to himself, it seems that the clean master really lost his blood, which not only repaired the Excalibur of Liuyang, but also brought the magic weapon of guarding the house, and the amethyst tripod must be brought with him.
As for the master here in Kunlin, I’m sure it won’t be a magic weapon to bring any garbage. It’s definitely a magic weapon for all families to keep secrets. This battle is the strongest strength of Taoism.
It’s a pity that the nine-day Yuanyang ruler and Xuanguang ruler in the three treasures of Kongtong are missing, otherwise there will be a play.
Of all the people, Bai Meng is the weirdest. The Excalibur of Dreadwind that he stepped on at his feet looks awesome, but it’s scary. Everyone should stay away from him.
It doesn’t matter if Bai Meng only walks with Huang Lingzi. As for others, he is lazy to take a reason.
All the mighty driving Yunfei rolled up the Wan Li Long Cloud to Zi Xia Taoist Temple, covering half of the sky in order to clean up the people for the rest of the people, and even Bai Meng had to stand back.
When I first arrived at Zixia Peak, I saw dozens of Buddhist monks flying up on the lotus throne. Everyone sighed that many of them were Bai Meng’s acquaintances, and everyone saluted each other.
Both Buddhism and Taoism have arrived, and many people have never seen each other. It is considered that it is time to know each other at this big event. Before everyone arrives, they will spread out in twos and threes and bow their heads and talk privately with acquaintances.
Three years ago, the Seven Shamen was defeated in the First World War. Just a moment ago, it was like a shadow that suppressed everyone. Seeing that more and more people came to gather, there were 300 people in total. It was really an unprecedented event since ancient times. Everyone’s confidence increased and their faces gradually smiled.
"The patriarch has arrived before the time. Should we start?" At this time, people in the clean stream realized that Bai Meng was very different today from the past.
The more this kind of war he knows, the more imposing it is. Today, it is surprisingly calm, and it can even be described as cold and lonely. It is as if people who are separated from each other in form and spirit have already flown hundreds of thousands of miles away.
Bai Meng slowly opened his eyes and nodded slightly. "Then what are we waiting for to order us to go to Ganquan Mountain?"
Something’s wrong … Do you think that Bai Meng’s performance is really wrong in the heart of a clean person ?.. A careful tunnel in the heart of a clean person: I can’t believe that this spiritual treasure can not only be regarded as artistic conception and understanding, but also be promoted!
Bai Meng didn’t know what was going on in the mind of the master in Qingliu, but when he didn’t give an order after a long time, he couldn’t help but turn his head and look at the master in Qingliu and say with a smile, "Are there any worries in the mind of the master? Today, where are all the masters of Taoism and Buddhism coming? I just lamented that this war must be so tragic that I don’t know how many Taoist friends will die here!"
People in the clean stream secretly drank "Damn it!" But he said with a smile: "It turns out that the patriarch is worried about this matter. In fact, there is nothing in this place. There is definitely no loss in dying here, but it is only 300 years later to rise to Kunlun!"
Bai Meng nodded with a noncommittal chuckle and asked, "Isn’t the master giving orders?"
The master in Qingliu laughed and stood up and shouted, "It’s time for you … Please follow us to Ganquan Mountain. We must destroy that Ganquan ghost house today!"
When he came with everyone riding the clouds, it was already a huge momentum. Now it is even more powerful. Clouds and waves are rolling and hongxia is moving in the wind.
Everyone has a fairy demeanor, and everyone has a refined spirit. Some people hold pagodas to emit colorful auspicious light; Some people hang golden gourds on their bare shirts and waists; Some people have thirty-six flying swords, each of which is changeable and unique.
More than 300 people have their own unique spirits, and it is especially bizarre to gather together. Many people are flying swords, purple, blue, red, yellow, green, blue and ink, each with its own brilliance, floating around like countless meteors.
Bai Meng, Huang Lingzi and Jin Lingzi deliberately lagged behind everyone and looked at this once-in-a-century event with great excitement.
"I was worried, but now I really don’t have to worry. It would be nice to say that 30 people can come to exorcise demons. When I heard that there was a reward in the underworld, more than 300 people came, which really made me don’t know what to say!" Bai Meng couldn’t help sighing.

Chapter two hundred and sixty-four The era of great magic weapon
Before arriving at Ganquan Mountain, the Qingliu people stopped first and shouted, "You are here to exorcise demons. We don’t need to talk about morality. Let’s attack together!"
Everyone is a little hesitant. Everyone is used to one-on-one fighting on the spot. Suddenly, I was surprised to hear that there was going to be a chaotic war, but I looked around and my confidence was high. I replied in unison: "Naturally, we don’t have to talk about morality. Let’s fight together!"
"I don’t know which faction is willing to be a pioneer?" Clean people light a question.
Wow … There was a noise at once, and then it quieted down instantly, and even a sound could not be heard. More than 300 real people were silent and didn’t dare to catch their breath.
Lei Yun master suddenly gave an untimely dry cough, and everyone was secretly pleased. I didn’t expect the Shushan Sect to be willing to be cannon fodder in front.
"As far as I can see, this Ganquan Mountain was sealed by the Lingbao Patriarch. It is better for Yin and Yang sects to come to break this seal. Why not ask the disciples under the Lingbao Patriarch to go first?" Lei Yun people are all smiles.
By all people’s hearts are dark scold to this sake, but also want to harm others, this Shushan 1 faction deserves it today!
Bai Meng didn’t think that people in Lei Yun would name themselves Yin and Yang Sect. This first round of sects that rushed up must have suffered the most casualties. This Lei Yun master is too brazen. In front of so many wise men, he clearly wants to harm himself and doesn’t want to think that everyone in the world doesn’t know that Yin and Yang Sect took them in in times of crisis.
Far also don’t say broken human-god Xiling is also a key item of Bai Meng’s income, which also gave them a clean master who secretly shook his head and felt that Lei Yun master was really a bit … Alas. The master in qingliu sighed and asked Bai Meng, "What do you think, Patriarch?"
Bai Meng smiled faintly and deliberately counted the number of people. And clean humanity: "The Yin and Yang Sect flourished with me, but after all, it started too late, and it took only four years to come, that is, the four of me. The strength of our faction lies in the fact that the array method and magic weapon are mainly fine, with one block and three blocks, but they charge in this way. Isn’t there no retreat for the four of us? "
"You this old thing is clearly set us up I bah. At the beginning, you wrote a bloody book to send your disciples to take refuge in us. I told the head brother that I couldn’t take it in or I would be framed by you someday! " Jin Lingzi showed no concern at all, pointing to Lei Yun master cheng yen as a drink and scold.
"You … how can you say that? It’s presumptuous of me to invite you to the battle only because you have the ability. You … you’re ridiculous!" People in Lei Yun were furious. In fact, he also regretted what he had just said, and he was thinking about how to save it. After being scolded by Jin Lingzi for such a while, he was so angry that he simply threw caution to the wind, regardless of his face. He immediately shouted, "You are a clan of Yin and Yang. If you don’t have the strength, don’t be flush with our three factions. Since you are flush, let’s show our Taoist friends some real skills today!"
Seeing that the two factions quarreled with each other on the spot, the Qing people had a headache and couldn’t help but look at the Kunlin people and the water mirror people, hoping that they would say something to mediate.
Both the master in Kunlin and the master in the water mirror pretended not to see them and quietly stepped back without saying a word. In fact, although the Shushan Sect took refuge in the Qingcheng Sect, in order to avoid suspicion, lest people say that the Qingcheng Sect swallowed the pseudonym of the Shushan Sect and the tahoe Sect, the actual situation is that there are also some disagreements within the two factions. I hope that the people in Lei Yun will encounter some trouble again, otherwise I will think that I am a master in the mine cloud.
The situation of people in the water mirror is just the opposite of that of people in Kunlin. In Taishan Wonderland, Bai Meng is everywhere for him to persuade, but Bai Meng hasn’t made a statement yet, so he doesn’t want to worry too much.
"It’s useless for Jin Lingzi to talk more!" Bai Meng saw that everyone looked at himself and could only speak with a faint wry smile to stop Jin Lingzi.
Although he said this, he stopped Jin Lingzi, but everyone in the field knew that this Lingbao real person was very dissatisfied with the master here in Lei Yun.
Bai Meng sees that most people sympathize with themselves. Although Yin and Yang Sect is the strong Shushan Sect now, it has become the weak one. But the words just now made by the master in Lei Yun are really unpopular, and they feel a little good and clean-hearted: "Since no one wants to fight for the first time, let me go!"
Before the master in Qingliu could speak, Yuyang behind him suddenly jumped out and said to Bai Meng, "I am willing to go with you to live and die!" "
"My little ancestor, you should also look at the occasion when you talk about morality!" The master in qingliu sighed secretly and hurriedly said, "How can the patriarch go into battle in the first wave because of his heavy responsibility?"
The master in the water mirror quickly agreed: "Your Excellency, this is a reasonable statement. The demon-cutting general appointed by the underworld is in charge of the Yin edict and seal of Yan. It is not a trivial matter, but the general of bring up the rear can’t move lightly!"
The quiet master and Bai Meng also had some contacts. When black and white were impermanent on the same day, she was present and immediately said, "That’s true. It’s inconvenient for the patriarch of Lingbao to act rashly. I think it’s better to ask the master of Lei Yun to lead the disciples of Shushan to the battle!"
Lei Yun’s master’s teeth clattered. This has not yet been exported to refute Kunlin’s master’s way: "Thunderclouds are enough to fight!"
"Yes … Lei Yun people hold our Taoist ears and deserve to break this first level!" The real people are afraid that these big factions will be pushed around and finally pushed to their own heads. It seems that the Qing and Qingcheng factions are all interested in letting the remnants of the Shushan faction go out. The Yin and Yang sects and the Taixu sects must have no words to hurry and clamor.
The master of Lei Yun stamped his foot with gnashing teeth and shouted, "You … be good enough to break this Ganquan Mountain yourself!"
Bai Meng said with a smile, "Don’t worry, Master. I’ll break the seal first!"
He said this, he took a look at Huang Lingzi. Huang Lingzi understood Bai Meng’s meaning and nodded slightly. The two men immediately went forward and waited for the twelve disciples in Lei Yun to catch up with each other and fly down thousands of symbols with a wave of their hands.
As soon as these charms reached mid-air, they changed into hundreds of millions of dazzling light needles and hit Ganquan Mountain from all directions.
I only heard a deafening continuous roar, and the whole Ganquan Mountain seemed to be blown away with a shell. Thousands of loess genuine elements immediately melted into thick yellow mud, turned into a yellow earth and stone and flew back to Huang Lingzi.