Fortunately, most of the cosmic time flows faster, so that Qingwei can have more time to "cultivate" him and strengthen the projection connection.

No, he’s scattered the jade treasure in the fairy world for many years, and he’s ready to cross the last catastrophe.
I, he, I, the universe and all beings leave a little mark of saying, and a little projection is the way to the realm of saying.
This process takes a lot of time and effort, and it is easy to be schizophrenic if you are not careful.
This is also the reason why Qingwei deliberately slowed down before, but now he can take a little step and not worry about pulling the egg.
After all, Dharma, Body, Mind and Yuan God are far better than before the breakthrough.
It is also a unique experience to sit and watch him and me grow up, sometimes intervening, sometimes correcting, and sometimes honing and tempering their own minds.
It is a cognitive process of controlling, enslaving, merging, possessing, accepting and other attitudes towards different self.
Nowadays, I have the characteristics of a little saying. Although I have broken through the dharma body and communicated with a few others and me, I am afraid that I will have more than one hundred people if I want to achieve the goal when the enlightened person encircled Xiao Hongchen, his incarnation and magical objects alone.
It’s a long way to go!
Nowadays, being at the very most, including several completions, only touches nine others and me.
Raise my hand and see three volumes of sword tactic appear before me.
The Jade Ding Trapped in the Immortal Sword, Guang Cheng Tian Zun said the Sword Sutra of Killing Immortals, and the Sword Technique of Killing Immortals with Red Essence was drawn once every ten years recently.
It seems that it is not far away from assembling the Jade Palace’s "Four Swords for Killing Immortals"
Although the three sword strategies are only the basic part of the perfection of the method, the artistic conception of the truth can be described as profound
Even now, Qing Xiuxiu has long been far from being observed in the same breath, and he has fallen into meditation several times.
After all, he is no longer good at fencing, and now he is there.
"Can’t wave …"
Qing Wei thought micro-motion directly packaged the three sword strategies to Bai Hua, the lung god.
It’s more suitable for you to rely on your innate heel to practice sword tactic.
Then set a small goal and try to get the magic sword tactic at once.
I thought it was a long time to smoke once every ten years, but it has been more than ten years since I broke through, but I didn’t do anything myself.
It’s just that I closed my eyes and held a dharma meeting to refine my body for the disaster fairy.
"In ten years …"
Qing Wei shook his head and smiled, thinking that he was still sufficient. Shou Yuan was not worried that he would be trapped at the fairy level
"Primitive man fairy is about nine hundred years in Shou Yuan. How many decades can there be six or seven hundred years to get rid of the vulgar level consumption? Watching the decrease year by year really tests the mind. "
"The big dream is so pitiful that it is so scared and insane?"
Qing Wei waved to get Yang Xuance’s reply and could not help but guess that "there was no Xiao Hongchen’s hands and feet … it’s a pity that nothing was left. Otherwise, it’s not impossible to find out the dharma body of the Lord of the underworld."