It will take him more than a year to complete the top ten accomplishments.
The remaining years belong to the waves!
We have to try our best to see if we can start from other places. Supersource is another way besides Tianhu helping Qian Xiaoyun.
Now it seems that the other party does have access.
"Sister Xiaoyun is right" Xu Xiuzhi interface aside.
"As far as I know, some people have no breakthrough potential and will still rely on their own identity to get a super-source. After all, they can leave it to future generations."
"At worst …"
"Selling money can also earn a lot of younger brothers, and the number of places is far less valuable than a super source."
"Just someone out" Zhou Jia nods to other unwilling.
"The price is not a problem!"
"It’s not a small price." Xu Xiuzhi stared at Zhou Jia with bright eyes.
"At least thirty or forty source crystals are needed. This is still a valuable market. After all, super source materials are rare. Can Zhou Dage really take them out?"
"That you trust" Qian Xiaoyun laughed.
"Brother Zhou still has some money."
They got a lot of benefits in Star City, although most of them were lost and it was more than enough to buy a super source.
"Good" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Miss Xu would appreciate it if she could help me start a super-source. She can add 20% to 30% of the original price."
He is now white. It is not Qian Xiaoyun but Xu Xiuzhi, her colleague, who can really help him start with the super source.
as expected
Xu Xiuzhi’s eyes lit up.
20% to 30% is seven source crystals
Even though she comes from a big family, there are not many sisters and brothers in the family who have more property and more money to share with everyone.
She doesn’t mind being busy for a while.
"It’s agreed!"
Rub the rub fingers Xu Xiuzhi way
"Thirty-two years to help you start a super source!"
"Thirty percent no problem" Zhou Jia squinting way
"But it will take a year."
"A year?" Xu xiuzhi frown displeasure way
"This thing depends on luck. Sometimes several people make moves in one year, and sometimes no one makes moves in two years."
"Thirty-one years" Zhou Jia shook his head without doubt.
"or 20% for two years"
"You …" Xu Xiuzhi a nasty eye roll way
"One year is one year, but why should I believe that you can come up with so much money? As far as I know, you have only been in Xuantianmeng for two years?"
"I believe Sister Xiaoyun, but she may also be cheated by you!"
"like this"
Her hand stretched out a way
"Paying a deposit of 30% first makes me believe that you have so much money, and secondly, I can help you plan there with the deposit."
"Well …" Zhou Jia mused.