"Hmmm …"
A crack makes Zheng Lao feel cold.
It was not that he was injured, but that the clothes made of Nie Cao were cut by strength, which also greatly reduced the effect of Nie Cao.
The posture is not easy.
This delay in normal times is naturally harmful, but at this moment it makes people desperate. A jade handle has been smashed in the chest.
Zheng Lao’s body trembled, vomited blood and flew backwards for more than ten meters.
"I am merciful!"
Seeing Guanyin with a thousand hands, her face was ferocious and she was ecstatic, but she shouted the name of compassion and took a big step. Now she leaned out with her hands and fished for it.
Po Zhang doesn’t want to taste the delicious food in front of him.
an instant
A harsh Lei Guang twists and turns from the virtual ground, and the thunder is straight over Guanyin’s face, and she screams and screams backwards
Hands are not a loose.
"Zhou Jia!"
Need to look back to see who Zheng Lao is already a white man. It seems that he has a backbone in his heart, and suddenly he is certain.
In the eyes of others, he is the lucky one.
He himself knows very well that Zhou Jia, who has great power both in the marketplace and here, is the root of the earth.
When the lucky ones complained that Zhou Jia didn’t help them improve their strength, only he kept putting in a good word for Zhou Jia.
"mountain with people"
The breeze rippled for two meters, and Zhou Jia appeared in front of Zheng Lao and threw out a piece of equipment.
"The active marrow inside sends people back to Ying Chao."
"Source pulp?"
Zheng Lao took the equipment face is not a joy.
"That you …"
"I’ll stop them"
Zhou Jia’s ears trembled gently before he stepped forward, and at the same time, he knew Haiyuan’s bright body, but he was fascinated and changed at this moment.
Listen to the wind!
Dragon tiger!
God is good!
A breath that almost surpassed the peak of black iron emerged from his body, which made Zheng Lao involuntarily retreat.
Even breathing is a lag.
Zhou Jia waved a long knife and flew out.
At the same time, in the line of sight, Avalokitesvara’s face was ferocious, waving 36 treasure soldiers in his hand and cutting them towards him.
Then every treasure soldier is impressively a black iron Xuanbing with some special source.
I’m afraid I don’t have much confidence in fighting this offensive before I go to God, but nowadays …
Shield tapping seems to be slow, but it makes the gas violently vibrate. Thirty-six treasure soldiers are flying in unison, and the door of Guanyin is big.
God is good!
One step!
Hoo …
Behind Zheng Lao eyes shrink my heart is crazy jump.
Zhou Jia’s speed in this step turned out to be faster than him, and he moved easily without causing any wind.
So much for shrinking into inches!
Five thunder!
Double the power of Lei’s martial arts.
Dragon tiger!
Physical fitness enhancement
The surge in power can be fought over the steps.
Five-color Lei Guang gathered in a double-edged axe, carrying a huge force of terror to the front Guanyin.
It’s a moment
Six-meter-high avalokitesvara was torn by violent Truls Thorstensen. Thirty-six treasure soldiers fell and golden corpses rained down.
A quiet in the field
Zheng Lao couldn’t help but hesitate to breathe and promote himself.