The result made him a little dumbfounded.

The fifth Hui Sanwei can’t take Laves when the strength of the star-rated strong is short!
The main reason is that Laves’ body is too strong, and he is as resistant to beating as a meat shield.
Fifth Wisdom’s general attack is just like tickling, and the force output can barely hurt him.
32 minutes
Just breaking through for half a day, Laves actually took 32 minutes to defeat in the attack of the fifth Huili, the star-rated strong in Sanwei Peak.
That’s just because I don’t want to cause too much injury. If I don’t care about the injury, Travis can last another 20 minutes or so
Of course, just being able to carry it.
Laves’s own output is still very vegetable-based, which does not threaten the fifth wisdom.
But this is also very good.
The comprehensive strength of the fifth wisdom of the fission clan is much stronger than that of the same level of the mechanical clan.
This means that Laves can at least hold the attack key of the three-star strong, and it is no problem to hold the four-star strong for a while.
If you arm him well again, this fellow can still be big.
Take a beating!
Whether Zhao Hailong’s breakthrough or Laves’s breakthrough injected stimulants into all the members of the Tongtian famine group.
One by one, I worked hard to practice Xu tui and distributed a large number of cultivation resources in due course.
Especially after purification, the blood crystal and soul crystal directly come to practice, and the cultivation effect is faster than the source crystal.
The cultivation of the source crystal is to strengthen the gene chain through the source crystal, but the power of the source crystal needs to be guided.
Blood crystal and soul crystal strength also need to be guided when practicing, but after the soul crystal strength enters the body, it will naturally be absorbed by the spirit phase gene ability chain to strengthen the spirit phase gene ability chain. The effect is excellent!
It can be said that soul crystal is the gospel of extraordinary practitioners.
Of course, it is not flood irrigation to release the cultivation resources after retirement.
But have a key choice.
Most people still practice in Taoyuan Star Sancai Gathering Array.
Most people don’t cherish things that are too easy to get.
At present, the blood crystal and soul crystal are mainly Xu tui, An Xiaoxue, Wen Shao, Qu Qingshan, Bu Qingqiu, etc., who follow Xu tui’s people who fought in the war to make rapid ascension.
Especially in the clear autumn
After the breakthrough, its present induction ability becomes very strong.
But it is not the same as the fifth wisdom war of Sanwei Peak.
Xu tui highly suspects that if he touches the Eldar or the Miya three-star guard, the strong can also have a fighting force.
Now it is just a breakthrough. If you practice quickly and accumulate energy, you will be upgraded to the peak of a satellite star. It can be regarded as a strong star in a three-satellite star.
Xu himself has not been idle.
But the first thing to do is to plan the node defense of Taoyuan Star Universe Channel.
The encounter between kasnai asteroid and ceres made Xu tui realize that this cosmic passage node is not a defensive fortress that can harm the strong stars and prevent being trapped.
Like the Maya, including the Blue Star Terran, in the exploration of the cosmic channel, there are usually five stars leading the team, and it is absolutely impossible for one or two stars to act.
Then the direction of the defensive fortress in front of Taoyuan Star is wrong.
The emphasis should not be on defense, but on early warning and fighting for it!
The strength of the Tongtian famine group is limited. If the main force is not in Taoyuan Star, then the practitioners and materials of Taoyuan Star should be evacuated from Taoyuan Star at the first time.
And the defensive fortress at the node of the cosmic passage is to gain time.
Redesigned in Ahuang, three fortresses were designed at the node of the cosmic passage. The first one is the fortress, which is mainly used for early warning and self-destruction.
If the entrant method gives the correct password and passes the authentication, the fort will start the self-destruction program at the first time.
However, considering the reaction speed and action speed of the strong stars, the self-destruction program of the fortress is the real self-destruction program of the image, which is placed at the second floor of the fortress behind the fortress
The second-floor fortress is specially designed to reflect the explosive energy again, and the weak explosive power of three-phase thermal explosion can be strengthened to the greatest extent.
The fortress starts the self-destruction program, and the second fortress will start the self-destruction program at the same time