The feelings emerged, and the two men looked at each other and saw horror and worry from each other’s eyes.

Yan Nantian let go of his hand at this time and whispered, "Laughter Hero, don’t be impulsive. Even if you go, it’s not the same result."
Laughing at the sea and shaking his head with a wry smile, I know he means well, but can I let go?
At this time, it is too late to save the sea. My heart is full of guilt. "Yunyang, you have had many adventures in your life. I believe you won’t die. Don’t let me down."
Chapter one hundred and forty-three The second hit
Looking at the moonlight, smiling at the sea, looking worried, but what else can you do but pray for him?
A few feet away from the water, the dream mark is silent and flashing, and his eyes are faintly lost.
The only person in this life who makes her feel uneasy is going to die. If she cares about repairing again, it will be even higher. Of course, she should be happy, but her heart is full of melancholy.
Sigh, the dream mark flashed in her heart and gently moved her eyes to the sky for the first time.
Can’t bear to give up or what?
All blink of an eye, and the residual earthquake retreated in the month. When the two men were preparing for the second round of confrontation, the moonlight was already over, and Liu Yunyang’s eyes were unexpectedly moved to the bloody sword.
The blade’s flame flickers and jumps, and the flame expands and contracts, which shows that it is different.
Moonlight slowly stretched out his hand not to reach the magic knife but to reach Liu Yunyang’s throat.
Inch by inch, the moonlight has suddenly become uneasy recently, and I feel deeply uneasy.
What makes you uneasy, Liu Yunyang or-
In thinking, the moonlight suddenly roars, squats, bounces up instantly, and people move at half high speed, which makes people look impressive.
The sudden warning signs made his body react the most acutely in his mental height, but this time he didn’t escape.
On the ground, Liu Yunyang’s moonlight right hand suddenly opened his eyes when it was about to approach his throat. A wild and cruel look like a beast suddenly appeared like a sword, which pierced the defense line of the moonlight mind and made him panic and flee at full speed.
Liu Yunyang smiled grimly and said, "It’s too late to find out now."
As soon as the word falls, Liu Yunyang mysteriously disappears.
When everyone reacted and looked for his figure, everyone was shocked to find that the moonlight had stopped moving at the moment, and his body could not stop twitching, his face was twisted, and there was a bloody long knife on his head, which was Liu Yunyang’s magic knife.
Behind the moonlight, Liu Yunyang’s cold eyes sparkled with flames, and the whole person looked at Long Tianxiao like a head of Warcraft with malice. The hate color made Long Tianxiao feel cold at heart.
Liu Yunyang’s illness was unexpected. The sharp blow of the first three people changed places, and everyone was either dead or injured. But Liu Yunyang’s series of blows actually fooled the place, and someone finally issued a sudden blow. How can this not be surprising and shocking?
Blue Long Tengyun was trembling with anger by Liu Yunyang.
Today is his birthday party, but since Liu Yunyang appeared in the villa, he has not only lost face, but also lost many masters.
Plus, the evil sect master spoils the top four, and the Aoyue Villa is in a mess at present. In front of everyone, it is like a dragon.
"The moonlit night and the full moon will give it to me as soon as possible, and I will crush him into ten thousand pieces!"
Seeing that the landlord was angry at the moonlit night and the full moon, he should have rushed to shoot half.
Liu Yunyang’s eyes moved and her mouth hung with a cold smile. When the moonlit night and the full moon were close to her body, she quickly appeared around two people.
The moonlit night and the full moon are indifferent, and the right hand cicada vibrates, and the thin sword fern flies and blocks every corner.
Liu Yunyang’s figure magically moves to display the ever-changing posture of the clouds and cooperate with the holy dragon chop method, and the two of them show a fierce confrontation.
The three figures quickly flashed each other, and the swords fought for each other. The golden swords and mangles were criss-crossed with bloody knives, which made the ten-foot airflow roll, and each airflow was as dense as a sword, and repeatedly rubbed and collided to make a harsh sound.
This situation lasted for a long time, and the exquisite moves learned by the three people in each exhibition continued to make the spectators broaden their horizons and at the same time have doubts.
Not long ago, Liu Yunyang was defeated, and the three men teamed up with exquisite swordsmanship. Now, the old story repeats itself, and Liu Yunyang knows that he is going to fall into trouble.
The answer will soon be revealed.
With the rapid movement of the roaring figure, an illusory figure suddenly appeared, and half of the people were extremely surprised. In the eyes, there was a mysterious moonlight behind them, but now without any warning, the moonlight was split from it and destroyed along with the Yuan God.
Liu Yunyang this recruit bizarre including laughing at the sea didn’t see the mystery.
During the war, the full moon was still chasing the phantom of Liu Yunyang, but the sudden death of the moonlit night made him feel the crisis, calm and indifferent, and his face suddenly appeared in horror
Turn around, the full moon, swing a sword, attack a series of swords, bend and swing like a snake, and automatically track them.