"Ten catties of meat can be exchanged for a wisp of condensed gold and iron gas or gold and iron objects can also be exchanged for them."

Said a finger beside the body of animals.
"Golden iron gas?"
One person frowned.
"Source crystal, star coin?"
Gold and iron gas is not uncommon, but it is not much after refining weapons.
Concise gold and iron gas needs its own essence to nourish the waves, but it will also consume a lot. Few people in Shou Yuan are willing to do it.
"This Taoist friend is joking." Tianhe smiled and shook his head.
"What you say here is nothing, but my master is concise at present."
"Of course …"
"I’m afraid you won’t be willing to give up all kinds of rare prices."
"Girl", some people can’t wait for the previous step to take out a piece of iron refined road after simple tempering from the bag.
"This iron essence can condense ten wisps of gold and iron, and I’ll exchange one hundred catties of meat!"
"Wait a minute!"
Tianhe stretched out his hand and shook his head.
"You are half-able to calculate by five wisps of gold and iron gas."
To show consternation flustered way
"Five wisps of gold and iron gas can be condensed in half a day if I am willing to consume Jingxue. Is it too much for you to cut it in half directly?"
"That’s the master’s rule" Tianhe shrugged.
"If you don’t want to, you can wait for half a day to condense out the gold spirit and then come back. I can leave you one hundred Jin of meat."
"Really?" The other person’s eyes are slightly moving.
It takes half a day to get an extra 50 Jin of meat, which is extremely cost-effective for him, but he is afraid that the meat will be sold out by then.
Thought of here can’t help but hesitate.
"Of course," Tianhe Kou reassured him.
"Girl is your word? But you have to leave some mortgage, or what if I leave meat here and you don’t come? "
"all right"
The other party wanted to think about it and nodded heavily to put a thing.
"For the sake of Zhou’s predecessor, I believe that this is a Xuanbing. I will set a ban and pick it up when it is getting dark."
Xuanbing’s price is not high, but it’s more than ten wisps of gold and iron. It’s even simpler to ban it, but you can definitely see it if you touch it
Tianhe reached out and cut one hundred catties of meat, and Xuanbing put them together to show honesty.
One person is timid before speaking.
"I’ll change ten catties."
This is a woman. I think her cheeks are shriveled and her eyes are almost chaotic when she hasn’t eaten for a while.
She took out a wisp of gold iron gas from her body and watched the bodies of animals.
Tianhe checked that a piece of meat was cut with one hand, and the exact ratio was exactly ten catties, which was thrown at each other with one hand.
"Although the spirit of gold is not very pure, you are the first person to officially take care of my business!"