He doesn’t know what Huoyun thinks, but he still has some truth.

After the news came back to the origin, he didn’t see michel platini come to the group to educate himself that he was right to continue to be headstrong, which is the same as his judgment with his wisdom brain.
It is inevitable that the provocation in front of one’s own paradise will cause the offenders to make moves. The question is who will be the first to do it and who will be the second to do it.
This is a temptation, and his life is guaranteed. Even if he doesn’t consider whether his father can wake up immediately and help himself, he has a great chance to kill him.
"His grandmother gave it to the old man so that Emperor Wu would not take care of me to educate him!"
At this time, a giant chimpanzee came out from the sound of a tremor paradise and kicked the white gorilla aside to "get out of here and make a fool of yourself"
"It’s a tyrant!"
The violators of the park exclaimed, but I didn’t expect the violator giant to be awakened so soon.
After the park enters a stable development, the illegal giants usually don’t show up, either close their practice or realize the secret planning of the park and follow-up arrangements for the park.
The tyrant appeared at the peak of the scene, and the offenders also looked different and quietly retreated half a step for fear of being used as a punching bag by this grumpy taboo.
"Educate me?"
Lu Pingan sneered, "Just you?"
Speaking of the black and red sword in his hand, he moved while ShaQi followed the soul, and the world sea journey made a huge whirlpool, which was the sword potential.
The tyrant is also a straightforward person. He can shake the sky by holding a big bone stick of origin.
The shock wave of the handover of weapons between the two sides swept across the world. If it weren’t for Lu Ping’s front row of the world around the park, I don’t know how many small worlds would be broken.
After a while, Lu Ping’s face clings to the magic tattoo, which means that he has entered a state of violent fighting. Although his attribute has not risen, his concentration in all aspects will be more concentrated. This is qualitatively different from the original mysterious blood ban, and it is a characteristic for all secret blood fighters to enter a state of concentration.
After the tyrant hit him, he punched him to the left and hit a divine light collision, which aroused a side shock wave and interrupted the adventurers who had returned to the paradise.
Another illegal giant has made a move, which can be said to be a sneak attack by have no martial ethics.
Lu Pingan was not afraid, but laughed heroically. "Let’s have a good time!"
It’s really the enemy’s capital to fight the tyrant with his left hand and his right hand holding the sword.
The tyrant and the god’s eye were actually shaken off in the deafening sound, which shocked the paradise to watch the game. All the offenders and adventurers should know that Lu Ping ‘an has not yet boarded the taboo. Actually, a dozen or two situations can still resist and shake off two big shots! ?
See ping-an lu single-handedly to god eye sword cold light three thousand world really invincible.
However, some careful people saw that the two taboo roots who were forced to retreat were not injured. On the contrary, they looked heroic and Lu Pingan was hit hard, and there were signs of blood spilling from his mouth and the body collapsing.
Seeing this scene, Huoyun frowned slightly and said that this child is as headstrong as his father, but he still brags.
However, she is also thoughtful. The first person to shoot is a tyrant. In this sense, because the tyrant is such a belligerent and violent temper, he will shoot for whatever reason, which is in line with his’ human design’
The fire cloud can’t judge the tyrant’s position and identity. After all, even if the tyrant is sent to spy, he must be the first to shoot here.
The second shot was made by the god eye, which was unexpected to Huoyun. After listening to the magician’s analysis, she always thought that the god eye was a spy. It is very likely that there was a key link in the process of trapping and killing the meteorite.
The magician said that God’s eye is best at judging by on-the-spot reflection. Even if you don’t move your conceptual ability, how can you win God’s eye by guessing boxing?
Most of the said Shenmu was deliberately lost to the meteorite and won the’ death quota’.
"Well …"
After half an hour’s bloody battle, Lu Pingan showed signs of weakness.
It’s not that he is not persistent. Now there is no saying that mysterious blood is not persistent. His vitality is at the same level, but the problem is that he has a strong conceptual ability against two taboo strong men. He is not as outrageous as his father, and his ultimate talent can be hard hit by passive folding music.
In the long run, it is a matter of time that he will do limited damage to taboos, but two taboos will continue to hit him hard and lose.
But two illegal giants want to surround him? Ping-an Lu thinks that’s impossible. He can go at any time even if he is in a downturn.
One-on-one, he thinks he is a tyrant and a god. It’s really hard to fight one against two, but he is also sure to retreat, but it would be a shame to leave now
On the one hand, he hasn’t killed the violator who dares to sneak up on his wife. On the other hand, he hasn’t explored the depth of the violator alliance. When Dad wakes up, he will laugh at himself.
Ping-an Lu thinks it’s normal now, but he ignores the situation over there. If you know that Ping-an Lu is so bold and dare to play like this, you must educate him.
After all, I don’t want to let Lu Ping-an fight by giving him this name. As a result, Lu Chen redefined what peace is.