He is a hungry ghost, or even his daughter-in-law will be dusted …

Now, when I come to this world, I see those young and beautiful girls who are still free and easy, but their eyes are too early to see what they should see.
It’s also an LSP
Is walking …
He suddenly stopped, even ignoring the hidden gaze before, staring blankly at the distant street.
There, a charming young woman, although covered with a veil, can’t help but be intoxicated when she sees her naked eyes full of tender amorous feelings.
The skin is better than snow, and the posture is worse than the weak wind, which gives people a sense of holding and makes people want to control her.
"so beautiful"
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty did not consider hiding it for half.
He has a good taste, but he is usually polite to those girls, but in fact, his interest in their clothes may be far away from their faces
At least it’s also to see the dead beauty.
He’s not that pig …
But now he suddenly found that even the imperial concubine, whom he once loved most, would be eclipsed by this moving young woman in front of him.
Damn it, how could I be fat before?
This thinness makes people want to care for beauty, which is the real beauty.
Tang Xuanzong just wanted to say hello before, at least get to know one …
He is really moved, and he has the impulse to do everything he can and to find a beautiful woman to smile at.
But just out of two steps.
But I heard the little eunuch trembling next to me and cried, "Ye … Ye … you … you slowly look at who is next to that girl …"
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang dynasty leng one.
Eyes conveniently swept to the side and saw a charming girl with bare feet in a light-colored skirt. At this time, the girl was holding the young woman’s jade arm in a very affectionate way.
This girl is also very beautiful in appearance. Her eyes are smart and her mouth is delicate and charming. She looks delicate and charming.
Compared with the moving young woman next to her, she obviously lacks some flavor. Just Tang Xuanzong didn’t see her at all. I can’t say that the girl is not beautiful, but the young woman is too charming.
But now I see this pretty little girl …
Open a monarch unexpectedly can’t help but legs the same quiver.
Almost threw himself to the ground.
"It’s Wan Wan …"
"In my opinion, although that girl looks graceful, she is not young, but she is skilled in beauty."