Chen Zhongguo’s vision is higher than that of the priest Iyar. I don’t know how many times he looked at it, but he was puzzled. "The project is very big. The question is to build a port, right?"

"Well, I can’t find such a person," Chen Yipei replied.
In fact, the 1-kilometer-long and passable Grand Canal is nothing. The best analogy is the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. The former was built in 1914 with a total length of 65 kilometers, and the latter was built in 163 with a total length of 191 kilometers. After the expansion in the late 2nd century, both of them can pass through 10,000-ton cargo ships. Chen Yi hopes that the waterway is only 1 kilometer long and the engineering level in the 21st century. The main help he needs is not the hundreds of millions of tons of earthwork that troubled the construction workers in those years, but the reasonable technology and sufficient construction workers.
Besides, it must be fast enough to save money.
"Finding a design institute is very simple. How many people do you want?"
"Five is the best, 10,000" Chen Yi said after stopping and added, "There are many construction machinery, but there must be no shortage of professional equipment."
The best way to dig the canal is to shovel and pull the shovel by mining machinery. At the end of the 19th century, when the British dug the Manchester Sea Canal, they made a large-scale steam shovel. After the Panama Canal was handed over to the Americans, it was mainly used for explosives and steam shovels. Their most common construction method was to lay a rail next to the steam shovel track to transport the earthwork track. The slag car was pulled by manpower, animal power or steam locomotive.
Xijiang city-state has a huge 975-type walking shovel, which is 11 meters long and weighs 53 tons. This monster is more advanced and luxurious than a destroyer. Since its installation, it has replaced tens of thousands of slaves in the mining area and will become a one-man show on the mechanical stage.
However, it is better to get a new set of domestic products than to transfer it to the dock area, and the mining area will have to be rebuilt in the past
Chen Zhongguo didn’t understand the integration of technology and asked, "What do you expect to achieve after completion?"
"A passage of five ships is at least 150,000 tons, and if it is four times a month, it will be 60,000 tons, and then it will increase slowly." Chen Yi calculated that the number of magical knights was 10,000 tons, and the cargo ship had to be driven by this inhuman force.
"Is that passage stable?"
"It seems to be stable now." Chen Yi occasionally considers the stability of the magic subway, but other concerns are much ado about nothing except believing in it. He also explained that "docks and canals are still different. Berthing and passing locks are two concepts, and these also need special manpower deployment."
Chen Zhongguo agreed, "I arranged for the person in charge of the photo agency to inquire about one."
Chen Yi "well" said Zhang Jing tentatively after a little hesitation.
Chen Zhongguo laughed when he heard half of it. "Zhang Lao has told me about it for a while …"
After business, let’s talk about family matters. Grandpa finally came easily.
There is nothing wrong with his health, but after all, it has been three or four years since he left the center. Not only the times are changing, but people are also changing and adapting to it.
Chen Yi didn’t help too much to find a ring of 1 cubic meter in the Dragon Temple, explaining the method to Grandpa. "I have filled it with energy recovery potion and weeping oil recovery potion, which can be carried out casually with body exercises."
Chen Zhongguo laughed. "I’m old and tired, so how can I bend over and play Tai Chi?"
"Think of yourself as a person in your 40 s and 50 s." There is no doubt that Chen Yi has received three magical "gifts" and has a high health index.
"I’ll try again early." Chen Zhongguo was curious to wear a ring and took out a few bottles of energy recovery potion to drink while playing with it.
Chen Yi was still a little heartbroken when he went out. Although it was a long-awaited return to Xijing, it was extremely difficult for him to work in a political center, even for young people. Chen Zhongguo, an old man like him, knew that the smooth sailing of the Chen family was not a pie in the sky
In view of this, he didn’t take out the intellectual scroll again. There is no doubt that Chen Zhongguo has enough political wisdom, but he has little demand for intellectual body.
The guests in Xijing Chen’s small building are like weaving to meet Chen Zhongguo, most of whom are old friends and the old department. Occasionally, a few young people are also nephews of younger generations who are quite related.
When we meet, we have to talk, we have to drink tea. Chen Yi is busy shuttling between several rooms with Chen Ye, and it doesn’t take long to get annoyed. Seeing that Grandpa is still light and light, Chen Ye is smiling from time to time and can’t help but wonder if politics will really get better and better. Bah!
Then I want to call Zheng Zhi miserable, but don’t be born in a country that likes politics!
At about 2: 02, there were no officials in the gate suddenly, as if the sardines had diverted, and the officials who had come to the house earlier also left.
Chen Ye put the teapot in a tired stack and laughed. "Come on, today’s work is finished."
"On time?" Chen Yi teased
"Naturally, it’s punctual." Chen Ye pointed to his watch and said, "Master rests at 9 o’clock every night."
"Stay for half an hour?"
"Good," Chen Ye envied. "If I have such a day, I would rather not sleep."
On the porch, the naked bear sobbed when he heard his words.
Chen Ye was ashamed and annoyed. "Xiong Lu, you don’t think I can get into the hub?"
"How can you master the industry!" The naked bear added insult to injury and hurriedly said, "I was thinking of a joke."
"Say" Chen Ye mercilessly stared at him.