"You can rest in the day!"

Shila Amzah looked at Goethe while wiping the rapier.
With a touch of exploration in his eyes
This lady with multiple identities wants to talk to Goethe about the’ mad king legacy’
But as before.
Goethe turned a blind eye.
As long as Alger Aldridge returns to Rust, it will be impossible for him to talk to Shila Amzah about the’ mad king’s legacy’
Even if Shila Amzah recognizes Ann.
"I envy you two for being able to rest, and I have to help the logistics staff of the action team deal with the aftermath."
Freddy looks like a nai.
Of course, this is a fake.
Goethe didn’t reveal but asked with interest.
"Is it erasing memory?"
"Well, most of the people who are still alive in Rust need a drug-assisted treatment-this is a big project to be completed in a short time."
"It will take a month at least."
"It’s really troublesome to prevent some accidents in the future."
Freddy with a wry smile.
This time is really a wry smile.
It can be seen that this’ nightmare night’ boss doesn’t want to join in this arduous task, but as a’ semi-official’, it is necessary to bear the responsibility.
Together with Shila Amzah.
Shila Amzah did not have a rest the next day.
The captain of Alger Aldridge told Shila Amzah, the owner of the Hunter Bar, to take responsibility for preventing more information from leaking.
Goethe, on the other hand, was told that he could take a vacation when he offered help.
"The captain is very considerate."
"You have overfulfilled your’ trainee secret keeper’."
"It’s time to rest"
MoreGoethe, No.1 Guta Street, explained
Then he told Goethe what he was here without asking Morey.
"For me?"
"Yesterday, fighting with an’ extraordinary’ was once again’ extraordinary out of control’"
"So I was also on holiday."
The once extraordinary person in charge of Rust sighed.
Looking at Morey, Goethe took out a bottle of wine directly from the side wine cabinet.
It’s wine
The kind that is well-known in cheap.
Swart bought it specially when redecorating here.
"Would you like something to drink during the rare holiday?"
Goethe didn’t know what happened in Room 45 of the tree-lined block that day. The power of Alger Aldridge prevented Goethe from listening, but Goethe knew that Morey must have made a guarantee.
Goethe can perceive this from Alger Aldrich’s increasingly kind attitude.
This Goethe sincerely thanks.
Otherwise, he’ll have to force the last "secret land" to escape temporarily.
And I will definitely get the qualification to live in the craziest way.
Just as he did in his hometown.
Goethe never wants to recall that experience.
Do it again?
Goethe doesn’t know if he can bear it again.
Maybe alive, but he’s definitely not him anymore.
Or you might just die and drag the whole world with you.
It’s always a bad result.
Therefore, Goethe is very grateful to his’ guide’.
"Just a little"
Morey was a little glad that he didn’t refuse wine.
But when Goethe was drinking, Mrs. Burns came.
The old lady handed Goethe a letter with a strange face.
"This is a letter from your relative."