"Don’t sit down! Meet Miss Yun for the first time. Don’t neglect her!

Love songs are really not interesting to you. If you hadn’t had an accident this time, wouldn’t you have introduced Miss Yun to us? "
Su Ling’s brisk tone broke the solidification atmosphere in the front hall!
But her words made Hector even love songs eyes flash down and forcibly covered everything and shouldn’t show emotions again!
"Princess Dust is serious!"
Yunshu as Su Ling motioned to take a seat again and her line of sight looked at Hector even love songs impartially!
I believe that a woman with bright eyes like her will be able to see that Hector even’s love songs keep changing her mood!
But these are not Su Ling’s heart!
This time, even the love songs came back with Yun Shu. Although she couldn’t understand their meaning for the time being, even the love songs often flashed through her eyes, but Su Ling smelled a little parting!
To tell the truth, she never really blames love songs in her heart!
After all, he has been longing for everything for many years. Will he choose to put all his eggs in one basket when it happens?
However, his practice and persistence are always a match!
All these love songs are just poor people! Off-topic:
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Su Ling and Yun Shuhian’s love songs sit in the main hall and speak in silence!
And outside the door, Yu Su and Chu Yi also look indifferent and wait!
After a long silence, Hector’s love song lowered its eyes and slowly lifted it to the first seat. Su Ling’s thin lips gently sipped in an obscure tone and asked, "Su Ling doesn’t know … the tribe is over there …"
Words didn’t say that finish Hector even love songs but fell silent again!
At the sight of this, Su Ling’s heart is awkward, but he can also look at him with a light smile. "What? What do you want to say? "
She knows that Hector’s love songs have deep feelings for Hector’s tribe, and she also knows that Hector’s extension and Yunman’s death are directly caused by her and burning old!
But it’s a foregone conclusion. First of all, she won’t run away. She’s absolutely not sorry about it!
Because there is no need!
Just the white tiger thing is enough for her to kill Hector even Rio Tinto one hundred times! It’s cool enough that she didn’t whip the body directly now!
What’s more, at the beginning, Hector even Jinse framed such a family for her again and again, and her eyes were full of death!
Hector even love songs deeply look at the light clouds and light winds. Su Ling once again feels that the two of them are so close, but they feel far away!
His deep eyes are filled with circles of restless ripples, but in the end he sighs and shakes his head and laughs. "Nothing! You and Chen didn’t have any problems this time, did you? "
Even the love songs seem to be pregnant!
But tasting is not another kind of snooping!
Su Ling’s smiling eyes gradually became unhappy but fleeting!
She casually fingertips gently buckle around the console table wind with Hector even love song cavity "no! Everything is fine! "
She can give answers, that’s all!