Liner girl’s chest was big, and she blushed and twisted a teenager’s arm hard to escape, but Tang Jun was in full swing, and she was crazy. Would you let her go? She clung to her small white hand and called out new gas. A big net was formed beside her to trap Liner’s sister, and then she sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and a wry smile admiring the big beautiful sister who fascinated him.

"Ah, let me out. What do you want?"
Lin Er girl JiaoChen reached out to pounce on the young body and beat the young chest Tang Jun. She beat her hands and gently held Lin Er’s sister’s super breasts and swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, all of which were hot and uncomfortable.
"Juner, stop it. My sister is afraid of you. Grandpa is still waiting at home?" Lin Er’s girl is also tired of playing. She reaches out with a white hand and gently blows the nose of the teenager. Her breasts are frolicking.
"Anyway, your grandfather agreed to marry you to me. Why did my sister go back?"
"I didn’t promise to marry you."
Liner girl laughed and put her body on the teenager. Looking at the teenager affectionately, Tang Jun was fascinated. His hands simply slipped to untie her tights.
"Idiot, you’re only fifteen years old, and my sister is really angry if a fart child behaves like this again?"
Linger girl hold down the young hand and forbid him to fool around. Tang Junzhi frowned and sighed. She let go of the sexy fullness. Linger’s sister also lifted the net and closed her eyes.
"So just good? Sister has given you enough. "
Lin Er, the girl’s face smiled like a flower, blinked, kissed the teenager and went home reluctantly.
"See you in the stadium". Miss Lin left a string of laughter and left the teenager.
Tang Jun was so angry that he stamped his feet and said, "I’ll tidy you up sooner or later."
At this time, he couldn’t help thinking of the beautiful maids who left the "vault key", especially the spoony and charming sister Shine, whose figure was particularly hot. Isn’t it a big loss that he forced them to practice inside this time? But he is also afraid to put it into action when he thinks about it. After all, he is only fifteen years old, and the mainland is a teenager at the age of twenty. Only when he is twenty can he be considered an adult. He can marry and have a baby at least at the age of ten before he can fall in love and get married, otherwise it will be puppy love and be laughed at.
It’s too bad that Lin Er’s sister knows that she is still a child, but every day she seduces him, which makes him crazy and uncomfortable. This ghost girl sister doesn’t know what she thinks. As the saying goes, "a woman’s heart is deep." Sometimes he really doesn’t understand women, especially beautiful women.
In this way, Tang Jun spent a night in his thoughts. He got up early the next morning and went to the nearby "Fairy Pavilion" to explore it, but he found nothing.
Then he came to the competition square early, which was already crowded with people. Today, there will be a refining competition. Although the young players who participated in the refining competition are refining precious articles, they still attracted many people to watch it. Because refining is a major event, the success or failure of a country is respected by all the royal families, and today is also the last day. After the competition, there will be an audience lottery competition. Today, ordinary people can participate in the lottery, and the highest special prize will reach 1 million gold coins. Around the competition square, hundreds of thousands of people are crowded early in the morning.
Seeing that the abnormal teenager came to the competition square, the brothers of the refining alliance branch immediately greeted him. Yesterday, the "goddess" in their hearts, Queen Lili Liang, was hugged by the teenager and kissed them madly. These teenagers almost hated Tang Jun. At this time, they saw him coming. A tall boy of almost twenty years old looked at Tang Jun and immediately laughed and said, "Little brother swept the field yesterday and dared to compete with us for refining today. Haha"
"Ha ha"
The younger brother of the refining alliance next to the tall man immediately laughed. They didn’t even think that the abnormal teenager in front of them would also refine the device. And the refining level will not be worse than them?
Tang Junwang in front of these three-order refiners didn’t bother to pay attention to them. They went directly to the competition square and sat down.
"Xiao brother you bitter? People have never learned how to compete with you. "
"It’s better to find that beautiful and charming Liner girl even if you are looking for him. I heard that she seems to be a third-order refiner, too."
"He is abnormal enough, and he almost became a double champion? I’m afraid even ordinary people don’t want to buy it if they can also refine it. Haha "
Refiner alliance brothers looked at Tang Jun’s seven mouths and talked about it.
Tang Jun couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed when he heard those teenagers laughing at him. He was just about to curse a few words that a group of beauties had come. When he saw the abnormal young hero sitting in the crowd, he immediately ran around Tang Jun and asked him for his autograph and hug. They were all crazy about him.
Tang Jun was angry with those refining alliance brothers. Today, he uncharacteristically hugged those beautiful star girls and kissed them one by one. There was a burst of screaming in the field. Those beautiful girls were fascinated and desperately squeezed into the front of the teenagers, eager to get his kiss. Even those girls from big families squeezed into the abnormal teenagers, eager to get his favor.
Seeing this scene in front of me, the brothers of the refining alliance were so angry that they almost vomited blood and returned to their camp with a gray face.
It was not until the contestants and the crazy star girls who came to help many masters enter the stadium that Tang Jun retreated and stared at those refining alliance brothers’ faces with pride.
Suddenly there was a noise outside, and the common people all screamed loudly. Chapter three hundred and twelve Youth League Match (73)
Tang Jun heard the noise outside and exclaimed with great curiosity. Is there any big shot coming again? I can’t help but get up and stretch my neck and look outside.
Then a graceful figure appeared in his field of vision. The teenagers in the middle of the field were staring at a pair of big eyes. Tang Jun was also a little silly. The beautiful girl’s body was like a burning fire. The red short-sleeved low-cut corset squeezed out her attractive breasts like two big balls, and her waist was glittering and translucent as jade. There was also a white navel and a pair of sexy slender white thighs. With that red short skirt, it was better for those beauties to be ashamed of having a devil’s body. The material girl looks even better than the miss Qin Shi, but she is a little coquettish, with red lips and bright eyelashes. She also sprayed some gold powder, which made her more charming and gorgeous and attracted the attention.
Moreover, this beautiful woman releases a little bit of honour person breath, but she is a honour person girl, wearing a purple robe and an epaulette with five red stars on her face. Obviously, the girl is also a fifth-order refiner.
Followed by this beautiful witch, I didn’t expect that it was the Li Shenzhe who escorted Li Shishi home, followed by the Xiao family, the president of the refining alliance branch.
"Sister Xiao"
Seeing this charming syren, the brothers of the refining alliance were overjoyed and exclaimed. They were greeted immediately, and the fourth-order junior refining division of the refining alliance also immediately got up and greeted with great respect.