I’m too busy to learn to drive these days. Zhuo Qiang plans to take some time off to learn to drive and get a driver’s license. I’ll never go to Dont Ask For Help again.

Back home, Zhuo Qiang told Zhuo Wenhao about the dock problem so that he could be psychologically prepared, but Zhuo Qiang felt that something might not happen.
Those hand docks in Zhang Junjie are repairing the road surface and those simple facilities. If that Feng Lu has an eye, he can definitely see that these people are not easy to mess with.
What he wants to say hello to his father first is also afraid that he will accidentally eat the dark loss, but it is not worthwhile.
Zhuo Wenhao didn’t expect that the pier was still hidden, so he couldn’t help feeling a little regretful. He rented it cheaply without asking about it. It’s really hard to do if anything happens.
However, Zhuo Qiang has repeatedly stressed that nothing serious will happen there, and even if it does, it will be able to be settled quickly. He wants Zhuo Wenhao to be careful when he goes to the dock to do something. It is safer not to take more people with one person.
Zhuowenhao nodding to see Zhuoqiang consider things more carefully than himself secretly pleased that this child is really grown up.
Father and son talked for a while. Zhuo Wenhao had the habit of going to bed early. He went back to his room to sleep. Zhuo Qiang was lying on the sofa in the living room watching and thinking about all kinds of things he needed to do these days. Did he feel sleepy?
He remembered the warmth in Jing Tian’s heart again. She didn’t call these days and didn’t know what she was doing.
I really miss this Xiao Ni after not seeing her for a few days.
Not to mention that her warm and soft little hands seem to be inadequate!
Chatting to see that the shelling of Annan’s new frigate has not cooled down, but it seems to be getting worse.
And all this is due to the reason why the American aircraft carrier is coming. This country is trying to maintain peace, but their trip is obviously to use this aircraft carrier as a stirring stick to muddy this unstable area.
Early the next morning, Zhang Junjie personally led a young man with a short suit and tie to Zhuoqiang’s home.
Zhuoqiang’s parents are very enthusiastic when they see Zhang Junjie coming. Although they heard that Zhang Junjie’s name is not very good in recent years, it is Zhuoqiang who grew up and watched him grow up for a long time. He is also asking questions.
Zhang Junjie Zhuo Wenhao and his wife followed without much courtesy. Uncle, aunt and uncle called for a short chat and then went into Zhuo Qiang’s bedroom.
"The brother called Lin Fengren outside is honest and capable. Let him follow you for a few days. If you are not satisfied, you will try your best to tidy up him. Nothing! Look for me if you have any questions! " Zhang Junjie clap breast guarantee.
Zhuo Qiang patted Zhang Junjie on the shoulder and said, "After the overall situation is stable, it is necessary to make a charter to restrain your hands from doing things too out of line. Although they are gangsters, everything is still lost. Try not to let them make trouble in front of you. It is not good for you, but it is also necessary to take your time. Go back and think about it before deciding?"
Zhang Junjie nodded thoughtfully. "You said it was this. I also thought about making a rule when I got back."
The two men also talked about the current organizational situation and basic countermeasures of Nanxi, such as how to stabilize the existing forces. It took them more than an hour to get out of the house.
Zhang Junjie and Zhuo Wenhao said goodbye and left.
When he left, he also specially told LAM Raymond that Zhuo Qiang wanted him to be careful with his car just like his eldest brother.
Ye Chuchu received zhou yuan words shortly after Zhang Junjie left.
Because Zhuo Qiang had no home, zhou yuan directly called Ye Chuchu’s mobile phone.
Today is Ye Chuchu’s last treatment for the old lady in Zhoujia. zhou yuan is naturally in a particularly urgent mood.
He had been asking for a car to pick up Ye Chuchu, but Ye Chuchu declined.
Zhuojiang since home this time he naturally also want to follow.
LAM Raymond was a little excited and nervously rubbed his hands when he saw Zhuoqiang BMW. Although he had driven many cars, it was the first time that he was very excited about such a high-end car.
Ye Chuchu still took her medicine cabinet and Zhuo Qiang together to the First People’s Hospital.
Che Zhuoqiang took out the remote control and looked at the Long Yun. It was found that it had arrived at the southernmost tip of Annan at this time. It seems that this night is not close.
Because he didn’t contact Zeng Guomin at the LAM Raymond depot, he let them go to their destination slowly.
At the gate of the hospital, zhou yuan had already waited at the gate to see Zhuo Qiang coming to meet him.
Zhou yuan knew about Zhuo Qiang’s buying a car for a long time, but he still said a few words about his youth.
For Ye Chuchu’s medical skill, zhou yuan was extremely admired and sentenced to death by many hospitals. Cancer was almost as good as Ye Chuchu’s needle, so he had to be pleasantly surprised.
For this kindness, he still has to think about how to repay it properly. Of course, he must be duty-bound to help Zhuo Qiang after his position allows.
When several people entered the hospital gate and entered the ladder, they didn’t expect to come out of the ladder. One person was Zhuo Qiang who had met Shen Wen, the nerve attending surgeon when Jing Tian’s mother was in hospital.
At the sight of Ye Chuchu, Shen Wen actually finished watching zhou yuan and Zhuo Qiang blunt Ye Chuchu and said, "No wonder! It’s you! Recently, people in this hospital said that the old lady in Zhou’s family suddenly became ill. I don’t know what it was, but it was you again! "
Zhou yuan looked a little embarrassed ZhuoJiang very nai shook his head.
He knew that Zhuo Qiang didn’t want more people to know that Ye Chuchu’s medical skills attracted more doctors. The first two Ye Chuchu came, and they all rushed to the ward as soon as possible to be discovered by others.
But this time, unfortunately, he met an acquaintance and knew the doctor, so he felt very sorry for Zhuo Qiang, which might bring him more trouble