"Did I hear you right?"

"No, the empress should be in Beijing. How did she come to Yuyao?"
The child.when the soldiers hurriedly said, "It’s really the Empress."
As soon as the soldier finished speaking, he heard someone behind him coldly say, "Are you surprised that the palace is here?"
The soldiers in front of the door quickly let out a group of people behind them. First, a handsome boy looked haggard, but his spirit was good. The most important thing was that she was wearing a cold ShaQi all over her body, which made people know that this person was not easy to provoke.
The field people have never seen the Empress, and Zhou Sheng has seen Zhou Sheng. When he saw the handsome young appearance, he immediately got up and rushed to the ground and knelt down "I have seen the Empress."
A look at Zhou Shengdong, he reacted and rushed over. He quickly said, "I have seen the Empress."
Su Wan waved and motioned them to get up.
"Get up, everyone."
She finished walking straight into the camp and walked all the way to the main seat. Zhou Sheng and others got up and walked to both sides of the camp.
Zhou Sheng took the lead in saying, "How did the Empress come from Beijing?"
"How can I not come when the emperor is missing?"
Su Wan took a bite of Zhou Sheng’s surprise. How did Empress know that the emperor was missing?
"If the empress knows that the emperor is missing"
Everyone in the camp is looking at Su Wan. Su Wan naturally won’t say that she has turned around and robbed her. She and Xiao Huang are linked together, and too many people can’t know about it. Otherwise, someone can kill them if they miss one person.
It’s like the queen mother wants to kill her, not the emperor.
Su Wan said slowly, "I have a piece of jade with the emperor. This jade can be psychic. I have a feeling that the palace will come from Beijing immediately."
Su Wan paused and sank, and said, "But the palace can tell you that nothing is missing, but he is still alive."
Su Wan’s emperor was still alive, which made the camp soldiers excited.
"Is what the Empress said true?"
"Nature is true. If the emperor has an accident, can he still sit so comfortably?" Su wanshen said
They looked at her and found that although the empress was cold all over, she was really not sad. So the emperor was not dead, and he was fine.
"That’s great."
Su Wan ordered Zhou Sheng to "immediately tell him that there is nothing wrong with the emperor’s disappearance, but that the emperor’s plan is for everyone to be calm. Everyone will prepare to fight against the soldiers of the Northern Jin Dynasty and tell the men that the palace has come to the main tent camp. Today, Gong bring up the rear vowed to destroy the thieves of the Northern Jin Dynasty."
Su Wan has asked about the situation of the city gate leader before, knowing that the soldiers of the state of Jin in Yanbei have come back.
North Jin thief, right? Let the palace meet you.
"Yes, yes," Zhou Sheng was excited and quickly ordered people to go to the emperor. There was nothing for the emperor to see for the time being. This was the emperor’s plan.
At the same time, the Empress has already rushed over to sit in the main tent camp. bring up the rear vowed to destroy the thieves of the Northern Jin State.
The news immediately excited the whole camp. Morale was inspired. Chapter 199 shameless woman.
Su Wan, the main tent camp, sat in the first place with Zhou Sheng, a soldier in the army, respectfully saying, "The Empress Emperor is missing, and those thieves from the Northern Jin Dynasty have come back again. We need to make efforts or we will be attacked by them. If Yuyao is lost, the place of Xi Chu is afraid that it will be finished."
This time, the Northern Jin State was as powerful as God’s help, especially Taijun Ye, who was a soldier like a god. He was not only proficient in array law but also good at poisoning, which made them miss three transgressions and two times. Later, when the emperor came, they finally turned around and beat back the thieves in the Northern Jin State.
However, who knows that when the emperor took a group of elite soldiers to hunt down those people, they were even attacked by those people, and a valley was ambushed, and then the emperor could not fall.
The people of the northern Jin state did not dare to make a move until they confirmed that Huang Gen did not appear.
Su Wan’s eyes were dim with cold cream all over her body. She looked up and glanced at all the people in the tent. Finally, she said slowly, "Since the thieves in the Northern Jin Dynasty are making a comeback, we will let them go back and forth to the palace this time and specially bring a batch of good things to greet the soldiers in the Northern Jin Dynasty."
When she finished speaking, her lips hooked a cynical smile.
Before she saw Xiao Huangxin, people in the Northern Jin Dynasty poisoned them. Will they poison them? Will they not?
Zhou Sheng and others know that Su Wan’s medical skill is very powerful. Since ancient times, the empress has never separated medicine from poison. What poison did she bring this time?
"What did the Empress bring?"
"Cartilage powder is a kind of cartilage powder that I specially developed and melted into qi, but it is not a poison, but a medicine that makes people feel weak. Because the two armies are at war, if cartilage powder is poison, our army will probably suffer casualties. The palace specially developed such a thing that is similar to incense, but more human than incense."
Su Wan’s words fell into the main tent camp, and everyone was surprised and excited. Zhou Sheng took the lead in saying, "This is really great. If there is such a magical cartilage scattered, we will surely win this time. If we kill some enemy troops again this time, they will definitely go back and will not attack forcibly. Because the previous emperor’s fight with them has already caused them to lose tens of thousands of troops. If we hurt tens of thousands of them again this time, they will definitely not dare to storm again."
Zhou Sheng said that everyone nodded, but soon someone thought of a question/
"Empress, if this cartilage is scattered to the enemy, isn’t it also for us?"
Su Wan chuckled and said, "This is a precaution. Tonight, everyone in the array brought a handkerchief and a kettle filled with water cartilage. Immediately after the kettle was released, it sent a signal to the sky. After the signal was sent out, everyone was wet. The handkerchief covered the mouth and nose, and it would be fine."
"If some of them are accidentally caught, just be careful not to hurt them. It doesn’t matter if you go back to the palace and have an antidote to get rid of this cartilage powder for them."
When this statement came out, the big account people cheered and were all excited. "We will win this time."
"This time, we must kill every one of the northern Jin States."
Su Wan didn’t speak until everyone cheered in the camp. She said slowly, "Don’t tell the soldiers about the loose cartilage for the time being. If there is a traitor in the army, the soldiers of the Northern Jin State will not attack the city easily. You can’t let them know that you need to tell them to prevent the enemy from poisoning again, and then everyone will bring white cloth and water, which may avoid the enemy’s backstabbing."
Su Wan’s words Zhou Sheng quite agreed to nod immediately "I ordered to go at once"