Rotate around Tengqingshan to practice, and actually feel an artistic conception of alternating yin and yang.

Immersed in this artistic conception for more than an hour Teng Qingshan didn’t stop to rest.
"Go to the training ground and have a look." Tengqingshan soon came to the training ground with a reincarnation gun.
The martial arts field is very noisy, practicing marksmanship and fighting hard to practice tiger boxing and competing with each other. There are hundreds of Han people in the whole martial arts field, and many children and women are laughing and talking, all of which seem to be very heart-warming.
"What are the clans desperate for? Can the clans live a good life?" Feeling this joy, Teng Qingshan’s heart is very warm. This is what the clan guards!
"Brother!" Crisp sound, dressed in flowered cloth and combed with two ponytails, Qingyu came running excitedly.
"What are you looking at over there? Watch them practice tiger boxing? " Tengqingshan laughed
"They which have elder brother you play" green rain holding TengQingShan arms sweet said.
"Look at you naughty like a boy, Xiao Yu. You are almost an adult and about to get married. Don’t learn to be quiet. Who dares to marry you after watching?" Teng Qingshan deliberately said that Qingyu is a wrinkled nose and snorted. "Hum brother … you don’t look at how many people come to our house to match up, but … those men can’t look at me. After that, men just can’t catch up with you."
Tengqingshan couldn’t help laughing.
Look up and see that the sun is in the middle.
"Light rain is going to have lunch later, so let’s go home first." Tengqingshan said Tengqingshan’s voice just fell and the earth shook.
Teng Qingshan frowned and looked out of the gate of Tengjiazhuang. In the distance, there were vaguely many people flying over. The whole martial arts field was immediately quiet. Many people immediately grabbed the pike, even more than many people eagerly shouted, "The horse thief is coming!"
Shout echoed Tengjiazhuang immediately, and a large number of people in the whole village ran towards the training ground with long guns and bows and arrows from everywhere.
"Baimaying?" Tengqingshan eyebrows a wrinkly
Outside the gate, no matter whether people or horses are covered with armor, it’s dark, and people can’t help but tremble. Teng Qingshan has seen the soldiers in Baimaying, and of course he recognized that more than 100 horse thieves are the most elite’ Baimaying’ of Baimagang.
"door!" There’s a big drink from the horse thief
No door?
Many people guarding Tengjiazhuang look at Tengqingshan Tengqingshankou and say "door".
Suddenly the clan gate crashed and more than 100 cavalry entered the martial arts field at Baima Camp.
"This White Horse Gang and Tieshan Gang just separated last night. So many people are still disabled. It is impossible to go back at night. It is estimated that they will leave from Tieshan Gang in the morning. That is to say, this white horse camp team didn’t come back to Baima Lake and came directly to Tengjiazhuang." Teng Qingshan also found that "Yi is not a white horse camp person!"
Just now, at a glance in the distance, everyone seemed to be wearing armor, but now when you look closer, there are still 12 people in this large group who are not wearing armor.
"Who are you Tengjiazhuang clan leaders?" The leader of the first White Horse Camp rode a war horse indifferently and shouted, "More than 100 people and horses were wearing armor. It was so dark that the atmosphere of the whole martial arts field seemed to solidify. Moreover, the killing yesterday made these white horse camp horse thieves still carry blood gas, which made people tremble even more. Many people dared not breathe. The children all looked at this group of horse thieves in horror.
"It’s me." Teng Yunlong walked out of the crowd at this time. Teng Qingshan immediately followed his grandfather.
The clansmen are armed behind the patriarch, and once the patriarch gives orders, they will fight regardless.
"Who is Teng Qingshan?" The leader drink a way again
Teng Qingshan stepped forward and laughed side by side with his grandfather. "I’m Teng Qingshan, and this adult should be the leader of Baimaying. I don’t know what can I do for you in Tengjiazhuang?"
The leader cold eyes swept TengQingShan immediately grinned "are you TengQingShan? Sheng, you are the first hero in Tengjiazhuang. Well, I don’t know much about you … I’m not afraid. I came to you today to have a great thing for you. "
"Great thing?" Teng Yunlong has some doubts.
The leader side a cavalry immediately drink a way "you all listen to clear this is our white horse help less charge! In a few days, it will be our new white horse gang leader! Today, when you come to your home, you are recruiting real heroes to enter our White Horse Camp! "